By Angelofkarma - / Monday 25 May 2009 18:05 / United Kingdom
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  My2864  |  1

yeh seriously stab him and repeat the reminder part ..
thats fucked up..
but then again YOUR dumb enough to get a tattoo of someone elses name who isnt related to you
most relationship. DO NOT last fo evahh
even though you love em so much
this is just another example


When I was sitting for my most recent one the conversation between my tattoo artist and I ended up at this exact topic and he was saying how he now refuses to tattoo a significant others name on someone as he refers to it as the kids of death!
Every single person he's tattooed a spouses/partners name on has split up with the person, whose name was tattooed within a few months!

Obviously I couldn't speak for how true this is but if it's only fabricated to scare people off of the idea then it definitely works as I certainly wouldn't do it even if I were paid!

  Etherial  |  0

Agreed. I say OP knocks him out cold and pays for a tattoo on his junk that says "[OP's name] was here"

That will teach him - nice little reminder for the rest of his life.

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