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Today, at my school they were having a carnival to raise money. One of the patrons suggested that if they wanted to make money, they should have people pledge money to make me cover my ugly face with a bag. The school got over $500, and I had to wear a bag. FML
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Sue for emotional damages (: that is not right. It could even get to the local news.

Next carnival, you should suggest that the ringleader of the paper bag incident must wear a plastic bag over their head for pledges.


iChel413 6

Sue for emotional damages (: that is not right. It could even get to the local news.

I don't know if suing is in order really. But there definitely should be some firing of school staff and a look into who let this idea move forward. And maybe suing if it really was that bad.

Sewing is a bit far if he wasnt forced into it.. no one forced you to wear the bag I hope because they can't make you wear it against your own will. Come on stick up for yourself. Say NO.

Driblets 8

Not only that, 22 but the waiting list would be years long and the court system would pretty much fall apart like a jenga tower. :p

FFS!!, enough with the "Sue them." crap. Stop being such typical Americans. The kid probably went along with the joke at the time. Sure it's not the best idea I have heard of, and if it was my boy, I would be down at the school informing them of how inappropriate it is, but seriously...what kind of asshole would sue a school? In my country, you would receive death threats for that sort of crap as you would be punishing every kid in that school by reducing school funds and most likely banning all non curriculum activities like fete's etc...

11. I agree they should sew anything. Especially a sweater. But seriously, suing is not necessary at all. If they didn't want to wear a bag they could have manned the hell up and said no. The problem with America is no one takes action to stand up for themselves. Suing for emotional distress is stupid as ****. I would let people make fun of me till the end of time if I could sue for as much as people do. "Oh no someone called me ugly and made me wear a bag." Shut up, stand up for yourself and stop being an baby. God dammit, everyone today is such a goddam pansy ass. Valdrek beat me to it. But I needed to be more harsh.

Driblets 8

26- in soviet russia I would shoot missiles at the school not try to go for a petty court case!

oj101 33

OP shouldn't take it personally. Chances are that people thought the concept was funny and donated towards it for the hell of it, even if it was mean towards her.

To 27- Nawww aren't you just such a big boy acting all tough. Does it hurt being so completly ignorant and stupid? or does your thick skull block some of the pain? You were obviously a bully when you were in school and still obviously are. You're one of these people who believe the only way to solve the problem is to fight about it which I can see will take you very far in life (I say that with very heavy sarcasm). The problem with america is that there are people like you in it who don't think about the bigger issuses and have a very small view of what the real world is like. Grow up and get over yourself.

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47- how was he being a bully? He was giving op advice on how to stand up for himself. Yes, he was being a little harsh, but sometimes thats whats needed to push the person through. I think you need to calm down, get your head out of your ass, and think before you speak

47? I'm a bully? No, I'm aggressive and an asshole when I argue but I have never anyone. I was the popular kid in high school who beat the shit out of bullies. That's called standing up for someone. Bullying is constant harassment. I'm the ignorant one? And I'm not going anywhere in life? What have you done with yours? I actually stand up for what I believe in, I'm actively involved in my school, fraternity, and my community. I party, have friends and maintain a 3.8 in engineering. So don't come telling me I'm not going anywhere in life because you are damn wrong.

To 51- Yes you are a bully you freaking idiot. Who comes onto a guys post and makes him out to be the ******* bad guy here because he didn't stand up for himself you dimwitted fool. anyone who agrees with you are idiots as well. Also by the way calling people pansy ass little bitches when they don't deserve it guess what THAT'S CALLED BEING A BULLY YOU DIPSHIT.

Oh are you a little hostile? :( I take it you didn't stand up for yourself in real life so you have to make up for it online? You sound like a pissed off hippie right now hahaha. The kid is wrong for not standing up for himself and no I'm not an idiot for thinking so. If calling him a baby for letting himself be bullied is being a bully then I guess I am one. But this "bully" will go farther in life than you ever have. So don't make anymore stupid claims.

To 61- Actually I did stand up for myself you know what happened? nothing because bullies are bullies and they don't stop because one person stand up to them. I eventually learned not to care though and came to realize these idiots are just that idiots. I'm hostile because stupidity like yours pisses me off because so many people can tell you that your wrong but you won't listen because you only care for yourself and only give a shit about what you say nothing else matters.

64. Obviously not well enough. If you want to LET yourself get walked on your entire life then be my guest. If you refuse to stand up for yourself then I will. But you will NEVER get your way if you don't stand up to someone. You will NEVER get what you want or what you deserve. Standing up to someone doesn't mean violence. It means putting your DAMN FOOT DOWN. Something people need to do more. But you know what!?! Look at you now! You're standing up to me for saying that someone should have stood up for themselves. And I'm telling you good job. And you're the idiot that thinks no one is listening to them. I hear everything you're saying buddy, but it's wrong. Bullies won't just be bullies. Not everyone is evil by nature. And standing up for yourself when someone tries to put a goddam bag on your head is the RIGHT thing to do.

And you know what? Majorities aren't always right "idiot". So it doesnt matter if i get 10000 thumbs down, it doesnt make me wrong. Open up a history book to find that one out "dipshit". You're so mad at me for calling him names and yet you're doing the same thing.

Difference is I'm calling you names because you deserve it you stupid jackass and it seems thats the only way you understand anything is if it's done in an insulting way. seriously get your head out of your ass and grow up.

74. Go continue to let yourself get walked on. You still have a lot of maturing to do buddy boy. That "oh the world is cruel and I'm helpless against the majority" this is stupid. So far you have made a couple stupid claims. You my friend are the idiot. But I'm done arguing with your whole "I hate the world and bullies won't change and if you don't agree with me you're an idiot. Oh my god fighting back is bad" attitude. It seems like you're the one who isn't listening.

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Will you girls just kiss already? The sexual tension is crazy!

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Arguing on FML is pretty much pointless.

I used to be beat up in middle school for being nerdy and not pretty. One day, I got so fed up and when he punched me in the face, I hit him back and busted his lip. He never touched me again after that because he was embarrassed "a girl beat him up"; a girl a lot shorter than him. I'm not saying violence is always the answer, but I do agree with standing up for yourself. the next generation doesn't seem to understand that hurting themselves, killing themselves, or creating a pity party isn't going to stop the bullying.

I have to say that meow1887 has some very good points, even though he or she isn't doing a very good job at arguing them. In this day and age where we have things like rape culture and people tend to put blame on the victim, it is not the best idea to insult the person who was bullied because they didn't stand up for themselves. Yes, encourage the person to be strong and give direction on how to handle bullies and be supportive, but don't blame them for being bullied, that's just stupid. Saying "well if you had stood up for yourself this wouldn't have happened" is equivalent to saying "well if you hadn't been wearing that short skirt and been drinking you wouldn't have been raped." A lot of people don't have the self esteem or don't know how to go about standing up for themselves, especially if they are being bullied. Of course people who commit suicide know that that isn't going to stop the bullying, they feel like they have no other option. You should be getting angry at the bullies, not the victim.

meow1887 - if you accept responsibility for the role YOU played in getting bullied, then you shift some control of the situation back to yourself, instead of letting the bullies retain control, as you do when you act and feel like a victim. As hard as it can be to admit any fault over something (especially something like bullying which can feel one sided and unfair), admitting there was more you could have done to prevent it means that you have the power to change the situation if it happens again.

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25- In your country, cops rupture your spleen for having a fire extinguisher improperly mounted in your death trap "cars". Fix your democracy and I'll fix my legal system. Sorry. I just hate all this stereotyping Americans bullshit. Like every country doesn't suck in its own ways.

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*Judge Judy theme music plays* Real cases- Real people... Judge Judy.

I don't think sewing has anything to do with this...

That's the problem though. They only THINK it is their only option; it's not. Yes, be mad at the bullies, but people need to learn that offing yourself won't do anything but cause more hostility and anguish. What you're supposed to do is getting help or standing up for yourself. I was probably THE MOST awkward kid in middle school; I sat by myself and didn't talk to anyone, but I still stood up to myself when I needed to.

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I ******* love you! Best comment ever!

I'm with crewboy. I, was bullied heavily in school until I stood up for myself and called the asshole bullies out on their shit and made them look like idiots. There would be a lot less bullying if people would stop letting themselves get bullied.

KiddNYC1O 20

Crewboy, now you really got yourself a crew! ^^ =]

Sammy, are you just going to tell suicidal people to believe you and go against what they are feeling? Depression is serious, you can't just tell someone to stand up for themselves and then everything is going to be okay. It doesn't work like that. If someone is contemplating killing themselves, they are pretty damn convinced that there is no other option, they don't just think it. I see where you are coming from, but I think that most of the people on this thread are focusing way too much on what OP could have done, when the real problem is on the other side. We can't expect the victims of bullies to stop the bullying. It has to be their peers, their family, their teachers, etc. who are expected to not tolerate it. And that is where the problem is. Telling someone to stand up for themselves is good advice, don't get me wrong, but saying that if you are suicidal you are just throwing a "pity party" and feeling sorry for yourself crosses a line.

Krajjan 9

P.S. - Crew, I'm with you. I was bullied all through school. 2nd to 12th grades. After I spent some time in the Army, I learned that muscles, aggression, and a thick skull don't count for shit. It's attitude. You can't LET yourself be pushed around or you can MAKE them stop. Be it martially, legally, or otherwise. Victims fuel bullies. Stop being a victim

I DID NOT mean that suicidal people are throwing a pity party; please read better. It was a third option. There were three choices that are wrong that I listed; suicide, pity party, and self harm. I meant the pity party when someone just complains about their life to everyone they meet and not do anything to fix their problem. I don't need you tell me this; I've experienced someone I know committing suicide, I contemplated it, I studied it, and I coached my boyfriend out of it. There is always a way out of suicide and sure you can blame the bully; they're the cause, but you can also reach out to those who need counseling instead of blaming, because most of the time, placing the blame on someone (even if it is their fault) does absolutely NOTHING. You just misunderstood me and that's why you felt the need to argue it with me, but I was not calling suicidal people a pity fest.

To TheMathMajor about your earlier comment: Comparing rape to someone being made to wear a paper bag are far different scenarios. Rape is forced and although you can try to fight back, you are forced against your will. No one held a gun to OP's head or forced him to the ground and shoved the bag on his head. Only Crew made valid points because in a situation like the post says, OP clearly had the opportunity to defend themselves and refuse to wear it. OP is allowed to be offended, but at the end of the day he was not forced to do anything and therefore should not complain about something he could have prevented. However, there is only so much a woman can physically do to prevent rape and in no way are they asking for it or allowing it to happen. Two very different scenarios.

77 how old are you? From your comments I'll assume 21(you mentioned engineering). I think you need a serious reality check. You've watched too many movies where people get what they want. Of course, being the "popular guy" is easy. Try been ostracised your entire life and then come tell me what to do with mine. As far as "majority always wins", you sure have a lot to learnt. The majority does win, no matter how wrong it may be. You're welcome to try and fight it but it's a losing battle. Get some real life experience before making statements from your privileged position in your current social situation.

Also, 77, the world IS cruel. This is not me being all dramatic. This is the truth.

XXPhoenixLynnXX 5

I completely agree. People don't understand what it is like to be emotionally hurt like that people are just very blind to their surroundings. Quit living with blinders on and open your eyes. This kid is hurt and if that one guy is so worried about kids then why doesn't his one count. Practice what you preach.

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Legend says that Baghead was so ugly that even Sarah Jessica Parker would turn to stone if she saw him.

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He was so ugly that everyone died.

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89, 98, and 108, should all be thumbed for the spongebob reference!

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And so did 110, just in the other direction

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They were. And you were thumbed down for being captain obvious...

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That sucks I'm sorry. People are assholes

**** yes. What I don't understand is how could everyone think its acceptable to go along with this and stay silent? I don't like to say it often, but **** those *****! Thats pathetic

bugmenotmofo 34

134- Someone like who does not have a profile pick should not be talking about looks.

Um excuse me, you ignorant ****! Clearly you missed the train to evolution because clearly, your an ape! Where the **** do you get off? Is your life really that miserable that you have to bring somebody down? That girl was showing compassion. Just because its something that you have probably never experienced doesn't mean you should act like a bag your mum puts her tampons in!!… judging by your comment, your not very intelligent, so ill help you out… I just called you a douche

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Next carnival, you should suggest that the ringleader of the paper bag incident must wear a plastic bag over their head for pledges.

That's so cruel you shouldn't have to do that...

I really don't think this is legal. OP you would have had a right to say no. Such a weird and cruel school.

Agreed. I know you want to help raise money OP but you went above and beyond the call of duty. I would have told them to f**k off!

no matter how ugly society thinks you are!

iseyixes 18

Completely uncalled for. You should have never agreed to wearing a bag.

loserboii 11

$500 just for that? Either you are really ugly or you have possibly the most douché school ever.

Did anyone else read "douché" in an accent or was it just me

CharresBarkrey 15

Who knew getting $500 would be so easy

Kids are cruel. Assuming you are in high school I will give you this advise: It SUCKS ASS but you only have 4 years of it to endure. Make the best of it because you can do anything you set out to do, including making something of yourself so you can come back in 20 years and step on all of the people who shit on you. Yeah, I still hold grudges from high school. I graduated in '93.

I don't know. I didn't find high school bad. Maybe it's because I went to a private school. But it isn't bad for everyone, you just need to be confident with yourself and stand up for yourself.

High school is some of the best times of your life. I'm sorry you didn't have a good time. Maybe you should have been more social.

I was very social, I just had the misfortune to be surrounded by whiny rich kids with entitlement issues.

Then just ignore them. Tell them how it is and go do something else. And give up on grudges, That shit happened 20 years ago. There are very few things that are unforgivable in our lives.

Han_Bam 9

32- I agree with you but disagree with the point on being more social I think it all depends on your personality.

I loved going to a private school. Graduated with 37 kids in my class, had the time of my life.

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Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Buddha

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This is just awful. I don't recommend a lawsuit, but there definitely needs to be some major complaint filing.