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Today, I attempted to wax my "lady area". It hurt more than losing my virginity. FML
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Until she has to do it again. I've often wondered. If a man shaves himself "down there", does that make him less of a man? My friends say that, but I don't know.....

No, it just makes your dick look bigger. Pro tip.

Not a fan of men totally shaved. It had this unfortunate "adult baby" effect on the whole aesthetic experience. Just trim closely! You can have a little carpet and still feed your illusion of penis grandeur.

I agree with 38. I thinks trimming it is good from a guys perspective but leave shaving the whole thing to the **** stars

I agree with 38. Shaved balls feel weird.

80- Has a woman never touched your balls...

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a woman most likely hasnt seen him naked at all.

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Bad Luck Brian: Had sex, AIDS

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38, 43,and 48 I completely agree

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Shaved is the only way to go for man and women. The hair is gross down there. And shaved men is not just for **** stars. My wife enjoys not having to pluck hair out of her teeth after sucking my D.

We didn't need to know about the second part and if you listen closely you can hear the sound of people not giving a damn.

203, just because that is how you feel does not make it a universal truth. Some people even like hair.

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The first few times are the worst, it gets easier if done regularly. For men, wax/shave balls smooth, but leave a little lawn, nobody likes to play in a bare yard.

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80- NO, it's of a butterfly. No duh. You think people would learn.

First time has to be done by a professional!!

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You should have told me that before... Know your pain!

Try losing your virginity from getting your lady parts waxed... It's much worse.

First time has to be done while you're drunk...with a chainsaw. Trust me.

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Idk bout you guys, but guess who is still a virgin??? This guy.

When you said " this guy" you mean't yourself right?

No he meant the other guy in his comment. ...Damn you people just leave yourselves open for sarcastic comments.

163, your pic is.......nicee, nice!, niccccccce,nicccccccccccccccce. LOL love south park

I misread your answer thinking you are replying to 83. Now *that* gave a weird impression...

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190- i don't know why you're getting thumbed down... They must not recognize that episode... "Nice."

Sounds like you had a fun time losing your virginity..

Nobody's laughing at rape, Anuscap. EDIT: well this is awkward...

Maybe it was not painful losing her virginity, so many things are more painful

Losing mine didn't hurt at all whatsoever.. I don't understand why it would.. I guess if you have never used a tampon or masturbated..but that's pretty uncommon..

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178- that's because the person we lost it to's penis has a larger circumference than a tampon or finger.

Ur first must've been the size of ur pinky lol unless u were just

Most women (about 50-60%) do not bleed the first time and a lot do not feel pain, especially in countries where they aren't taught that they should except it to be bloody and painful. Mine didn't hurt and he was average-sized. Masturbating with more that one finger is possible for any women even if she's a virgin. You are not supposed to truly tear your hymen but stretch it. It is also not so thick and is quite elastic due to women producing estrogen. In most women (at the end of puberty especially) don't even have such a small opening. In most cases, bleeding is caused by tearing vaginal tissue (includind hymenal tissues which is a mucous membrane identical to the one inside your ******) because the penetration has been too rough though some women have more vascularized hymens/vaginas than others. As for the pain, it is usually caused by the fact that your vaginal nerves aren't used to being stimulated, which is why masturbation can help. Also, using lube, foreplay, going slowly and being relaxed is important. In rare cases, the entrance is too small or the hymen is thick, septate or has many little holes instead of one. This requires surgical removal to avoid painful sex. Also, scientific studies have found that there were actually no real difference between a virgin women and a sexually active women until she has given birth for the first time. Virgin can have torn hymen while sexually active women can have intact hymen. Pain during the first sexual intercourse should not be the norm, it is due to centuries of myth around the female sexuality. And by the way, yes a tampon can tear the hymen, especially when used during the year of menstruating since the hymen will be thicker (estrogens again, they change everything after a while). The use of a menstrual cup can also tear the hymen (especially during removal since it's wider than a tampon). Fingers can as well. Occasionally : sports, but it's rarer. Anyway, pain is not a sign of a successful first time with a good partner.

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It still really depends on the girl, not so much on myths and how you feel about the situation, I for one was absolutely comfortable, relaxed, not even thinking if it would hurt or not, he was average size and went very slow but holy crap on a cracker was it painful! I did enjoy it a lot after a few minutes in but it was by far the worst pain so far. I suppose it's since I'm so tight ( to the point I gave up on the struggle of even ever using tampons), he actually TORE me a bit D: And don't give me crap about masturbation being supposedly helpful, if that were true I'd be 110% pain free -.-

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Gee #4 I sure wish the fml said if it hurt or not

No, it felt like butterflies and rainbows.

#4 Of course not! That couldn't be why it's an FML, could it?


Really? Do you just comment before reading the FML?

no shit Sherlock the FML specifically said it hurt but no. For future reference try reading the FML and grasping the full concept before commenting, better yet just don't comment at all

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He was being sarcastic you idiots. No need to gang up on him. Jeez get a life besides bullying someone on a freakin website.

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I only thumbed this comment down because of your picture...racist ****

Just because you can't handle the bush doesn't mean it needs to be cut.

It always hurts first time, you'll get great gasms on the second time.

I don't think OP will get "gasms" if she waxes again....

Uhm, tried a full body waxing last year....think I'll pass on doing that again, but I agree with Cosymonster, it must be different for everyone. Center of my chest was the worst, throat (never again!) was second, back of my triceps was third. Armpits wasn't enjoyable but tolerable and junk was just under that, at least for me it was. :p Tmi? Apologies to all, but this is fml, the land of never enough. ;) Cheers.

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it will hurt less everytime, if you do it more often. the hair also won't grow back as strong.


I've actually heard this term being used instead of ****** before...

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People are so quick to vote down...

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Next time, have a pro help you

Yeah, really. I can't imagine doing it by myself.