Never enough

By Discostu80 - 06/06/2009 10:24 - Australia

Today, I was at an awards dinner. I whispered into my wife's ear that she looked really pretty. She whispered in my ear that I should stop clapping so loud, because I was embarrassing her. FML
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dude smack her with your dick

Some people are just loud clappers, you can't always help it. Bitch move on your wife's part. I'm also just gonna throw this out there, if this were a dude who said this to his wife, everyone would be on here calling for his head and saying she deserves better. In this case though, there will probably be more people saying he should listen and clap quieter.


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She's probably a conceited bitch who married you for your money.

Uh, well, you married her. But loud clapping is slightly embarrassing, you just gave her an excuse to say something back. Do you not say she's pretty often?

did you whine and cry about it to her later, like some big baby? YDI

At least she stopped you from making a fool of yourself

I agree with number 3 Maybe you should clap quiter?