By pandapantsMD - 18/04/2015 03:12 - United States - Chesapeake

Today, my fiancé freaked when he noticed the tattoo on my wrist, and demanded to know when I got it. It was two years before we even started dating. FML
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Quite the observational mate you got there

How long have you been dating for?!


How long have you been dating for?!

Oh_bother44 11

Long enough to be a fiancé

#14: That depends. My fiancé hasn't been informed of our engagement yet, or our relationship, but we will be married just as soon I gather the necessary rope and duct tape. He will be so surprised and excited. I'm sure of it.

im_a_black_guy 10

Tell me how it goes, can I come to the forced wedding

Welshite, are you a man or a woman? Because either way, I'd like to be the maid of honor or best man. I just need to know which so I can pick out a dress or a tux.

#28: How good are you at frog-marching a reluctant groom to the altar? We'd love to have you. #31: I was hoping to have a nudist themed wedding. Anyone with a shotgun is welcome too.

Oh, a nudist wedding. I'm down with that attire, it'll be just like my cult's "secret meetings".


Dibs on being the holy nudist priest

How in the world do you miss something like that?

Maybe you should ask the fiancé?

Quite the observational mate you got there

expertsmilee 26

Not the most observant one is he?

walkintotheclub 6

What kind of tattoo was it? If it was your ex's name or something I would understand why he was unhappy.

Jeez, talk about oblivious. Sorry OP, he should've noticed before, especially when you consider how long you've probably been together. Don't let his freak out get to you either; you obviously enjoy your tattoo, and it's your body, so ignore him.

AmayaR 12

Not really a good idea to "ignore" your fiancé once you get married you become one and ignoring your other half could lead to serious destruction. Just talk to them if they are upset about something and work it out.

You don't need to completely disregard someone's existence to ignore their negative opinion on something you enjoy.

Just a little clueless...

Plot twist: It's a tattoo of her name.

Didn't realize that the tattooed person was the girl :/

That really would be a plot twist: 'op is Kanye west'

Note to self: make sure he's not the navigator on road trips.

And the title of captain oblivious goes to... OP's fiancé! Congratulations!