By NairyAGoodIdea - 15/01/2015 21:05 - United States

Today, I tried to manscape with some Nair. Nothing helps the pain. FML
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You somehow thought this to be a good idea?

bored359 13

It's a learning experience, that's all

Noooope it's called reading comprehension and I'm 80% sure the bottle says DON'T FREAKIN' DO THAT.

Warning labels: words to live (and sometimes stay alive) by!

Not to be crass but generally I like to know anything going near my genitals as I prefer to keep them intact so I'd figure he would look into it a bit more before just slapping it on

Maybe he just doesn't care about the state of his genitals.

Rawrshi 25

;) Not all girls have vaginas and not all boys have balls and a penis. It can be the reverse so the sister may or may not have balls. Guess we won't know unless we get a reply~

Good Lord, please don't let this be the beginning of FML turning into Tumblr. Biologically speaking, a male has a penis and a female has a ******. You can 'identify' as whatever you want, but at the end of the day, you're still biologically the sex your genitals say you are.

Guys, girls have hair down there too. You don't have to have testies to have a forest.

True, but biologically speaking girls/guys have a specific genetalia. They aren't just interchangeable between gender.

Rawrshi 25

I was joking though. I understand biologically what the case is. :P I was just giving #23 shit for giving #3 shit. xD For people saying not to take things too seriously my comment is being taken waaay too seriously.

That happened to me before.. It's the worst... I feel your pain. And for any girls that read this.. don't put it on your arm pits either...

skyttlz 32

I've burned my arm pits with a hair removal cream. If that didn't hurt enough, my bra kept sticking to the sore.

seemo82 19

why the hell do u shave ur armpits ?? .... that hair should be done nothing with but plucked..... aaaaaaand.. i dont know if this previous sentence was gamatically right :)

to 4, I always use it on my armpits, are you not supposed to? because I never read anything against it on the label either..

#4 the one i have says it can be used for underarms and legs. maybe you left it on for too long, or only got one that is suitable for legs. could be a number of reasons why your underarms disagreed with it. either way, im pretty sure the bottles say to not use it near your very sensitive areas.

#44, plucking armpit hair is probably the worst thing you could do.. it gets all red and irritated

#44 PLUCK your armpit hair? Just thinking about it makes my armpits hurt

warning labels are there for a reason my friend

I imagine each warning label on a product = a lawsuit that happened = some idiot trying something THAT stupid = my faith in humanity slowly chipping away

Nair burning you up? Cover it up with a peace sign.

No offense buuut...leave the iFunny BS elsewhere.

AviKerensky 17

"Nairy a good idea." Your posting name is pun enough.