By Ihadnoidea - 12/12/2015 19:41 - Canada - Ottawa

Today, while working at a gas station, I accidentally changed the price of gas to 8.9 cents per litre. It took me fifteen minutes to figure out why everyone wanted only two or three dollars of gas. I fixed it, but now my managers are debating charging me for lost revenue. FML
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Do they even pay you enough for you to be able to make up the lost revenue?

If only people had the integrity to tell someone... However, double checking can never be done too many times, so look at this as a lesson for next time.


Where exactly do you work? I'd love to stop by if the option for that gas price arises again at your store

It happened to a gas station I worked across the street from years ago. They changed the price to like $0.36 instead of $3.60

Please I would of been stocking up for the year

If only people had the integrity to tell someone... However, double checking can never be done too many times, so look at this as a lesson for next time.

Pffft. If there even is a next time. I would imagine if they DON'T end up charging OP for lost revenue, then they'll at least fire his ass.

You expect people to show integrity to a billion dollar gas company? Good luck with that.

I filled up my tank once and the total ended up being like $2 which made me realize what happened so I took my receipt inside, informed the cashier and offered to pay the correct price. They just thanked me for telling them and didn't want me to pay the difference. Also @milehigh52 it'll most likely hurt the minimum wage clerk or franchise owner more than the billion dollar company. Is cheap gas worth someone losing their job or business?

Do they even pay you enough for you to be able to make up the lost revenue?

The revenue lost from 15 minutes of cheap gas is probably not that high really, depending on how many pumps, how fast they pump etc.

I wanna say the price was supposed to be 89 cents/liter, instead of 8.9c/liter, avg tank is 60ish liters (or so google says).. So .80*60= $48per customer, and assuming 6-8pumps, $48*7= 336, and I'm sure that would have been done a few times in 15 minutes, so could have been a couple hundred dollars to 1000+. If OP is working at a gas station (probably making min wage) that's a good chunk to pay back when you have bills to pay.

I understand why they wanna charge you, but whats the total amount?

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Well our current gas prices are 10x that roughly, and my little car takes $33 of gas to fill (3/4 tank) so even if he had four customers like me that's over $100 gone!

Never mind the amount of SUV's out there too.

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But OP said they were only pumping $2-$3

Are there cameras that captured the license plates of the people that bought gas? I mean no-one is dumb enough to actually believe that gas should be that price. I think your employer should be able to recoup the loss from them.

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How is it the customer's fault for idiot actions of the employee?

You really mean that the customer who benefited by an incredibly obvious mistake isn't at fault? In my mind it's the same as theft but then laws differ in different countries.

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If it happened to me I would just assume it was some kind of promotion going on like that place that was selling gas for like .90 cents for a while back when gas was 3 bucks+

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Any good company will not take action against the customer for an error on an employees part. That's the science of business. You never give crisp to your customers even if they're taking advantage of your mistake.

It's not the customers fault, I've paid $.01 for a video game before because of employee error

It all depends on the country you live. Here, if you obviously try to take advantage of a certain mistake, you are considered to be acting with "bad faith" (translated literally, not sure how you say that in English). You wouldn't be a criminal, but you'd have to return the product, at least.

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I work as a part time supervisor at a high end retail store. If we make a mistake with pricing and a customer catches it, we honor it. There was a mistakenly placed tag that discounted a pair of sunglasses 50 dollars.

They could think it was a secret deal or promotion going on. Why would they think otherwise?

Ya, most stores (like #40's) has a policy that you go by the ticket price, even if the ticket price is wrong. So if someone mislabels a product for $20 instead of $80, then the customer only pays the $20. If the customer catches a mistake in an ad or wherever else, then the store holds to whatever the mistake was. I agree, that there's a certain extent to which "good faith" should apply, and if I thought that it was an error on op's part and not some sort of promotion or something, I would've spoken up and let him know the mistake he made. But unfortunately, you can't hold others to that. There's no way they would be able to get money back from the customers even if they could prove that the customer knew it was a mistake on op's part. It just doesn't work that way. I feel so bad for op!

Yeah, gas has never been 3 bucks a litre ever. Literally. I think the record is about 1.46 and that was in bc.

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It was just an innocent mistake, I don't think you deserve to pay all the money lost.

It's an innocent mistake, but mistakes still have consequences. OP made a mistake, so it's understandable that he has to fix it by paying back the lost money. That's life.

Yeah no. If you don't get punished for your mistakes whats to stop you from preventing it from happening again? Nothing.

Are these people kidding? Prices in Australia are literally 15 times that.

That's because US is like the last developed country in the world to get with the memo of having environmentally friendly transportation. Aside from some exceptions like NY, the result is: Low fuel taxes, crappy public transport systems... and Trump wondering why Japan isn't buying American-made fuel-guzzlers. XD

#29 Holy shit I totally didn't see that. How embarrassing. Downvote away, people.

#29 Last time I checked Canada was part of America, unless some countries suddenly changed continent and I wasn't aware of that.

#32, Of course Canada is a part of America, but people seem to think that there's only one country on "America", the U.S.

34, there are also people that think that America only covers the US and Canada. There is a North and South America with other countries in it too.

34- that's because most people refer to the USA simply as "America", so if you say America many will assume that you mean the country, not the collection of continents. Generally better to refer to North America or South America respectively if you're talking about the continents. Canada is a part of the continent North America, but is in no way related to the country America.

I wish I could buy fuel for 8.9 cents a litre!

North America yes. America, no. Everyone knows who people are referring to when they say "Americans" don't be daft just for the sake of an argument.

YDI for being careless. It is an honest mistake that anyone could have made, but you still should have been more careful.

Just offer to pay it back, lick your wounds, and move on. It was a mistake but you are far more likely to avoid further trouble if you opt to try and fix it.