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Today, I accidentally bumped into another car on the road. The worst of the damage was a slight chip to the other driver's paint, but she played it up so much that she ended up being taken away in an ambulance. I'm now terrified that the crazy bitch is going to sue me. FML
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I thought we already settled the fact the she's a bitch?

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She could have Münchausen syndrome. Münchausen syndrome is when you fake or over exaggerate an illness or injury to gain attention or sympathy. Can't blame her, I have a sister who I believe suffers from it and it is very annoying. Or, of course, she's faking it just to sue OP. But you gotta rule out all of the possible outcomes, no? :P

No it's not! Münchhausen's syndrome is when you make another person ill and afterwards takes care of the person, in order to feel important and needed! What you are talking about is a hypokondrist!

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When you make someone else sick that is munchauen's by proxy. If you are going to refer to a psychological disorder make sure you have the correct info.

#41: Actually, #28 is right. You're thinking of the similar "Münchausen syndrome by proxy." (as, once I refreshed the page, I saw someone already said -- sorry!)

I don't agree with you, I think she needs a strong dose of man up. Many of these syndromes, in my opinion, are simply explanations for people who cannot deal with their problems. I categorize it under the etcetera syndrome.

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@78 - I thought Munchausen's (by proxy) was when someone was secretly doing something to make themselves (or someone else) sick, not just someone faking/exaggerating it. Anyway, this isn't that. This is just a lady being a drama queen and trying to get easy money out of it because of something she saw on Law and Order or something.

85, you are a monumental asshole. Making fun of mental illness is one of the biggest dick moves that exist.

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At least she can't actually sue you. That's what insurance is for. She'll be suing your insurers who will probably just give her a couple thousand to get rid of her. If you can any way prove she's faking it, awesome because then she'll just go to jail for fraud. Worst that'll happen though is your insurance will go up a little.

DSM-5 refers to it as factitious disorder.

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OR maybe the word is just being used as a general insult instead of its actual meaning...

Just an insult. Not really a good insult, as we don't know about the other woman's sexual tendencies. A better one would be something like bitch, **** (the Internet classic), or, my personal favorite, bitch-ass ************. 15 beat me. Darn!

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It makes plenty of sense. She's obviously an attention *****.

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Nope no meaning maybe an insult but more if a science experiment gone very wrong!

Oh my god! Who the hell cares? (Peter voice)

She's overly dramatic. Side note: what's up with your name?

Yes she's overly dramatic, but that's what cheap bastards do these days. They try to get free money out of anyone and everyone. That's life, sadly!

Why all the thumbs down? One of my first thoughts was 'what's up with their name?' The lady being crazy and cheap has nothing to do with her promiscuity and using the word '****' so commonly just makes it more acceptable to call women that as a general derogatory term and continues to pick on women who may actually want to sleep around and be responsible about it...not cool.

81- Oh, for ****'s sake. Maybe you shouldn't call her "cheap" if you're going to insist on being the PC police, since it's a derogatory term for people who are reluctant to spend money. Who cares if the OP calls her a ****? I'm pretty sure the term "bastard" is usually not meant literally, either.

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94 - Or asshole, dick, and pussy.

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Really? I'm going to get thumbed down for further proving someone's point?

120 - Although I'm fairly new to this FML game, objecting to being thumbed down is almost inevitably a precursor to your comment being buried.

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94 - There's a difference between being reluctant to spend money because you're trying to be thrifty and going out of your way to screw someone else out of their own hard-earned money. Pretty sure this is the latter.

Maybe it's okay with you guys but I feel horrible when someone calls me a ****. It's not a nice word. I'm often referred to as a '****' just for being a women. Some guys just casually refer to all women as *****. I don't want it to become more acceptable. I want it to only be used when referring to an actual ****. I don't see why that's so terrible. I don't particularly like calling people a pussy either but I hate **** a lot more.

I don't care about bastard because that is only a casual insult nowadays, it doesn't have a worse meaning. No-one cares if anyone is born outside of a marriage anymore. People still care about being slutty though.

You should've made an even bigger scene than her.

Then we'd be seeing an FML from her. "Today, I got rear-ended. I purposely played it up to make him feel bad, but then he started sobbing and broke his own arm on the back of my car. FML"

27 no we wouldnt its verry rare to post an fml

Do you hear the whoosh? It's the sound of the joke going over your head.

Well, she's a c***. Let's be glad that OP is ok, at least.

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wait when the h*** did *ml start putting stars in curse words....wait I cant even type out *ml.. f*** this is stupid.

**** shit **** ass damn **** poop. Testing 1, 2

Lol, it censored mine... but at least everyone knows the word I was trying to get it.

Due to the lack of damage, it should be proven that she never needed the ambulance. If she does go bat shit crazy, get a good attorney. And take pictures!

Fun fact, if she didn't need the ambulance, it may be considered illegal. In every state, it's illegal to call 911 without an emergency. Unless she dialled 411 instead.

It would make sense to be illegal. If there was an actual emergency close by, those victims might have to wait longer. It's like tying up the 911 calls.

what if your calling to say there is a party next door blaring music at 12:00 am? Pretty sure thats not illeagal

Not to mention I heard it was expensive if you needed an ambulance and didnt have insurance. So if it is proven that she was faking it, she's going to have one hell of a medical bill. Ambulance (if I'm right) xrays, seeing a doctor, etc. Bitch will get what's coming to her.

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50 - Those calls go to the non-emergent lines, not 911. If you're calling 911 for that you'll probably get in trouble.

I live in Canada, love our free health care, I had to take an ambulance a few times, no charge.

70- I am 99% sure ambulance trips are not covered under our health care system. I know a few people that have been slapped in the face with a hefty bill for ambulance trips.

58 - not true. At least not in all states. In Illinois people call 911 as non-emergency for many reasons (not knowing local non-emergency number to start) but if you explain the situation as a non-emergency right away they will link you to the non-emergency call center. I myself have never gotten "in trouble" for this in any way.

Actually if OP rear ended her they could get the the bill if she really did have something wrong. Like whiplash. Being a psycho doesn't count..

55- if she got taken away by the ambulance and someone convinces everyone it's OPs fault. It will come out of OPs insurance not hers. She's a sly little bitch.

134 - By the sound of the FML, the lady is far from whiplash. I got rear ended once that pushed my car into oncoming traffic. My neck was sore but no whiplash. So OP most likely won't get her medical bills.

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Yes u must take pics or ur ****** girl!

What's wrong with people? Drama queen much.

I would be too.. Some people just look for something to sue. Hope it all works out

WOW. The misogyny and sexism in here is disgusting. "Hoe", "****", "bitch"... And of course, anyone who comments negatively on this fact is thumbed down six ways to Sunday. Congrats, FML commenters - you've made me lose what little hope in humanity I had left.