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Today, I tried shaving my bikini area for the first time. I ended up cutting myself several times. I now have impressive razor burn, and it's incredibly painful to even wear pants. FML
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If your razor was dull that could have caused it- otherwise you should invest in higher quality razors and shaving cream. Your comfort is worth a few more dollars.


Don't forget hot water. Seriously, soak a rag in water as hot as you can stand, then rest lay it on your skin. Every few minutes as the rag starts to cool off, wring it out and soak it in the hot water again and reapply. After about ten minutes of this, your skin will be hot and your pores wide open. This is how old-time barbers would do those really close, super smooth face-shaves that last for days.

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shaving cream or research types of razors for sensitive skin.

I once bought this stuff called Cootchy. It was the best shit I'd ever used. I got it from Hustler. Zero razor burn. zero discomfort.

Or cheap conditioner, it works surprisingly well!

Cheap conditioner (the big bottles from a supermarket/drugstore etc. for a dollar) are easier and cheaper than shaving cream. An electric shaver is even safer though.

They make a product called beaversoft that supposedly eases this discomfort.

I use those electric hair clippers and it's the best idea I've ever had. It may not be a smooth shave considering it leaves about 1 or 2 centimeters of hair but it's a thousand times better than razor burn!

If you have some baby powder use it. It helps with friction from clothing and keeping the iritated area dry.

Baby powder can cause infections and also increases your risk of getting cancer. Bad idea. As everyone else has said, over-the-counter products and even conditioner works okay. Honestly, I have found time to be the only thing that makes it better. The longer you do it, the more your skin gets used to it - will definitely be trying the hot compress though!

My electric leaves a few mm, not cm. The upside of a less close shave is no itching when it regrows.

YES! Pure Romance consultants sell them! I highly suggest it for ANY parts of the body. All you need is a dab! ;))) get it op!

We all learn from our mistakes, unlucky OP.

I keep doing that same ****-up every time. Guess I don't learn.

We all learn from or mistakes, unlucky OP.

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This sounds weird but after shaving put deodorant on your bikini area and you won't get razor burn. It really works!!

Don't think that'll be good for the cuts.

it should be powdered basef deodorant.

#8 is right. I use Dove for sensitive skin. It should be fine if the OP has small abrasion but not huge gashing cuts. I've even used Chapstick for paper cuts before and that worked great.

Also never use Nair on your ballsack. Just saying...

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So, what? Men can't wear bikinis now?

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#29, some world this is. What's next, women can't wear jock straps?

and what about bras? There's some dudes that REALLY need one!

Personally, I recommend a good conditioner and doing after soaking in a warm bath. The hair is softer and easier to shave. Also, use a mirror if you have one...

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The worst part is that the hair will grow back too soon and you'll have to go through this all over again.

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Nah the worst part is when the hair grows and you have this awful itch.