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Today, for my two month anniversary, my boyfriend surprised me with a "present". He then lifted his pant leg. He had carved my initials into his leg with a knife. FML
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Ummmm, although the thought is nice, I think a tree or a rock would have been a more aproprate canvas. I think I would really worrie about dating a guy that carves himself.


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@ OP: You're next, now you get to carve his initials into your leg :)

I agree, I see that as not a very sane thing to do. Very creepy if you ask me. I'd be scared and leave.

I think you are the one who is jumping to conclusions at the speed of light. No where in the FML did she indicate that she was going to break up with him, treat him like a dangerous leper or even not support him with any of the problems he may be having. All she said was that he had done it, and from the tone of it she was rather surprised and possibly worried by the situation, which she has every right to be, especially if she has never come in to contact with self harmers before. Seeing someone self harm for the first time is very alarming, and they hadn't been together all that long.

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I think the guy's a pussy... A real man would have branded her full name on his face so it stays there forever like I did!

haha my bestfriend did that for his gf and showed me. i just nodded my head in agreement. funny thing is they broke up and he still has a j on his leg

I couldn't help but laugh. I'm pretty sure you meant to say "fuckyear battles WITH the judgmental 14 year-olds who assume too much and know too little and can't help but speak their tiny minds", because that's exactly what you're doing with your assumptions of other people.

Yeah, fuckyear? I'm pretty sure it's not HER job to work though HIS mental illnesses. All you're doing is perpetuating the "all for the love of a good woman" myth. If she stays with him and tries to "help him through it," she'll only be entangling herself in issues she is NOT AT ALL qualified to deal with. I mean, dear god, they've only been together for TWO MONTHS. If this guy needs help, that's on his shoulders, not hers. She is not his caretaker. And I agree that you're the only one jumping to wild conclusions. It makes much more sense to think this guy MIGHT have some mental issues, (seeing as he carved someone's initials into his flesh after only being together for two months), than it does to assume this girl is some "immature, overparanoid, self-absorbed bitch" who plans on breaking up with this guy because she obviously thinks he's some psycho-killer about to involve her in a murder-suicide. You obviously lack even minimal critical thinking skills if you think at all otherwise. I mean, come on. "You know you're going to kill yourself over future boyfriends when they inevitably cheat or break up with you and say shit like "OH ALL MEN ARE ASSHOLES" and "WHY CAN'T I FIND A GUY WHO CAN ACTUALLY DEVOTE HIMSELF TO ME." What you have now is actually a one-in-a-million find, and the worst is that he might have a problem that you should actually try to help him with. Otherwise, if you just say, "You are ******* psychotic and I am breaking up with you," then I hope karma bites you back and either you have to deal with the guilt of his suicide or that he actually does stalk and kill you for being such an immature, overparanoid, self-absorbed bitch." Let's count the assumptions in this one snippet alone: 1) she's going to kill herself, 2) she's going to have future boyfriends, 3) those assumed future boyfriends are going to cheat on her, 3) she's going to assume all men are assholes, or wonder why no one "devotes" himself to her, 4) her current boyfriend does have a problem, 5) OP has the ability to help boyfriend with said problem, 6) current boyfriend is a "one-in-a-million find," 7) OP plans on breaking up with current boyfriend, 8) current boyfriend would either a) kill himself, or b) stalk and murder OP in the case of the assumed break-up, 9) OP is an "immature, paranoid, self-absorbed bitch." Wow. And really? Even if she DID break up with the guy and he DID kill himself, who the **** do you think you are to say SHE should have to deal with the guilt of his (assumed) suicide? Just like this guy's possible mental illness, his assumed future suicide would be entirely on his own shoulders. SHE would have had no hand in it; she would have only been saving herself from the situation, not causing him to take his own life. Dear god, you're stupid. :/

"fuckyear battles the judgmental 14 year-olds who assume too much and know too little and can't help but speak their tiny minds." I can't even help but laugh at how hypocritical this statement it to the rest of your post. "Judgmental...assume to much" - fuckyear "Know too little" - everyone, because this is an FML post, but knowing to little and assuming: fuckyear, Anddddd, "can't help but speak their tiny minds" - fuckyear. Except, what? You're twelve instead of fourteen? =/ Seriously, nobody cares about your long post about suggestions about her relationship (which you know nothing about except for the two lines provided for the FML post).

.... Actually, I kind of agree with fuckyear, in a way. No, it's not her job to fix him, if there's something to fix, but you know... as a partner, as a friend, don't those little labels kind of mean something like "I care about this person and am willing to help them through their tough moments" instead of "I care, but I'll gladly abandon them the second it gets too tough for me." That's a pretty sick and selfish mentality there. Are you the kind of person who, upon hearing a friend tried to kill his/herself, will say "You have too many problems, we can't be friends anymore." or will refuse to stop them from doing it again? You DO have responsibilities to HELP, otherwise how can you /possibly/ say you care about them? Yes, his choices are his own, but his suicide would be on her shoulders in that she thought only of herself and never bothered. Doesn't necessarily refer to her breaking up; if she can't handle a partner like that, okay, fine, I won't knock her for that (we all have our limits and standards), but there are some things she could do as someone who supposedly cares about him (call parents or authorities or friends who WILL help, for example). Certainly, fuckyear made some aggressive assumptions himself, certainly that's bad for his credibility. Doesn't mean you should completely ignore what he had to say. Keeping a healthy amount of skepticism is the key to debate/argument/discussion in general. Being aggressive right back... "two wrongs don't make a right" -- you're certainly not being any less hypocritical. He also has a point in that a lot of people submit to FML for pity. Certainly, I don't think anyone submits without thinking their life is "******" in some sense. Of course it doesn't mean she's going to break up, perhaps she's just complaining about how hard this is to deal with, but it's definitely something. Also, taking note of his number, he's probably going by what others below have said, but posted up top so as to be seen (which many do, and it is certainly reasonable due to how much he said that he wants it to be seen quickly before others). Perhaps he is mentioning breaking up and psychoticness because others are doing so? He is referring to all "dump him!" and "what a freak!" posts the OP may read and responding to them and directing the response towards the OP. Also you misread his post. He assumed the /OP assumed/ that he was going to kill himself or stalk and murder her, not him. He made the assumption of her way of thinking; he was /not/ assuming a suicide/homicide case. Forgive me for assuming that fuckyear is a dude, by the way, if that's not too difficult for you lot.

i think that someone who carves your name into his leg, in any situation, obviously has some issues. its not like he got a tattoo, and seriously, two months is not a very long time and that scar is going to take YEARS to heal. i'd get out of the situation PRONTO and probably notify a friend or an adult.

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Go die or something. Any guy that thinks it's sweet to carve your initials into his leg is creepy to me. Also, he obviously wasn't hardcore enough to go the full name :P

how long did that take you???? cuz u thought that over

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shut the **** up no one needs to read your ******* oddysey -_- just chill he's not a freak he may just be that way if he's a good bf why should that matter?

I think it's sweet of him to do that for you

I would b scard sueacilial and crazy LOCO HOT COCO is to attaced he might murdure =[

emofreak I can tell by your picture you are obviously overweight. I mean your hand looks like a piece of Ham with sausages attached to it. I'm sure you would love for somebody to do this for you, but you're too fat, and nobody likes fat asses who cut themselves....more cheesecake.

That was to Dame Grey Wolf, stupid mobile FML posts my comments in random spots

I'm glad that you understand that's strange OP, if he doesn't then I don't think you two are meant for each other, better to break it off early so you can both move on quicker to people who are right for you than to find yourself stuck in a situation you don't want to be in.

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no it's really not! lol it's creepy. I hope that's sarcasm!!!

kinda creepy, but there's devotion in that action.

It really isn't. It's scary. Coming from a person that used to cut herself, I can say that I firmly believe he needs to seek professional help. Especially at two months? FYL, FYL, FYL!

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Just like Mark Wahlberg on Fear. Leave him before he starts attacking all your guy friends. That is very mentally disturbed.

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Op's boyfriend is very mentally disturbed. Time for a new bf, NEXT!

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It's the thought that counts. : )

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I can already see the next FML "Today, my girlfriend nagged at me for the billionth time about how I never commit to her and show my appreciation, so I carved her name in my leg with my swiss army knife to show how much I'll sacrifice for her love. She left me because of it. FML. "

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Ummmm, although the thought is nice, I think a tree or a rock would have been a more aproprate canvas. I think I would really worrie about dating a guy that carves himself.

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ewww, does he set fire to insects too? let me guess, he's into snuff films? either way...