By ScarredForLife - 25/12/2009 06:28 - United States

Today, I introduced my family to beerpong. They especially liked the part about distracting each other while shooting. My grandma flashed me. FML
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Even though that's totally fucked up you have to admit that he has an awesome grandma.

YDI for drinking with your grandma.


Ajjas013 6

Talk about distraction...

liveBabylon 0

ROFL.... Thanks for not saying 1st :) Your are the best!!!! +My name is Maxine :) nice to meet u

Wow. Most favorite FML ever.

textasy2000 0

LMAO that is freaking awesome...note to self burn eyes out lol fyl ydi for introducing it...sounds like a fun family though

#20 is attempting to pick up? FYL OP, you'll be scarred with visions of those wrinkled sandbags for the rest of your life.

Jordna 0

I don't care what anyone else says. that family is AWESOME!!!

mind_geek 15

wrinkled sandbags...*shudders*

pedosmurf 7

I bet he liked it

YDI for drinking with your grandma.

LovelyTokyo 0

Yu'r family sounds awesome!

*vomit puddle*

Even though that's totally fucked up you have to admit that he has an awesome grandma.

karo_mit_k 11

I agree.

DisappearingRose 18


Please tell me you flashed her back.

omg love it


Puscifer FTW

trackstar12 0

Come on. You never play beer pong with your family. FYL for gettin grandma drunk

Pics or it didnt happen! Your granny sure wants to win! introduce them to strip poker next...

yes, the first thing that came into his head after being flashed by his grandmother was to take a picture ...

LOL Heres one thing; YDI for introducing it to them. YDI for not giving them a rule of nonos to flashing

You mean two things?