By Anon - 08/04/2013 22:04 - United States - Bowling Green

Today, while walking to my car after work, I witnessed some moron who was texting while riding her bike running right into my parked car, resulting in a broken side mirror, a damaged windshield, two dents, and for her, a broken phone and nose. She's threatening to sue me for damages. FML
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I'm pretty sure her brain damages were there from before.

No problem. If she wants to sue you, then that means you can get her personal information and sue her for the damages she caused to your car.


I'm pretty sure her brain damages were there from before.

Wth? It's her fault for not paying attention. If she does sue you should be able to win the case easily.

The thing is a lawyer wouldn't even take the case because well there is no case. As for OP she can sue for damages.

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I really hope the OP replies to the FML. I want to know how it ends!

I usually just call me parents when this happens. I know Op can't get in trouble for this in any way. If anything goes to court, Op will win and the person on the bike would have to pay for the damages.

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This one literally needs a helmet

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Saying 'retard' is so hurtful to so many people. Idiot for sure though!

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I'm so sick of being politically correct while talking. When the president gets in shit compliment a female by telling her she's the "best looking DA", I think we've taken it too far. /rant

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Calling her a retard is too kind. DUMBASS seems more apt.

For those who can't help who they are sure. Since there are people of normal faculties they should called retards, cos there is no excuse for the dumb shit they do.

If you think retard is an offensive word, shouldn't you be offended by the word idiot as well?

enormouselephant 15

34- the word 'idiot' is not used to describe people with physical and emotional disabilities, people who cannot help being 'mentally retarded' using that word is degrading to them. The word 'idiot' is never used to medically diagnose someone, although in certain cases it probably should be.

37 - retard, idiot, twit, dumbass, dipshit, shit for brains... really doesn't matter what word you use, they are ALL offensive. That's how insults work. They aren't supposed to be polite. And, really, the majority of people who get offended by the general use of "retard" are not mentally handicapped. Mostly just self righteous douches....

37 - you're wrong there. Idiot, imbecile, and moron were once used to describe people with low IQs aka people with mild retardation. An idiot is someone with a 0-25 IQ. An imbecile having 26-50 and a moron with a 51-70. So yes idiot was used to diagnose people. Oh and btw the word retarded means slow; with mentally retarded describing a slow thinker. It's not as offensive as society makes it out to be.

I think it's actually more offensive to use "retard" in its proper context these days. It only bothers me when people call someone who IS mentally disabled by that name. I think the reason a lot of people still get their panties in a wad is that we really shouldn't have the same name for the disabled and people who are willfully stupid.

If thats true, Bobby, I can't help but feel imbecile should've ranked lower than idiot

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#37, the word "retard" is never used to medically diagnose someone either. These days they are called "cognitively impaired".

#16, my brother is severely autistic, and he wouldn't do something this loose brained. So yeah, it's completely reasonable to call this woman retarded!

Actually.. it's not degrading. My dad is a doctor, and it's a medical turn. People just began to use it as an insult, so now everyone thinks it's bad. People need to get over the word.

Mr Satan - yea I thought the same thing when I saw this fact on Omg Facts lol. Imbecile just has a stronger connotation than idiot. (:

Well it used to be retard, but then people became offended by it for the dumbest reasons.

No problem. If she wants to sue you, then that means you can get her personal information and sue her for the damages she caused to your car.

Did you wonder why the lady on the bike wanted to sue the owner of the car for a broken nose and phone, but not her bike? I do believe the car owner may have delivered a beat down and taken a pound of flesh for the damage to her car! LOL

bizarre_ftw 21

She thinks the op beat up the dumbass for ruining the car

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No logical lawyer would even touch the case. Even if a lawyer picked the case up, the jury and judge would side with the car owner. OP wasn't in the car and the vehicle was (most likely) parked in a legal and proper parking spot. The biker is probably another "sue-happy" dumb*ss.

Its going to be her loss if she tries to sue, going to become her FML after that

Miss Original Poster should have looked her in the eye and said, "Just try me, bitch."

Just like that lady who fell into a mall fountain while texting and tried to sue the mall because she wasn't helped fast enough, **** these people...

kyu_Q 19

What ever happened to common sense?

It also fell in the fountain. It drowned in the water because it wasn't helped fast enough.

Or just like the time a woman tried to sue McDonald's for making her child obese. Or the time a woman sued McDonald's for "spilling" hot coffee on her and claimed she didn't know it was that hot.

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The woman who sued because her coffee was too hot did so because when it spilled in her lap, she was left with second and third degree burns. Coffee is meant to be hot, but no where near that hot. Hell, with injuries like that I'd have sued too.

That woman also grabbed the cup by the lid that was her own fault. Lids come off easily any reasonably sane person would know that.

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Challenge her in court! You'll win for sure

Perhaps her argument would be, "She like, totally, parked her car in so the wrong place, because it's totally not cool to park your car in so in the way, because it totally got in the way!" Okay. My brain hurts.

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She went full never go full retard...

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The word 'retard' hurts so many people who it actually effects. Consider expanding your vocabulary:)

The words 'enormous elephant' hurt so many people it actually affects. Please consider another username:)

enormouselephant 15

36- it would be much easier to just tell your girlfriend to get off the site. :)

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I agree about the vocab bit.

If you don't like the use of the word then get off the site! Get down of your high horse and stop preaching at people. No one really cares.

I actually care. My grandparents adopted a child who is mentally handicapped. It bothers me when people use the word retarded as an insult. My friends daughter is mentally challenged as well, and she gets just as upset. My point is that some people don't appreciate it when it's used in an insulting context.

Enormouselephant: it "hurts" people to use retard, but then you insult faff by calling his girlfriend fat?! Shouldn't you change your name to pot?

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It's apparently alright if Robert Downy Jr says it. God forbid someone should quote him. Please firmly remove head from ass.

Be like ok sure I'll see you in court then. She sounds dumb enough she'll actually tell the court "Your honor I was riding my bike and texting at the same time when suddenly I hit this parked car which damaged my bike and broke my nose, since it's this guys car obviously he has to pay for it." You won't even have to say a word.

How do we know the bike accident broke her phone and nose? Car owner probably took the phone and slammed it to the ground and delivered a quick beat down. I would've done just that. Lol jk

We obviously know by the OP being the car owner, and this being one of those true "Really? Are you a moron? FML, ok, see you there" moments. You're probably the woman who was riding her bike and texting, weren't you?