By Anonymous - United States
Today, at work, I realized that not everyone in the office needs to hear my explosive diarrhea through the a/c vents that interconnect through the entire building. I think an email was sent around, describing people's reactions in detail. FML
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By  commentator10101  |  0

"not everyone needs to hear", are you implying that only certain people do need to hear... what kind of a pervert are you... no one should need too or indeed want too listen to evacuate your bowels

  onlysoph  |  0

What the hell? Like #1 said, you can't control your bodily functions. Maybe she got sick at work or has irritable bowel syndrome. She was in the TOILET at work. She didn't realise that everyone could hear her through the air conditioning vents. Sounds like her work needs to sort out their bathroom issues