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Today, the father of my unborn child told me he isn't sure he'll be able to make it to the birth, since there's no guarantee of when it will happen, so he can't schedule time off. This would be understandable if he actually had a job. FML
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Even if he had a job he should still be be at his child's birth.


Even if he had a job he should still be be at his child's birth.

Yeah how wold that be understandable even if he did have a job ??

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He was talking about scheduling time off from playing Halo4(he's a man so that's the only logical answer)

58- Don't be sexist. Bitches hate that.

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85: If it was an "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" situation and was in surprise labor then MAYBE. BUT, A child isn't created and born overnight (I'm sure you're aware of this). There's 40 weeks to plan your time off with work before the child arrives. OP's baby daddy is just a complete loser.

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He can still take time off for the birth of his child

Yeah! What if he got a job but hasn't told OP yet.

brilliant choice for the father of your child OP, kick his ass

10, I don't think the mix of fmls work here. nice try though!

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I dont see what she did there.....uhm please explain

Read the post right before this one

I have a feeling that his fake employers will understand his need to leave when you're in labor.

Call me naive, but I'm pretty sure you schedule time off from friends and video games or whatever OP's boyfriend does.

The birth of your child should not need scheduling from friends. Those "friends" should be in the waiting room giving support.

I was being sarcastic. I know friends are supposed to support it, not keep him from it.

Oh ok. Your come wasn't there when i went to reply. :-/

Yeah we posted at the same time. I've learned my lesson about sarcasm in text here on FML lol :P

^ He's got a point. How the hell are you going to take care of the baby alone like that? It will be damn hard...

If he DID have a job, it wouldn't be understandable! Sorry OP. I'm sure him missing his child's birth will be something he'll regret. Even super busy NFL player Charles Tillman is making sure he's there for the birth of his child.

The only thing I dislike about yor post is you used the NFL. I dislike it simply because they make for gaurding a football then those who gaurd our country.

Thankfully, good ol' Peanut's wife will actually give birth tomorrow, so he can play tonight. But as a Bears fan, I'm proud to say that every player and coach in the organization supported him in skipping the game if necessary.

forgive me if I'm wrong but surely an employer (a decent one) will let a father leave work if he had phone call saying his wife was in labour?! I don't understand why anyone in a situation of having a child would want to miss the birth!

17- It's not fair, but it's not their fault that they make absurd amounts of money. There are plenty of jobs that make more than the military. Also, that's totally unrelated to this FML. I don't think it's right that NFL players make that much, but that's not their fault. Most NFL players actually have values and give lots of money to charity while doing community service. I think it was Pat Tillman who went to the army from the NFL and lost his life, and I have immense respect for him.

While some do that (I respect those that do.) not all give money back. And as far as Pat goes I respect him for it. But still it isn't fair. The soldiers should have atleast as much respect and support as the players do, if not more.

17, I understand your feelings. I feel the same about underpaid teachers. But there are many factors about why they make so much money. I won't bore you with the details other than to say there is a demand. If you can make money. . . Why not? I know that this is the reason many prefer college football. (:

I said it's unfair, and I certainly have more respect for my friend who went to war than I do for even the Monster of the Midway, Brian Urlacher. But I don't think you should be closed-minded to anything related to the NFL based on that.

I'm not closed minded I get why people like it, But I doubt I'll be full fan easily tho.

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Not trying to be an ass but with all the luxuries he has, it'd be crazy if Charles missed it.

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#11, I'm watching the Bears-Texans game and I find your choice of player odd. Charles Tillman's claim to fame is his skill in punching balls. I find it ironic that a professional ball-puncher is becoming a father.

I'm an active duty service member, and I don't give two ***** what football players, hollywood actors, or rock stars make, nor do I demand that they be paid less than I. They can train just about anybody to troubleshoot and repair Seahawks, but only an elite few have the talent to play in the NFL. That's why they get paid ridiculous amounts of money, while I get paid little more than I need to support myself. That's life. I'm not gonna bitch about it. What I take issue with in the NFL is that people can commit horrendous crimes and then go back to their multi million dollar jobs once they get out of jail.

Taking a break from the football conversation, had anyone thought about FEMA? Family Medical Leave Act. I dunno if it applies to all jobs but it got my husband a day off of work from 2 jobs when our first kid was born.

FMLA (family medical leave act), not FEMA

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And you reproduced with this idiot? FYL

I wish your unborn child well... This doesn't look good...