By GodMemory_AbsentMind
Today, when paying for gas, I realized I'd forgotten my wallet back home. After a moment of panic, I managed to remember my card number. I paid, blowing the cute cashier's mind, and drove away, before my car started sputtering and slowed to a crawl. I'd used the wrong fuel. FML
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  Madrias  |  36

Never underestimate the power of brute-force and stupidity. I know a couple friends who have filled their gas car with diesel, despite different sized nozzles.

  mikbrooke  |  25

the fraudster has gotta be pretty dedicated if they decided to memorise the card number instead of just using the card.
i know my card number because i've used it so often.

  Demon_of_Light  |  27

Sometimes if you're a fraudster, you don't have access to the whole card to steal it, but you have access to the number. Also, if you steal someone's credit card, they'll most likely notice it's missing. But people don't often check their balances, so if you were just using a number, you would be more likely get away with it for a while. People realized this, and that's why they don't let you pay just using a number anymore. In most places anyways.