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Today, I arrived at work and was immediately given a disciplinary write-up for being two hours late for my shift. Apparently the manager had changed my schedule that morning and failed to tell me. FML
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Always hate when that happens. I started taking a picture of my schedule after the second time my manager did that.

perdix 29

And then you complained and got written up for insubordination. And you threw down the write-up and got written up for littering. And you got written up for having explosive diarrhea even though that was on the other side of the country in a whole, separate FML! They've just got it in for you.


Always hate when that happens. I started taking a picture of my schedule after the second time my manager did that.

Reyo 2

Someone tried to do that to me once. "Yeah, we don't need you to work on the School Newspaper anymore considering you failed to come to a mandatory meeting last Wednessday." "There was a meeting?" "Yeah, we sent out an e-mail about it that Monday." "Wait a second..." *calls the teacher over* "Did you know of an e-mail about a meeting?" Teacher: "No, not really. Why?" "*Girl's name* is saying that there was a meeting last Wednessday, and that she sent an e-mail about it Monday. I never got ANY sort of e-mail saying ANYTHING about a meeting, and let's assume I did get this e-mail, I'm just now being told that not being there is an issue? It's been over a week and a half. I've completed more than half of the articles you assigned me. How do I know she's not trying to get free work out of me?" Teacher: "First off...I'm supposed to be told of any outside meetings, and I don't remember you (talking to girl) planning one for Wednessday of last week." Girl: "Well, I uh..." Teacher: "show me this e-mail" We looked at the e-mail she sent e-mail address wasn't one of the recipients. DEFEND YOURSELF!

"Wednessday"? Wednesday.

It's called a tyop. Get over it.

#44-oh the irony... =]

Ariel881 0

This happens all the time where I work. The schedule will be changed, no one hears about, and management claims that they NEVER changed it. The only proof is the print out date at the top of the page, yet somehow that isn't enough to prove that it was changed from the original date it was put out.

You can file a grievance on them because by law that have to give you 48 hours notice of a shift change and let you know about it. My old boss would wait until the night before to tell me and after doing that for two months and knowing she was going to do it again when I had asked two weeks in advance to work my normal shift. Needless to say I got her fired.

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then you cant be in trouble for need to tell ur boss that he failed to inform you so you do not have to be in trouble for him not doing his job.. YDI if you took that...should of told his boss >.> if you did fight...then FYL for getting stuck w/ it

Of you ever done something like that yourself? Well? Of you? I don't think you of. Do you see how retarded you sound when you talk?

inconvienentgurl 0

do you kno how retarded you sound saying "of" instead of HAVE get it right b4 u open that gaping hole of dumbness on your face stupid... n yeah n i didnt get in trouble so shut up!

unfortunatetruth 0

agreed w/ #5 i've been through like this n i didnt get in boss changed my schedule so i'd have to work a day but didnt tell me till i came in the next day. i actually went n told n didnt get in trouble #9 ur an idiot...ITS HAVE NOT OF!! how about talking right b4 u try to get on some1 that was so stupid >.> if ur gonna get on some1 do it right

... That was the point, jackasses. #5 used 'of' instead of 'have' and I was pointing out to him how stupid it sounds, by embellishing his egregious error. Thanks for proving your own ignorance and lack of reading comprehension, #11 and #12.

"If ur gonna get on some1 do it right," eh? Shall we talk about how YOUR fine comment? 1. First letters of sentences and proper nouns, e.g. I, should be capitalized. 2. "N" is a letter. Not a word. 3. Contractions should have apostrophes, e.g. "didn't." 4. The preposition "til" only has one "l," being short for "until." 5. There should be a period after "trouble." 6. "Ur" is the name of an ancient Mesopotamian city. I'm sure that's not what you meant; you probably meant "you are." 7. "Right" is not an adverb. Try "talking well," "talking correctly," or something along those lines. 8. "B4" is not a word. The word is "before." 9. "Someone," not "some1." Although I do have to give you credit for spelling out "some." 10. The whole second half of your comment makes you look like an idiot. The whole point of phatdaddy's comment was that when people say something like "I should've done such-and-such," they're using a contraction for "should have." "Should of," "would of," and "could of" are NOT ACCEPTABLE PHRASES. Wow, ten whole points! If you're going to get on someone, do it right, dearie.

I just created an account just so I could praise #17. It makes me feel good to know that someone still knows how to use the English language. Also I find it funny that know one understood #9.

17, read.

I am going to go with #9 on this one, basic grammer aside considering we are on the interwebs, you sill sound retarded. FYL for having parents that were first cousins.

Never get into a grammar argument unless your post has been thoroughly proofread. "Grammer" isn't a word. I'm just throwing that out there since you're calling someone retarded. Sorry, I just can't resist contributing to silly grammar arguments. It's a guilty pleasure of mine. :]

Yeah #17, it's "till", not "til". Close, though. People, just leave inconvienentgurl and unfortunatetruth alone. It's not nice to pick on the mentally challenged.

unfortunatetruth 0

#30 get a life w/ that weak sad crack and all of u need help...clearly! at least inconvienentgurl was trying to help the OP unlike u idiots who come on here to comment on some1 else's post!! that right there says you need a life! and before you try to talk about me doing this...I'M doing it because of a friend. and that #9 is an ass

TheLetterZero is right. "Till is not a shortened form of until and is not spelled 'till. 'Til is usually considered a spelling error, though widely used in advertising: Open 'til ten."

unfortunatetruth 0

i dont know who you people are saying spelled till wrong because i didn't!! If you read you would clearly see that I DID NOT spell TILL wrong. I did spell it TILL so you people are clearly talking to yourselves or something. so clearly you need to be talking to someone else...

Nah, you didn't spell it incorrectly... you just USED it incorrectly.

to #27 I also used the phrase interwebs becuase its obvious that I don't really care about my grammer on the webs. I was just kind of laughing at what the other guys said and making a joke. by the way, jokes about someones parents being cousins is exceptionally funny, especailly if they are british.

Ah, so it's just a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. That's cool. I was just making a joke, too, except it was mostly serious. :] I'm just going to stop here, though. It's just way too easy at this point.

#9 ...... I think I love you. ;_;

get over it, what are u an english teacher?

I'm an ass because you didn't get it? No. I'm critical of people because I'm concerned for their futures. Without people like me showing them how dumb they look, they'll continue to be ignorant, and will be limited in career opportunities due to weak communication skills.

lol you dumbasses he know its have you said of so he saidof to show how retarded it sounds

perdix 29

And then you complained and got written up for insubordination. And you threw down the write-up and got written up for littering. And you got written up for having explosive diarrhea even though that was on the other side of the country in a whole, separate FML! They've just got it in for you.

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Yeah, eh, I've had those as well. Effing managers never tell ya the real deal.

I actually had one where my manager had approved my day off like 2 weeks prior, and when I went in the day after my day off I found out I had been scheduled to work. Apparently he changed his mind.

That sucks. Just because it's illegal for them to do so doesn't mean that you should be surprised. If he's smart enough, then he knows how to fake internal affairs enough to make it look like your fault too (hell, he already is). Stay or leave, that goes on your permanent record, so I'd be finding a way to prove that it was his fault if I were you.

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Ah...the wonderful world of being an employee. Just hope you don't screw up in the coming 6 months :)

You were two hours late, and he didn't call you? Sounds like he's really got it in for you and just wanted to write you up.