By CptZoe - 29/02/2012 18:10 - United Kingdom

Today, I jokingly asked my boyfriend to marry me, because it's a leap year. He is now avoiding me for fear that I was serious. FML
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xStaciexLynnx 15

That would be awesome to only have to remember your anniversary every 4 years


xStaciexLynnx 15

Why would you do that? That means you would only celebrate your anniversary once every 4 years. Nice one.

Um usually when asking someone to marry you, you don't expect to do it that day.

you're a bit of an idiot, aren't you, 5?

Girls should never ask, no matter what day it is. It makes the guy look like a pussy. Call me an old fuddy duddy but the guy should be the one marrying the pussy, not the other way around :/

blackheart24 10

5- You're ******* retarded. 70- I'm pretty sure OP said she was "jokingly" asking her bf to marry her.. Maybe u should read the FML before you comment something stupid like that ^

Justy101 23

I was going to agree with you, but then you said "Let the guy ask the pussy." You're kind of a dick head, aren't you.

83 calm down when was the last time you got laid old n crusty aren't ya

Yes, the 17 year old is crusty. Douchebag, go find a new bag to douche with!

80 - is that like "jokingly" asking for a free 'cheat day' from the relationship cuz the leap day technically doesn't exist so neither does any consequences of 'leap-cheat day'? I mean, c'mon. All jokes are half true. She was trying to pull an' inception' on him... But I think guys are smarter than that and also they can smell desperation from a mile away. Sorry OP but YDI. You have to let a man be a man. If he hasn't asked, it's not the right time, even if it was a joke.

blackheart24 10

100- I don't think you are understanding the word joke. It means to not be serious about something.. Like marriage. OP wasn't seriously asking to get married, just like if she had asked for a "cheat day" she wouldn't have been serious either. The joke was that she reversed the roles, she wasn't actually trying to get him to marry her because obviously that's not how it goes in most relationships. So does that mean should OP, or anyone for that matter, never try to make a joke again for fear of being viewed as "desperate"? And I have to disagree with your comment on all jokes being half truths, because that's just bullshit. When I joke about something, it is the farthest thing from being a "half truth." I think maybe you just don't have a sense of humor. Or a brain.

ifoundalaska 11

100- why is it desperate when a girls wants to marry a guy? But not desperate when a guy wants to marry a girl, no then it's "romantic". Ridiculous double standard.

106 - Theres loads of ridiculous double standards, most situations are riddled with them.

100 - you know what? You're right. She should joke about marriage with him all the time. It's not like girls are notorious for life planning the next 20 yrs with a guy even if they just met and know nothing about he would have no reason to take the joke even remotely seriously. Great advice. She should joke about babies too. I bet that'll really tickle his funny bone because, I mean, it is just a joke and everyone loves jokes that aren't even remotely linked to truth or real life decisions.

then you guys should ******* get around to it!

Commitment is more frightening to man than anything. Typically the human male will resort to animal instinct to avoid commitment, check caves, burrows and brothels OP, your man is on the run!

spekledworf 18

69th like... hehe The dance of immaturity ;)

tdawg4200 0

Look here, a man hating neofeminist. Go burn your bra somewhere else. Men are capable of commitment, you just scare the ones capable of it away because you think you're better than them.

That would be awesome to only have to remember your anniversary every 4 years

Laurenlou 24

That would require the couple to get married on leap day, not just engaged.

When I say "shotgun" you say "wedding".

tdawg4200 0

It's not a good sign that he avoids you because of that, is it? Even if you were serious, he should still show some decency and talk with you. Avoiding you isn't too brave.

If he thinks shes serious he may be avoiding her while he thinks things over. Not everyone likes being confronted with a life changing question and answering on the spot. He also may have found that question really put his life into perspective. Some people don't like to talk about their personal issues until they've had time to reflect on them themselves.

That isn't something to joke about. If you was not serious, you shouldn't thrown it out there. YDI

Everything is something to joke about.

ipwnallmen 10

lol but that should tell you something ....

WhoaItsKiernan 4

Your picture terrifies me...*shudders*

its not really something you joke about he could think it would start as a joke and then you'd see how he took it and get more serious

ryry013 6

I hate when people call me a perv for being a guy. Hiding somewhere in the girls locker room is being a perv. Putting a camera in your sisters bathroom is a perv. (Look at Zombicidal's profile description)

FMLephant 2

Shipping off to Boston? Awesome song, but I don't see the connection.

Though it would be cool for a leap year anniversary, I think its also a big joke that someone will be mad at along the line. But it is pretty shitty that he is avoiding you OP. Talk to him. Figure out his angle.

it wouldn't be their anniversary (unless they celebrate the proposal)

desireev 17

They'd have to wait another 4 years before they got married. It takes longer than a day to get a marriage license.. That's a loooooong 4 years to be engaged to somebody.... Just kiddin'! :)