By Dexter_39476 - 24/01/2016 05:40 - Denmark - Copenhagen

Today, I found out my family refers to my room as "The Virgin Cave". FML
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And here we see the wild virgin in it's natural habitat

At least they don't call it "the masturbation station"


And here we see the wild virgin in it's natural habitat

awildwhisper 30

I don't understand why grammer matters on a recreational app so much. This is for fun not for an English essay.

mds9986 24

This comment is best read in Morgan Freeman's voice.

Completely agree with the post. As long as it is understandable people shouldnt be fussy about it for genuine mistakes. On a lighter note its Grammar! Haha

Crikey he's a mean one! Get too close and he'll try and bite yah. He's a fiesty little nippah!

Not Morgan Freeman's voice, the voice we need to narrate everything is David Attenborough's.

"It's" is totally acceptable as it shows possession. Perhaps an English lesson is in store before criticising.

tantanpanda 26

#66, no, it's not ok. It's stands for "it is" while its is for possession. This is a special case that doesn't apply to the other possessive cases. Know what you're saying before trying to be witty.

Better get laid OP. They'll stop with that. And they can't get mad without you having an excuse. That's annoying of them.

leogachi 15

@21 That's the worst excuse to have sex I've ever heard.

the question is does she wanna have sex? im not about to do something i dont wanna do so other people will stop bullying me

Could be worse, could be referred to as a brothel

Could be worse, they can say your species are becoming extinct due to not finding a mate

The human race isn't going to go extinct just because OP hasn't been laid yet...

My nigga you been getting buried in every posts lol

I wish I had a **** hole. Just imagine the size of that room!

Yeah but it'd probably smell perpetually like sweat, anger, and shame. Fabreeze can't get out that type of ***** stank.

Or if they're on their rag, than it could smell like a handful of pennies.

A little less cool than the batcave, but then I don't think that saw much action either ...

I've seen some very suggestive homoerotic panels in Action Comics from back in the day.

Robin and Batman weren't just solving crime.......

To the Virgin Cave na na na na na na na

That kind of makes it sound like you're a dragon.

At least they don't call it "the masturbation station"

cnbcad 15

Congratulations. Be proud. I really wish I could say I went into my marriage a virgin.

At least they don't refer to your ****** as the virgin cave