By Angelofkarma - / Monday 25 May 2009 18:05 / United Kingdom
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  My2864  |  1

yeh seriously stab him and repeat the reminder part .. thats fucked up.. but then again YOUR dumb enough to get a tattoo of someone elses name who isnt related to you most relationship. DO NOT last fo evahh even though you love em so much this is just another example


dude that fucking sucks bro. I would geek out on him and beee like uhhh WTF is wrong with youu asshole lol I would be pissed.

  pmk72693  |  0

That guy is a GENIUS

By  soiree_fml  |  0

Totally sucks, but YDI for getting a SO's name tattooed on you. Did Johnny Depp not take a hit for the team when he had to change Winona Forever to WINO forever?

  Etherial  |  0

Agreed. I say OP knocks him out cold and pays for a tattoo on his junk that says "[OP's name] was here" That will teach him - nice little reminder for the rest of his life.

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