By Wtf - 03/11/2015 22:06

Today, during dinner, my boyfriend slowly walked up next to me, got on one knee, and in one movement pointed at my feet and shouted, "WHAT ARE THOSE?!" FML
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Sounds pretty funny to me, surely any proposal would have been hinted at beforehand?

Allornone 35

we don't know it wasn't. they might've talked about marriage before; he'd might've gone so far as to hint. maybe not, but the possibility is there. I enjoy a sense of humor, but given the correct circumstances, this "joke" could've been cruel.

Idk, I feel like a being hurt by a jocular proposal is a bit silly, but I don't really believe in marriage, so I'm biased

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Because he made a joke? I'm pretty sure the only reason this is an FML is because OP was expecting him to propose...

A very bad joke but at least he has a sense of humor.

Jokes that could seriously screw with someone's emotions aren't my type of thing

Abatu 4

eh if there was no actual himts beforehand and nothing weird going on lately there was no reason for her to expect a proposal honestly if she can't take a joke and expected a proposal to be completely random she's either emotionally unstable (not grounded is more accurate tbh) or been watching waay too many movies all he did was make a joke..and if they WERE ready to marry each other she should've seen something like this coming from his sense of humor