By helpme - 15/07/2013 17:25 - Canada - Sudbury

Today, while waxing my bikini line, my husband thought it would be funny to scare me which caused me to close my legs. I am now sitting in the sink with my best friend pouring hot water "down there" trying to remove the wax. FML
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SumBur 11

Why does your best friend have to help you? That relationship will never be the same.

Wizardo 33

I guess wax on, wax off isn't gonna work here is it?


I don't know what would hurt more - the hot water, or the waxing itself. Good luck with that one OP.

etoilenuit 15

Ahh! use oil instead instead of water or an actual wax solvent (usually the oil that comes with a wax kit has a solvent in it for afterwards) hope that helps!

Damian95 16

That must be a hella best friend.

looks like you are in( puts on glasses) a sticky situation YEEEEAAAAAHHHH

stepymac 15

Get back at him By getting him to have his legs armpits chest and butt hairs waxed Record everything!

Hey have you heard of this thing called punctuation?

Another perfectly decent comment hidden because people can't accept a missed comma... *sigh*

mmizbbz210 13

48, Im glad you're on this side of the line. People on here go through so much trouble to point out the first mistake they can find. We are but human and can't even make a mistake without people flippin' their lids.

Wowxoxo 17

48, commas wouldn't fix the comment, periods would though!

People who make honest mistakes don't bother me. It's the people who can't take the time to form a coherent sentence and cut corners by skipping letters and using absolutely no punctuation whatsoever that really get under my skin. Internet/text lingo has replaced proper English for some people and that's what saddens me.

Wax his nipples when he's sleeping like that one girl did for a prank.

well now op's husband has some valuable information when she's scared her legs go together so when she's brave they spread. NO COMMAS, BITCHES

Yes, there is... You failed at not putting commas... I'm not sure whether to burst out laughing, or be impressed.

kelseydianee 11

Sounds like a sticky Situation

JJ_Rokk 10

I just think its funny that 63 got 15 likes supporting a comment that got negative 2.

I's a sticky situation...

What are the odds that two different people thought this same terrible comment at the exact same time?

Waxing down there really doesn't hurt I don't know why everybody complains about it!!

Why is being called a pussy an insult. First off if you have one you are f*cking strong cause you have to deal with the worst pain ever every month. And I bet if you had a "pussy" you wouldn't be able to tolerate the pain that comes with it. So you're basically saying that she needs to quit being strong.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I don't know if I'd classify pmsing as the worst pain ever.. Lots of other injuries much, much worse.

alphatoomega 21

There is childbirth, though.

Stop being so dramatic about periods, it's not even that bad. Suffer through that half hour before your pain killers kick in and put in a tampon to stop any Niagara Falls feeling you get. The worst thing I've EVER felt that wasn't able to be dealt with easily is when my hormones get thrown off so bad that I start vomiting for a day.

#52, that is probably the most presumptuous comment I've ever read on this site. Your assuming that NO pain is worse than a period? Maybe a visit to the doc is in order, or start taking birth control pills.. they helped with my sister's period.

@71 "no uterus no opinion" Rachel Green, Friends

73, If you use friends quotes to support your opinion instead of forming your own arguments, then that's just sad. I could say "no dick no opinion" too, protect those things or suffer the consequences. I may not understand the pain of a period, but you don't understand the pain of a sharp kick to the nuts either. To assume periods are the worse pain possible is a huge assumption

69- while I agree a lot of girls freak out over it, sometimes it is bad. You puked one time while on your period? I used to puke for the first two days, every time (which is why I take medicine now). Some have it better than others, some don't.

Ohhh #73.... I can only imagine your outrage if I spouted off something half as sexist.. Oh well, live in your shell of ignorance and blame no one but yourself when people don't want to listen to your uneducated feminist dribble.

Let me educate you a little but here cause I'm not sure you know what a period is. A period is when a girls uterus stops the blood flow to it. It then sheds off dead tissues which causes: cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea. Some women can take pills and it will make the pain go somewhat away, others are not so lucky. But I'm so sorry that i came off as sexist by saying if you don't have a uterus then you don't have an opinion about the period, cause you obviously know the pain of one. And go ahead and call me a feminist cause you know what, I am. And there's not anything wrong with that.

Well 87, there's nothing wrong with being a feminist in the least bit (even though I already believe equal rights already was much worse before).........however, when you start spewing the whole "you don't understand how a woman feels!" Crap, then you're in the developing stage of a feminazi, as people call it. The purpose of feminism is to promote equality, so I don't know how complaining about the pain of periods supports a feminist's belief of equality... Instead, in my opinion, it makes them look weaker, as if they can't endure pain without whining to people. Now I know what a period is, it's pretty ignorant to think we don't know what happens, we're all educated here. Sure you vomit and have cramps but guys have cramps and vomit after a hard day at the gym, I know I've done that a few times. Bottom line, don't make assumptions about what's "the worst pain in the world"

addioty 19

57, you're a guy so you wouldn't understand. You get terrible migraines, pains that feel like a knife is being twisted in your side, your emotions are off the wall, you feel like you have a bad bladder infection, and you also feel like you're peeing yourself. Cravings are crazy, and you just don't do what to do. I often have to be picked up from school due to the pain.

Us women have got to be, like, the most Metal beings on Earth. I mean we bleed for a week straight, I'm sure if you men tried that you would die. then there's the whole child birth thing, I mean seriously? we grow another living being in us for nine months, then we expel it in a mass of pain and blood. Can you dudes do that? no? I didn't think so.

addioty 19

#93, you are an ignorant child. Women are weaker because they endure horrible pains men probably would cringe at? That totally makes sense! As friends has taught me - no uterus, no opinion. Stop acting like you know how it feels to go through a period. Feels like you're being stabbed in your side, you have a migraine, crave random things and cry a lot. Women go through more pain men could ever imagine therefore deserving the right to complain.

Oh yes equality already exist, please go tell that to all the women who can't have an abortion because its illegal. And I am not being a feminist by saying how bad the period hurts. You said I was being one and I just said that I was one. And I know the period isn't the worst pain in the world but I was trying to make a point. But you just came in and told my that it wasn't bad. But you cannot tell me that because you've never had one so you will never know how it feels. So yes the period isn't the worst pain in the world, tho, it does hurt and it comes every month for a week. And you push yourself to go to the gym and give yourself cramps and vomit, women don't have any control over it. Anyway I'm sorry that it makes me a sexist and feminist when I try to make a point about something you know nothing about. My bad.

SumBur 11

Why does your best friend have to help you? That relationship will never be the same.

Perhaps seeing her best friends ****** doesn't make her squeamish.

Because that's what they're supppose to do. Help.

SumBur 11

But washing each other's genitals is on an entirely different level.

You'd think it would be the husband that helps.

36- I doubt Op can see her genitals completely so her friend is likely not washing them so much as dumping hot water hoping it will come off.

Megan639 16

#36 you must have never had a best friend.

Obey_StudBoii 23

Maybe the best friend is bisexual or a lesbian.

Maybe your best friends sexual orientation doesn't matter at all?

MerrikBarbarian 9

Agreed. Best friends you are often very comfortable with. Gender isn't relevant. I'm a girl, my best friend is a guy. We have seen each other naked. Hair dying, tick checks, costume building, body paint practice for performance... Maybe it's a theatre/artist thing, but seeing someone naked isn't really a big deal.

I'm sure every guy you date I'd very comfortable with that...

Perhaps her best friend is a professional waxer and was helping her doing it.

Exactly! If your close enough to them, it's just like they're a sibling.

You wash the genitalia of your siblings??

@36 Maybe they're not afraid of their own anatomy unlike you. Maybe you should put the bible down.

Helmut Arias Rodriguez 21

Ummmm..... what the actual ****?

ZombieInConverse 13

Even though he didnt know what would happen, Your husband acted like an asshole.

A husband trying to scare you isn't necessarily being an asshole... I think it'd fun when my boyfriend does that stuff. Just not in this particular situation, obviously. Men don't generally have any knowledge or experience with waxing, so he probably just didn't know what a little jump scare would lead to.

Wizardo 33

I guess wax on, wax off isn't gonna work here is it?

peanutfoo 19

You are one of my new favorite commenters:)

Lish2014 14

Sounds like a sticky situation.

xSunnyOlivia 17

You're about 3 comments too late, my friend.