By JT - 12/04/2011 14:19 - Canada

Today, I saw my unemployed 29-year-old son, who still lives with us, reading the work section of the newspaper and prayed that he was looking for a job. He was looking for the comics. FML
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YDI for allowing him to still live with u.

LoL, why don't you just confront him? instead of just waiting for him. he obviously isn't looking for a job.


Infamous_Hawk 6

Another 10 years and he meets the requirement to be brenan from step brothers.

that's the first thing you should read! :D

Tel him to do something with his life op YDI

tell him tae join the army, thats ma plan fur after a fail ma exams (:

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^ Wow...that English could use some work.

82 - yeah well english happens tae be one of tha subjects am failing

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84- Basic spelling skill should have been learned in kindergarten-2nd grade. Words such as me, the, my, to, boy etc. And fur?? My 4 year old knows the difference between fur and FOR. Come on, now. Speak ******* English.

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84- Basic spelling skill should have been learned in kindergarten-2nd grade. Words such as me, the, my, to, boy, etc. And fur? My 4 year old son knows the difference between fur and FOR!! Come on now! I feel as if I'm reading a 5 year olds homework assignment.

102 - aye well tha english dictionary is aww rong... half tha words dont even sound tha way they are spelt... in ma opinion how a spell words makes alot more sense .... just spell words tha way they sound tae yeh

OP is from Alberta, Canada. If that guy can't find work here he is not looking for a job at all I guarantee it.

105 - a mite pass geography... will that help???

113 - dyeh fink that wud make ma maw proud???

Gayboii, I have to assume you are a masochist, as you get verbally ass-raped after every single comment. Do you enjoy the abuse, or do you just not give a flying **** about looking stupid?

116 - well mate... it dont bother meh aww that much... a like tae fink of maself as original... people just hate meh coz ima ledgend (;

Yes. Of course. Damn those haters... and stuff...

125 - thank you sirin... spread tha love

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Haha sounds as wack as the ice king.

lol seriously gayboii do you know how hard it was to actually read your comments? how old are you? 12? that you have to write like a wannabe ganster? honestly you look like a loser and if you think the army would accept someone as stupid and empty headed like you to fight for and represent your country then you really are as dumb as the way your comments are written. honestly grow up because nobody thinks you're cool... and stuff lol

135 - prove it by writing like a human being not some stupid wannabe crowd follower who thinks this will give them positive attention. seriously going by everyone else's comments they all think you're pretty dumb so why not try and prove them wrong instead of humiliating yourself some more

138 - evryone awready hates me so mite aswell give them a reason

139 - lol spoken like a true pessimist. ''oh no the whole worlds against me! i should continue being an idiot and not getting anywhere in life because everyone hates me!" I'm sure people would respect you more if you didnt try so hard to be "really cool" like the other people who fail English and think its awesome to write like an illiterate bum.

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to the haters or hayturs of gayboii I whip my hair back and forth! or is it bak and f0r7h.....

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mwahahaaaa, damn you people need to know when someone's taking the piss (0;

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since when's is text talking on fml a sigh that you fail English it's just a sign of laziness

MrFlintstone 5

since when's is text talking on fml a sigh that you fail English it's just a sign of laziness

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why does everyone rage at gayboiii? I mean WTF did he do to you guys?

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lol I think the way he types in a Scottish accent is funny

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you can't join the army unless you have a highschool daploma

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Don't be proud of relating to that. It is pathetic. And op, kick your damn son out on his ass already, you moron.

it's because of ecstasy, it's a hell of a drug

YDI for allowing him to still live with u.

I have an idea. stop praying for it and tell him to find a job within two weeks or his ass can find a new place to live

Yea you guys are dumb. It took me ages to get my proper job. If my parents didn't let me stay with them, I would have been screwed. All OP needs to do is motivate him, not kick him out.

yeah, it's time for him to leave the nest..

TheDrifter 23

32 really? It took you over a decade to find a job that would allow you to move out of your parents house? You're sure the ambitious one aren't you?

46, have you even considered the possibility that he may have lost his job, and consequently, his own place, forcing him to move back in with his parents? It happens a lot more than you might think.

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46, He said "ages", not "over a decade". I highly doubt it would take anyone that long to find a decent job. 56, The post reads "still lives with us", indicating that OP's kid never moved out in the first place.

46, too bad you didn't end up being what it username was, maybe your views won't be so far in the sky looking down at the less ambitious folk. Anyway, ambition has nothing to do with it. circumstances such as travel, family distance and money play a very large role. In addition, not everyone is blessed to not have to work more than one job for supporting their family. You've got to grow up some more bud.

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I agree with you. I have a masters degree and it's taking me long to find a job.

I know right?! Grab your belt and beat him his arse raw. That will teach him!

he's 29 ******* years old.. tell him to grow some and act like an adult.. YDI OP for being a bitch parent

I'm pretty sure threatening to kick him out is good motivation......

Yeah, but is it a useful one, or is it something like a masters in art/history/english?

TheDrifter 23

55 I live in a semi truck. I haven't spent more than a week in one city in over a decade. How much more drifting is required to justify my name? If you travelled as much as me and my peers do you too would learn that those who cannot or will not support themselves are a blight upon society, far from worthy of respect much less your self righteous defense of their lifestyle.

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truckers deserve to die. you guys drive like ******* maniacs. every time I drive past one, I flick them off.

OMG he's almost 30, unemployed and he's still living with his parents?! OP, you need to force him to get his shit together or kick his ass out of there or YDI. My parents wanted me out when I was 18 hah

TheDrifter 23

Don't worry 117, we won't take it personally, we feel the same about you.

thank you somebody understands how they deserve that! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

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117- yet they bring stuff to the very walmart you shop at.

i would have just said " i see you like comics. maybe you should write some down for me" and go on from there or SOMETHING that modivates him!!!

damn albertans(if u r Canadian u know what I mean)

TheDrifter 23

I know what you mean, but here in Alberta its damn Quebecois.

174- ya damn albertans giving us billions of dollars every year bc we can't sustain our economy...ungrateful prick

170- I thumbed you up by accident. Also, just so you know they're not dealing with a little kid.

LoL, why don't you just confront him? instead of just waiting for him. he obviously isn't looking for a job.

OP, this is the time that you smack him in top of the head and say, "Get a job and get the **** out of my house."

I'm guessing you were too lenient with him in the pass and not forcing him to get a job and be on his own. If that is the case then YDI.

Yes, OP is doing his son no good by letting this happen. Teach him a lesson and kick him out on his ass unless he can get a job and pay you room and board. Otherwise he will just grow into a loser.

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I think an unemployed 29 year old living with his parents is already a loser... No need to grow into one. Although, I would love to hear one conversation about him keeping his friends quiet when they all come over & play D&D, that would amuse me greatly.

Ground him from dessert and television until he gets his act together.

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Ydi, you obviously didn't raise your son to be responsible. Stop bitching & kick his ass out if he doesn't get his shit together within two months. Problem solved.

thats her son. she cant leave him on the streets stupid

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I agree with 78 she could ever heard " the worst thing I can do for you is something you can do your self " she's right give him 2 month if he doesn't get his shit together he's got to go.

amberita28 0

Her son is not a baby & is perfectly capable of taking care of his self. You're mom is stupid for raising a child like you, misswhatever.

Ofc she can and should. Give him (max) 3 months to start providing, help him find an appartment and then force him out. If he doesn't care by then he'll soon start to when he gets hungry:)

Amberiata. my moms not stupid. your mom is for raising u to be careless of other people. some people arent all able to get money in 2 months. so sthu.

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Miss Abri, I don't say that they have to get the money to move out in two months, just some money to save and some for the parents expenses. At 29, even after losing a great job, you should be trying to get money to your parents by getting ANY job.

Maybe you should be more firm with him about getting a job. From the sounds of he's not trying, but it can be difficult to get a job. But maybe he just needs more encouragement to leave home, maybe make him feel less secure in the fact that he can stay forever..?

yea he needs powerful encouragement. I was one day in a sitiuation like this because I couldn't find a job.

Sounds like he's living the dream. My advice is that you secretly sign him up for the army, that way he'll learn everything he needs to know about living on his own or you won't have to deal with him anymore!

he's 29 dude can't go to any military branch he's too Old lol