By HaleyDrew08 - 26/06/2010 03:17 - United States

Today, I tried giving myself a bikini wax for the first time, and I'm pretty sure I didn't do it right. Now I'm laying on my couch with a wet rag and ice inbetween my legs. FML
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ok one: unless you are a pro or have actually bikini waxed before like in a course. NEVER EVER do it yourself. two: there us such a thing as hot wax and strip wax, and depending on what you are using you have to apply the wax a certain way and pull a certain way. three: If you are a girl, waxing in that area is more painful when you are or close to having, your period. fourthly: you have to taught (pull your skin tight) your skin so it is less painful. the softer or flexiable the skin the more chances it will hurt and brusies will form.

did you take tips from Kourtney Kardashian? never re heat the wax....


More like "Fail!" That seems like the kind of thing you should get done professionally the first time around. You could take mental notes on what to do and then handle the maintenance at home.

Once again ImaginaryFoe speaks the truth. (However we don't know if she didn't do this, as she just says its the first time she tried it herself) However waxing can hurt anyway, are you sure you're not just particularly sensitive, OP?

Autch, that hurts just thinking about it. OP, if you're not sure how to do it...don't. You could also, before trying something new, look up online how.

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The most important thing is that u ended up getting wet between your legs....

why would you ever do a bikini wax yourself the 1st time ?! get it done right and see how it's done , then maybe you could do it yourself after that ? you soooo diserve it

I agree with 5 . If it's your first time dont do it at home .

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I'm pretty sure stuff like that should come with directions. But ouch. But then again, YDI because you were too cheap to get it done, an just because you do.

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Stop complaining, just think of me being between your legs instead of some ice. Someone had to say it

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Were you going for the landing strip, triangle, or the Hitler?

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Totes the Hitler!!! Haha. Win for you! =D

this sounds a lot like what happend in Khloe and Kourtney Take Miami when Kourtney burned Khloe giving her a home wax.

Hey OP I have something I can put between your legs that will feel much better. 

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Haha your name is funny "Ben DOVER" touch your toes and spell R-U-N And Imaginaryfoe knows her stuff! I always read her comments.

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maybe you should stick to shaving

47- Sometimes it's not a matter of being cheap, so much as some girls might not be comfortable with a stranger down there. 78- Shaving that area is horrible. I worked for a GYN who insisted no girl should shave down there. Waxing is the way to go, just not so much on yourself.

Uh YDI!! Why would you attempt something like that?! You always do a SMALL test area, then say eff it and go to a professional who knows WTF is up

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#94 What were her reasons for shaving down there being bad? I'm pretty curious, since that's what I do. Waxing didn't work out well for me since I did it myself. I didn't have enough money to get it done professionally...

Like imaginary foe said, ALWAYS get it done by a professional first. If your embarassed to show your vag to someone who works with them all day, then shave. I've been shaving there for 5 years or more now. Ive had a brazillian and the combination of the pain and having to grow it out made me opt for shaving. Actually growing it out was the biggest problem for me. I prefer not to spend half my time looking like a Yeti. Yes shaving might grow back faster, but it doesn't make me scream and I can do it whenever I like.

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"Juro" sounds awefully like "Pedo" to me <.<

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I was thinking the same thing. that is was hysterical. at least you didn't get burned by your sister.

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ydi for not shaving it all in the first place. this isn't the 70s anymore.

#115 Heck no. #126 Nope, I'm not the OP. :P

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Take picture, donate to Interwebs

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ouuchh. I'm sorry for you, OP.

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wow that hurt me reading this

why would you try that by yourself? no expert on the subject... just saying YDI.

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You have a wet rag and ice between your legs? #win

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Ahhhhh! Kelly Clarkson!! Haha, better than looking like an 80's era Demi Moore I suppose!

Kelly Clarkson? O.o What does she have to do with bikini waxing?

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That was him really getting waxed in those scences. I bet those screams were real. Even if the op did the waxing correct it hurts! When you trim your hairs before waxing it hurt less for some reason. Just don't do it too short that the hairs won't grip w/ the wax.

Ew Ive seen those pictures of Demi au natural and it was disgusting. I'm all for leaving it whatever way you prefer but when it goes halfway down your thigh and up to your bellybutton that shit is sick.

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it's from the movie 40 year old virgin... such a funny movie!!!

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ydi cause you didn't go to a pro

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lol 14...what's that on your head?!

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I think that's why most people go to a professional, or at least enlist the help of a close friend... Sucks to be you, but you kinda deserved it. Sorry :-(

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Wow that must be some close friend!