By Jolene - 26/12/2012 14:32 - United States - Gloucester

Today, I got a phone call from my boyfriend breaking things off with me. He waited until the day after Christmas because he wanted all his presents. And he got me nothing. FML
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tehslack 5

You deserve better, my dear. Just move on.


tehslack 5

You deserve better, my dear. Just move on.

Tali147 16

Merry Christmas, I'm giving you the gift of singleness!

What a piece of shit! Sorry OP, karma will handle it

One of my exes never got me anything either for Christmas, Valentine's, my birthday, etc. I still wonder why I was with him for so long.

I don't get that, I looooooove spoiling girls I'm with. I have been told to stop spending money on them... It's just nice to see the smile a girl gets when you give her something she can cherish from you.

Do you know her? If not, then how do you know she deserves better? Maybe she's a horrible person who dislikes bacon and hates puppies. No offense but you can't decide she deserves better if you don't know anything about her.

thatpeachyperson 12

You deserve better than that asshole.

sounds like his gift was your freedom. u can't put a price tag on that. who needs a douchebag in their life anyway

People who run feminine product companies. They need all the douchebags they can get.

Or give him a new gift,of cole hurled at his head

Or send him a bill for the amount you spent on his worthless ass.

I don't know who Cole is, but make sure he agrees to a fight before just volunteering for him, 25. Unless, of course, what you meant was "coal". =P

Well if I'm bigger then cole he doesn't have much say in the matter before I throw him:}. But yes I did mean coal

He gave you a chance to find a better boyfriend. ._.

BellaBelle_fml 23

Probably the best Christmas present she got.

yes,he give the girl a better chance to find the better one

You should take back his gift and give him a different sort of gift: a swift kick to his naughty bits

Then you'll see a "YDI FML" saying: "Today, I broke up with my girlfriend. She responded by kicking me in the nuts and taking the stuff back she gave to me. FML."

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He gave you the gift of freedom!

Wow he is the true definition of a douche bag.

What a schmuck. Hope he's alone for a long, long time. And as others have said, you deserve better.

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If Santa doesn't, someone else should. What a prick.