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Today, I found out my boyfriend and I have more in common than I thought. We both are sexually attracted to men. FML
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I know the thread's finished, but the person that started it and a few others should be ashamed of themselves. There's NOTHING wrong or unnatural about non heterosexuals, so take your bigotry some place else! I'm upset because my boyfriend doesn't feel anything for me romantically. That's it. FML team said it all.

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I see Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston starring in this one.

Well at least you have something in common!


Well at least you have something in common!

Well there's no stopping him now... Might as well pack your bags and call it a day

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Brace yourselves, the threesome comments are coming.

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75- it seems you're too late. They are already upon us!! (look at 3's comment)

Well atleast you found a funny way of telling thousands of people on the internet AND FOR THAT WE THANK YOU! But seriously it cant be that bad Lots of people are gay.

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On a scale of one to Adam Lambert how gay is he?

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sounds like it would make for an interesting threesome with another male

173 If I were to guess I would place my bets somewhere between neil patrick harris and george takei(Asian guy from star trek for those of you who dont know)

Ooo I've been there...turns out they make great shopping buddies.

That's not true. Just because we're gay doesn't mean we like shopping. I admit some people do but from my experience most of us don't.

yeah 207 most of the gay people I know arent really that into shopping.

Do you guys think that maybe he's bi?

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The awkward moment when......

I see Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston starring in this one.

I don't really see Morgan Freeman would starring in such a movie.

Edit: Oh gosh, what a stupid typo, please ignore the "would" in my previous comment.

And Samuel L. Jackson. He's in EVERYTHING!

Actually it stars Kevlin Kline and Tom Selleck, lol. I can't remember the actresses name, she was the principal in school of rock.

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Deffinitely Nick Swardson if Adam Sandler is in it.

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A movie is NOT A MOVIE WITHOUT LUCK CHORRIS. *Nuck Lorris Damn! What's the name..?

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Seth Rogan and Katherine Hiegl...

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#31's comment made me get tears in my eyes. lol thank you, that was much needed :)

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I'm sure he's glad he pleased Marilyn Monroe

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I hear a threesum coming along ;P

Er, not of he's only sexually attracted to men you don't

#9 Yes, because threesums only involve a woman and two men in OPs case because a threesum involving two women and one man isn't possible at all here.

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Yea...a threesome where they both fight for the sausage

#30, so what you're telling us is that the fresh-out-of-the-closet boyfriend is going to have a threesome with 2 women? Am I miss informed about sexual orientation, or are we assuming he's bi-sexual?

#137 I was just stating other possibilities is all

It's probably been more awkward for him than for you, OP.

It would be an awesome time for OP to admit she has a penis

It's just easier for OP to say that he's gay.

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Work through this how? The dude likes dudes and she ain't a dude!

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Why would they work through this?? She likes men, and he doesn't like girls. That means they shouldn't date.

Are you one of those religious assholes who won't accept anyone who is different than you?

28- accepting someone who's gay and finding out that your boyfriend isn't attracted to you are two completely different things.

Who said in a sense to try to "make" her boyfriend straight instead of breaking up with him.

49 - it still doesn't make sense... 5 is not hating on op's bf, rather he wants them to work it out (and u can't 'talk' through someone to turn straight or vice versa...)

Are you insane?!? People are born gay, they don't just "turn" gay.

55 - exactly and hence it can't work out.... Unless op's bf is bi. I just dont see how religion had to do anything with 5's comment... Oh well carry on...

53- work what out?! He's gay, he's not attracted to OP. They need to break up.

59- he basically is saying don't accept he is gay, just keep dating him and work things out! A lot of religious people don't accept gay people for who they are.

Um, the boyfriend could be Bi. I don't know why everyone is assuming that he's gay. And in that case, you need to get over it, OP.

Can u both stfu!? And like most every other part of psychology, sexual preference is formed by both nature (genetics) and nurture (the outside stimulation our brain receives as we grow). Genetics may predispose someone to more likely be gay, but nobody is "born gay".

73-homosexuality is inherited through the maternal line. The X chromosomes—which can be inherited only from the mother have a genetic marker, a patch of DNA called Xq28. So yes in fact they are born gay.

The environment a child grows up in has nothing to do with what makes most gay people gay.

Yeah, sexuality depends on genetics as well as the chemical environment in the womb and epigenetics after birth (epigenetics is your bodies proteins and enzymes that turn genes on and off). "Nurture" or the way someone is raised has nothing to do with it, though it may make someone more or less accepting of the LGBTQ community.

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I don't be leave that at all. It's just like all babies are born girls with blue eyes until the dominance male gene takes over. Except in this case there are no genes, just a choice.

jeragonm 15

That is correct! Glad someone here knows something

Xq28 is old and further studies weren't agreeable. 74-no significant proof either way... I'm agreeing with u. It annoys me when people try to state such epic matters as fact lol. And "nurture" does not just mean how you are raised by your parents (though they have the most influence). It simply means how the outside stimulation influences how one grows. Few people, if any, turn out exactly how their parents would have wanted.

How are you going to say there are plenty of fish in the sea but work through it? That's terribly contradictory.

If you are including epigenetics in your description of nurture, than yes it has an effect, but it's still a really broad and misleading word to use. And it as been shown that if you have a set of identical twins and one is gay, then there is about a 70% chance of the other twin being gay also. This is much higher than the chance of a single child being born gay. So that study alone shows that it is highly dependent on genetics. There are a lot of others that show the same thing.

96- further studies were not wanted because of religious people not accepting the facts on Xq28.

99- thank you! Another study showed an examination of twins by psychologist Michael Bailey of Northwestern University. Basically they took identical twins, and found that if one was gay, the other had a 50 percent chance of also being gay. Among fraternal twins, who do not share the same DNA, there was only a 20 percent chance.

Oh also the more older brothers you have, the higher chance you have of being gay due to genetics. Not a real significant increase in out odds, but still an increase

100, can you please not bunch religious people in a group like that. Not every person who has a belief is a bible basher trying to force ways of life on people.

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100- Stop stereotyping. It's not just religious people that are homophobic. I'm a Christian in support of gay rights and believe that someone can't just turn gay.


If you can show me ANY factual information, that cannot be disproved and can be proved, that babies are born gay then I will agree. To date there have been many studies about this topic and all are inconclusive or highly debatable. There is no scientific proof or disproof. Your belief in a theory based science is exactly the same as my belief in God. I'm not trying to impose my faith on anyone nor am I trying to start a faith war.

Sorry *rich, powerful religious people who bible thump

Is it that religion makes people homophobic, or is it simply that religion attracts people who are conservative and/or authoritarian - people who also tend to be homophobic. Then other religious people either follow that or have no voice and don't change anything about the phobia.

Maybe there is a correlation… Faithful equals blessed? I'm just kidding though, that would not match up with our idea of being humble. I will not argue that many rich people are religious but that isn't always true the other way around, especially when considering the south being stereotyped as poor and uneducated yet very religious.

111 - do you think biologists "believe" in evolution just like your god too? You can't prove anything in science like you can in math, that's why people don't use the word proof in science. No it hasn't been disproven, which is a tremendous feat for something like this. Because you can't prove things by experimentation, it is the goal of all good scientists to disprove things. So you have something being studied with the goal of disproving it, and it hasn't been disproved, and it in fact has a lot of scientific support, then it is most probably a really good explanation, unlike your god, which doesn't have that much scientific support and can't be disproven. I'm not hating on any religion, just saying those things are not comparable and it is beyond me why people try to compare them. If you thought scientifically, you would have more than enough "proof"

118, I have very good friends who are both gay and christian. The homophobic christians just speak louder than the rest. :)

So basically you are saying science is constantly trying to disprove theories and until then it is considered true or, at least, possibly true? By that thinking, wouldn't my God also be true then, scientifically speaking, since he cannot be disproven? People blindly believe in what scientists claim they have discovered and Christians blindly believe in a God that we claim is true. It is the same, the only difference is where you place your faith. Again, I'd like to state that I am NOT trying to shove my beliefs down anyone's throat.

124- which is sad but true. I think it would really change mine and a lot of people's negative thoughts towards Christians if they were to be more open, like the united church for say. I live in one of the most accepting areas, and to have such a upset emotion towards Christians is purely not wanting to be in my mind. * Paris isn't helping.

No, in addition to not being disproven, you also have to have a lot of support and evidence for your claim and what you are claiming has to be disprovable. And people don't (or shouldn't) blindly believe it, it is important to always be skeptical of existing hypothesizes and theories, especially if you are yourself a scientist, because otherwise we wouldn't be able to move forward with better explanations. Having said that, things that have been tested a lot and have a lot of support are very likely to be true, I never said it was true. And that's the best you can get with science, but it still isn't comparable to religion.

Obviously they are not reading the KJV Holy Bible then… We Christians are not afraid of homosexuals, we disagree with their sexual orientation. We would never treat them differently, that isn't our true way. They have the free will that every other person is entitled to so their life choices are theirs. We don't discriminate, they are allowed in our churches and activities. We simply just believe that this is not how man was created to be. We are meant to reproduce naturally which homosexuals cannot do. BTW I am speaking for the true Christians, ones that you have met that are different obviously don't pay attention in church nor read the Bible. And again, I'm not imposing my beliefs on anyone.

Some people obviously are not reading the KJV "Holy Shit, Who Cares?" Why debate this? It's an entertainment website. Why insecure people feel the need to make the OP's situation all about themselves and their own ridiculous beliefs is beyond me.

132, there are also christians who accept homosexuality as something that isn't sinful and would disagree with you saying that it isn't how people are meant to be. I wouldn't say you are speaking for all "true christians" simply because people who disagree with you might also consider themselves "true christians."

Sorry, just saw your post, Sirin. I'll stop talking now :)

Being more open isn't really possible when we have a Book clearly telling us what we should and shouldn't do. I'm sorry if what I am saying isn't really helping but hopefully I'm not hurting. Real Christians are supposed to follow a very narrow path and we expect to be disliked but some try to appease people which create bad images for the rest of us. We are kind people who are supposed to give up everything for essentially the common good of humanity. I don't want you to see us and think badly of us, that's not my aim. I merely want to support my faith as you also do. Unfortunately, though, the majority of people don't want to risk living a Christians life and to have been wrong which I understand. It's not easy, in fact it is supposed to be nearly impossible but all God asks is to believe in him wholly and attempt to follow in His Son's footsteps. I understand where you are coming from.

Phyres you just went full on retard on me

As will I, Sirin. I'm sorry for debating. Although it was a rude way of saying it, I don't disgrace your beliefs and I only ask the same. Again, I'm sorry and will save my religious debates for a more appropriate forum. FML is a great place and I'd hate to ruin it for anyone.

Yep. We just get a little tired of minorities being used as punching boards on our website. It's 2012, for goodness' sake; nobody wants to come to an entertainment site and read such childish drivel.

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Wow, talk about being crude. I live in the south, have traveled to the north, but I would never talk about how people are in the north, hmmmm, maybe there is a reason I live in the south.

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Ok 132, let me ask you this. There are millions of people on this planet, the number still growing. Is it not possible that "god" could have made gay's as a way to keep the population under control? Also, are you saying you look down apon disabilities? being gay, as some commenter's have said, is not very much a choice (though small choices could be made to cause homosexuality).

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I know the thread's finished, but the person that started it and a few others should be ashamed of themselves. There's NOTHING wrong or unnatural about non heterosexuals, so take your bigotry some place else! I'm upset because my boyfriend doesn't feel anything for me romantically. That's it. FML team said it all.

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76 - I just wanted to point out that males can pass on x-chromosomes too. The mother gives one X and then the male gives either an x or a y. I feel you might have that confused with saying only the male can give a y chromosome. Not trying to flame just trying to be helpful.

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94- if it's a "choice" why is there people that drive themselves to the point of suicide trying to force themselves be straight?

b00kn3rd 14're pretty wrong but it's cute you try. :-)

Not to be close minded, but I highly doubt that sexual preference has anything to do with genetics. My aunt is a lesbian, first in the family. If genetics played a role, it was either a widespread mutation that just happened to occur to millions of people during the last 15 years, where people are 'socially accepted', or my family had been a gay hybrid (hehe) for some untraceable amount of time. Or, of course, you are WRONG.

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To 76 ... Thank you for pointing out there actually is a gay gene even though we have figured it out because it isn't one hundred percent proven to be true religious people will not believe it to be true even though there is very little evidence to support their religion other than a book that says so... But there is never any reasoning with them

Ya we are not punishing them for being gay we just think that they shouldn't act on their homosexual thoughts

"Are you insane?!? People are born gay, they don't just "turn" gay." Yeah unless they suffer trauma to their brain. Some people who have strokes suffer serious changes to the neural connections, and so a lot of stroke victims have dramatic changes in their personality. (if your blood isn't supplying enough oxygen to your brain for prolonged amounts of time then those cells die and new connections are formed between cells in your brain)

105--but some religious groups wont accept there child being gay , and disown them or some will just accept it ( depending on how open minded u are and how strongly u believe or disapprove.)

Gay and Bi is completely wrong "Nature" is against it and I was "nurtured" to the point I can't stand people like this

79 i think people turn gay through the lust of being satisfied.

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132, there are millions of people on this earth. Isn't it possible that god made homosexuality to keep the population under control? Also there is around 49 species that contain homosexuality, but only one species contains homophobia. Now, what part of that is weird?

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and it is known you never go full retard

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Its only cool when the girl finds out shes bi.

100, my girlfriend is religious, but is completely for homosexuality. she's not against it, she actually left her church because they said it was wrong. don't be such a stereotypical bitch.

WTF #5 How do you expect her date a guy that isnt even attracted to her.

He could be bi. The FML didn't really specify it.

I would hope it wouldn't be an FML if he was bi, but I don't have that much faith in humanity.

Why the hell wouldn't it be? I'd be unhappy with my boyfriend seeing someone else regardless of gender. Now if the OP is just saying he told her that he's also attracted to men, that wouldn't be a problem unless he acts on it.

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If he is bisexual, you are a bitch for posting this, it's not an FML. If he is a closeted gay, FYL.

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Maybe she doesn't want a Bi dude. It is understandable

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If its okay for women to be bisexual then its okay for men. C'mon people we are in 2012!

That's what I was thinking. Why should OP care who/what gender her husband is attracted to? If he's still with her (i.e., is bi/pansexual, not gay) then she shouldn't take it personally.

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I don't get it? Isn't 17 just saying she might want an exclusively straight man?

Damn, he will want to wear your make up soon. I got no grammatical error in this post!