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Today, my parents searched my younger sister's phone because she had been acting suspiciously. I asked my mom if she was going to search mine too. She laughed and said, "Sweetie, your phone is probably even duller than mine!" FML
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Now you can do whatever you want and she won't question you!


just use protection... you don't want the herp

And, make sure you proof-read your texts, you don't want the derp either.

agreed, this is a license to get into some mischief...they'll never suspect you. }:)

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On a more positive note, if you ever want a super cool job with the government, you can totally get it. And the forever brag in front of your sister. Win-win.

Now you can do whatever you want and she won't question you!

its kinda a compliment if you think about it

Right along with "you're so ugly you won't have to worry about geting raped"

Backhanded compliment are still compliments just not as nice.

If you'd like, OP, I could give you some tips on spicing up your phone-life. Have you tried dressing it in lingerie? Covering it in cool whip? Tying it to a chair?

I can guarantee all those work. Especially tying your phone to a chair, your relationship will be boosted to new levels!

This is a blessing! Now you are free to do do what you want just don't give suspicion!

She could just be kidding. She might trust you more

At least they think you are a good kid! ^_^

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It's a good thing to have your parents trust