By poorman - 18/11/2013 22:14 - United States - Derwood

Today, I realized that my 5 year old son has more money saved up in his piggy bank than I have in my actual bank account. FML
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Kids cost money, hopefully you are spending yours on him! There is nothing wrong with being broke if you are using your money for the right reasons.

He'll be a great investor when he grows up.


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you should start learning how to save lol

Or OP is having to spend their money on bills, groceries, and other necessities that aren't too cheap

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It's those damned expensive kids! They're so expensive these days, with the night lights and apparently required daily feeding.

Or she could just rob the kid...mwahaha

Or she could just rob the kid...mwahaha

That reminds me of how broke people are these days. At least OP is spending his money on a good cause (hopefully). This 8th grader and this 6th grader have to SHARE a phone. That's how broke they are.

#83, phones aren't really a necessity tho. If anything its just one extra bill.

I know this is a pretty rare situation but maybe the kid has a LIT sacked, I remember when I was 4 I had $800 in my piggy bank because I did little shows for my mom and drew her pictured so she paid me fit them.

Some times I wonder if I want kids, they are not cheap or easy to handle. But one thing is I don't want to be like my friend who has 2 kids and ha not had a job in 2 years

Kids cost money, hopefully you are spending yours on him! There is nothing wrong with being broke if you are using your money for the right reasons.

Kids dont have bills to pay. i had more money than the adults in my family until i had to start paying for everything

Kids don't have bills, and I don't know your life choices OP, but your kid has a chance to have a wonderful life. Depending on if he keeps on saving.

I agree with 93. When I was 21, I was able to save up $11,000. Then I moved back out of my parents and started paying off my student loans. 4 years later, I am broke and owe $300 to my dad plus other bills.

It's true. I had way more disposable income when I was a kid than I do as an adult. My grandparents would send me a twenty for christmas and I'd be all YAY! TWENNY BUCKS! Now I work my ass off, get paid, cover bills and rent, payments on this note and that one, pay off my gas card and... YAY! TWENNY BUCKS! Plus ca change...

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Everyone goes through a rough patch in their life. Hope for the best and keep your head up - you'll get through it :)

well he certainly learned from someone... maybe your husband's good with money

Why would you assume OP is a woman (or a gay man)?

woah woah woah...hold the **** up. I can understand gays fighting for rights and marriage. but why must he assume OP is a gay man. By saying that, you cannot assume that anyone is anything. Hell! people can assume what they want to. I may be overacting but I just don't understand why people must assume that others on the internet gay. I just felt like this had to be said I'm okay with the downvotes

Well generally if a guy talked about his husband to me I would assume he's gay... does that make sense?

#42. Having a husband would make you either a woman or a gay man. #8 didn't specify. Has nothing to do with gay rights.

sorry guys I didn't pay attention to OPs sex. sorry if I offended anybody

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They weren't assuming anything just stating op is a man so he is either married to a women or a man.

Well, kids don't really have any financial troubles to worry about. They can save and save and save.

So here is a solution, have plenty of kids so they can save lots of money, solid logic right? No? Anyone? I'll let myself out then...

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There is nothing wrong with that as long as you are using your money the right way