By Nickolas - 31/12/2010 05:58 - United States

Today, I was getting my chest waxed. The woman dipped the stick into the wax and hit her elbow, making wax fall into my eyes. FML
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oh my god :0 this seems like something that would happen in an episode of family guy

thats gotta hurt


how is this a fml?

i think it hurt, but it wasnt too bad, i think? I have never waxed.

I know right? So what now you're permanently blind. toughen up, pussy.

this is an fmd for f*ck my day.

thats gotta hurt

sue tht bitch

anyone else wondering how hairy his chest was?

Now I whanna watch the forty year old virgin. FML

damn you beat me to the punch! i was gonna make a crack about the 40 year old virgin. that movie kinda sucked but had it's funny moments

That burns. Did you scorch compensation from her?

Ouch, free eye wax!

oh my god :0 this seems like something that would happen in an episode of family guy

Now you have SHINEY NEW EYES! Why don't you leave her a nice tip of a swift kick in the shin?

Wrong kind of waxing >.> I've had strands get in my hair before, but ouch, OP, ouch.

okay now I'm laughing thinking of someone getting their chest waxed like with a buffer for floors hahaha

shiney new chest :D

"Emotional distress". Remember those words OP.

ouch that sounds so painful! I'm cringing just thinking about it? wouldn't you go blind from that?

I think the liquid in their eye would make it harden pretty fast. so maybe not.

I don't know if it would harden that quickly but that stuff is super hot

yeah but it's not like it would just sit there and burn a hole in their eye.