By Pattie - 12/06/2015 06:50 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I got a Brazilian wax in anticipation of becoming intimate for the first time this weekend with a man I have dated for a few weeks. I'm so sore it hurts just to walk. FML
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Shadowvoid 33

Well if it was done improperly, it could hurt a brazillion times more. I hope you feel better OP

Guess you got ****** in more ways than one


Well... Razors are a good alternative for down there?

Merylwen 24

Razor burn isn't really better.

An electric razor, maybe, normal razors can give razor burn.

you've known the person for how long and correct me if I'm wrong but your also going to lose your virginity to some one you just met? You should wait.

I interpreted it as she was going to get intimate for the first time with that guy, not the first time ever. but it's her choice if she wants to get intimate with someone, no matter how long they have been together for.

It's also her choice as to whether she wants to to torture herself prior to the intimacy or not. Even if I had a higher libido, I cannot think of any sex that would be worth the kind of torment OP and other commenters are describing!

Razors leave ingrown hairs sometimes. A good wax is way better. Also, the waxing will quit hurting in about a day. That's plenty of time for some intimacy this weekend.

Last time I got a Brazilian, they used soft wax (that hardens to pull [more to the hair, less to this skin] instead of the cloth strips.) It hurt momentarily, no longer than a minute, but as soon as she was done, no pain whatsoever. I thought every experience was like that, but after reading this, maybe I just got lucky that she really knew what she was doing..

It's called hard wax. Soft wax you use strips hard wax you wait to dry then pull ☺️☺️

I always shave with a razor and never get razor burns or ingrown hair, you just have to use the right products before and after shaving.. You get ingrown hairs from waxing to if you don't use any products.. Waxing is not an alternative for me, I'm not comfortable with growing so much between every waxing, so I prefer to shave properly:)

Guess you got ****** in more ways than one

At least you don't have to worry about shaving for a while!

Shadowvoid 33

Well if it was done improperly, it could hurt a brazillion times more. I hope you feel better OP

I hope you will feel better soon OP!

Ice or cool rags will help soothe it, at least temporarily. Hope you feel better!

My thoughts too. Go chill on the couch with an ice pack on yourself. You may look funny, but who cares.

That's so weird... Brazilians are usually so relaxing...

what kind of Brazilian waxes do you go to? It hurts really bad.

Depends on the amount and length of hair usually

Well you'll be sore from two things now...

Geez. Some people have no sense of humor. I thought this comment was funny.