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Today, while at the movies, I started making my way to the end of the row so I could pee. Others moved to make room except for a man at the end. As I tried to climb over him, I tripped and fell on top of him. When I told him I was sorry, he just smiled and said, "Mmm, don't be. I enjoyed it." FML
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Hi guys, OP here! Now that I have more space I'll explain a bit more. I was with my friend and she had left a bit earlier to get snacks and the man moved for her. When I left about 10 minutes later (I asked the woman next to me to please save our seats) the movie theater was really crowded. My friend and I were about 6 seats from the edge, so not too many people had to shift out of our way thankfully. Of course, as in the FML, I tripped and accidently fell on top of him, and he made his comment. Anyway, I brushed it off, taking it as a joke, and went about my day. After I used the restroom, I met my friend as she was heading back into the theater and I told her what happened. She called him a creep but didn't think anything of it either. Since she was holding the giant popcorn I let her go in front of me and the man on the end moved for her. When I went to go by, he moved back to where he was, blocking my way once again. As I stood in the walkway, I nicely asked him to move but he only laughed. "Nah, climb over me again. It was fun last time." That's when he pissed me off and I pushed his legs out of the way to force my way by. He just laughed and watched me as I walked back to my seat. Certainly not the worst thing to ever happen, but still quite an uncomfortable situation to be in!
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  species4872  |  19

Ya, she should be more careful and not fall on people.

  species4872  |  19

Ha didn't take you all to down vote that. Sarcasm at it's finest. Now you can done vote this. ha

By  mariri9206  |  32

You should have said "excuse me." kind of hard and with an edge because, before he was became creepy, he was being 100% a d*** so you should've been kind of a b**** back to let him not moving was not an option.

  mariri9206  |  32

Because I'm being considerate and it's not like FML can actually do anything to stop younger people who shouldn't be seeing words like that from seeing the stuff on this website?