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  2345_fml  |  0

So you wrote "alkdjpab" because you wanted to make sure you were first and then come back and edit it. You wouldnt want look like an idiot and write "first" only to find out you were 2nd or 3rd?

  Kinttow  |  0

#9 is a grammar nazi

does anyone feel how Andy Griffiths-esque this story is?

OP: did you go dress as mudmen and then get to your dads work?


I'm confused it does say "me"... did he edit..? and dude why on earth would you think that would be an I... that'd be like saying "my cat locked I out of the house" doesn't make much sense does it now.... dumb people go back to 2nd grade

  wrw28405  |  0

he's right actually. in the case where you are speaking of yourself and another individual, grammatically you would say "my dad and I" to refer to the other person and yourself.

Your example actually proves why you would say "my dad and I". that's how you check. You're right, it doesn't work, that's where you say me.

So you can't talk.

By  israelnotjacob  |  20

If this is even real, it's definitely a YDI, because there's no way the cat truly did that by itself. That would only be possible if you did something stupid where you could get locked out just by one little thing getting bumped. I'm pretty sure this is just a lie to begin with though.

  fringle  |  0

No. My back door is one of those sliders with just a flip down and it will lock. My dog was jumping and he hit the switch locking us out. Could happen with a cat too.