By Damn_her - Canada
Today, my wife and I were driving to the gas station, she let me out before she pulled up to the pumps because I had to buy some things from the store. I returned to see my wife proudly filling the tank. Smiling, she told me that diesel was cheaper than regular gas. We don't own a diesel car. FML
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By  YerPal  |  0

Here in America, we have much larger nozzles for diesel gas, so that people like your wife cannot put diesel in their cars. The nozzle will not fit into the tank. Only cars with diesel engines have holes large enough to stick the diesel nozzle in.

By  King_of_Kings  |  3

a year and a half ago, here in Boston, diesel was cheaper than the gas. thats when gas prices were beyond rediculousely high. now adays, diesel is more expansive. with that said, he could be telling the truth about diesel being cheaper.

By  Peha  |  0

That guy could be french, diesel is cheaper overthere, don't flame #2

How not to say stupid jokes about women after reading that story ? :P