By Kittykat900 - 22/05/2013 16:47 - United Kingdom - Dewsbury

Today, I was out on a family walk, when I overheard two women talking to each other. One of them was wondering how a kid with such good looking parents and grandparents could be so ugly. That kid is my daughter. FML
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Hi OP here, a little extra detail. My little girl (7 years old) is having her "bad haircut faze" she is self conscious about it and it didn't help that she overheard this obnoxious woman! I had to spend hours building back up her confidence. It was truly a horrible thing to do. Sorry it doesn't show up as mine as I posted it from my phone and then made an account!

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At least you know you're good looking...

She will be your ugly duckling then.....don't worry.


magicman13 9

Forget them. They prob jealous

The most successful people the world has ever seen, were never the most devilishly good looking people. Judging a book by its cover prevents you from beholding the story inside

sgtcxelite 11

At least you know you're good looking...

Is OP's daughter named Stacey? 'cause she's got it going on.

Lol OP, theres always plastic surgery ;) Jjk

She will be your ugly duckling then.....don't worry.

She'll turn into a beautiful swan then! :D

In the original story, the ugly ducking kills himself.

Well aren't you just a happy ray of sunshine.

Absolute rubbish #15, the duckling tries to throw himself into the path of the swans to kill himself but they accept him, he never dies. It's allegorical, Andersen said it's his life story.

In the version I read, the ugly duckling blossomed into a beautiful swan....and was then promptly culled to prevent bird flu.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Besides most babies are hideous until about 3-5 in my opinion. Don't feel bad OP your daughter is just in that awkward stage.

What?! Most babies are cute starting at 5 months.

FINALLY!! Someone feels the same way as I do. Toddlers are cute. Babies...not so much.

She gave you a compliment, take it and run!

How is it a compliment to know that your womb produces horrible-looking offspring?

It's always nice to have a reply to a joke that just brings out the unpleasantness in people. Isn't it?

perdix 29

The good news is that you're not going to have your house swarmed by horny boys looking to get into your daughter's pants. Plus, you are hot! Looks like a good day for you ;)

Good point...... an ugly daughter would get into less trouble.

There will be horny boys but they will be looking to get into OP's pants.

olpally 32

Wow, people suck. Should've told them to stop being such bitches.

Unfortunately, some kids just look hideous. Luckily for you, it sounds like she's got a good future. Feed her excessively like a caterpillar so she can turn beautiful. Wait, that's not how humans work...

Ah man, I wish that was how humans worked! Why couldn't I have been born a caterpillar!!

Well you know you at least got it in you :).