By what's a rimjob between friends? - United States - Boston
Today, at Walmart, a woman kept screaming at her husband for the most ridiculous reasons. My friend snickered that she must be on her period, prompting her to whirl around, storm over, and slap the hell out of me, thinking I was the one who said it. FML
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  michaelaranda  |  28

Go to walmart and ask them for security tapes, most walmarts have a camera EVERY SINGLE AISLE.

Then serve the woman. "OPs friend said i was on my period so i accidentally slapped OP" wont hold up in court. Probably.

But seriously. Suing solves problems.

  LindsayxMoore  |  18

like the people above had said, I hope you sue her ass or press charges. there was absolutely no reason for her to slap you no matter what was said or who said it, she crossed the line.

  threer  |  30

With the wrong bitch of a friend.

  iAlissa  |  34

My boyfriend created an "EBK".
This stands for emergency bitch kit. It's filled with chocolate, tampons and Midol.
So when I get bitchy, he hands me this bitch kit. Except when I'm not on my period, I get offended.

  grumpybr  |  13

You beat me to it. I'd slap her back for sure!! I think a guy should never hit a woman, unless she hits him first for no reason, then she deserves to get a taste of her own medicine.

  NotoriousLES  |  14

No, no. One should not slap back... Just punch her in the jaw! If someone walks up out of the blue and slaps you, they are giving you the right and the privilege of knocking them the fuck out with no moral guilt or legal ramifications.... Self defense against physical assault, as witnessed by security cameras and the many fine people of Walmart.