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Today, I was working in a call center when I smelled perfume. I'm allergic, and it triggered my asthma. When I came back, some jerk had sprayed it all over my work area. I couldn't go near it for the rest of my shift, therefore I had to go home early, and got my paycheck docked. FML
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Brutal, OP :( shouldn't get your pay docked for something you can't control / something someone else did.

Jeez who the hell are these coworkers? They're assholes.


Brutal, OP :( shouldn't get your pay docked for something you can't control / something someone else did.

I can see why OP would have lost money. Think of it from the bosses perceptive. Person left early and didn't work the time they should have. Companies need to make money to stay afloat.

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True that is how his boss probally looks at It but we all wishthat there could be sone justice in this right? Like whoever spryer the perfume got his payment docked too or maybe even suspension I wouldn't go as far as firing him though.

Next time see if you can work in another cubical. But I agree, although it sucks, no work / no pay.

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Same way I look at it, 16 but the worker who sprayed perfume wasn't doing his job (unless his job of course is to spray perfume on other peoples workplace of course), so what happens to his pay?

Honestly, if a family member were to be sick and dying (much more extreme than asthma) and I bailed from work early, I would expect not to get paid for that time either, unless I worked it out with my boss to take it out of my sick/vacation time

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An asthma attack should count as sick and OP should have gotten sick time for that time they missed. And the person who sprayed should have been talked to.

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Not everyone gets sick time, and for those who do, it's limited. Sensitive asthma can use up sick days quickly, and we're ten months into the year.

Sick time at my job means calling in and not going to work, therefor not getting paid. For all my job cares, you could probably be dying and in the hospital and they still wouldn't pay.

Cant you at least tell the person that you were allergic so that they would stop?

Plus the FML implies that OP doesn't know who the person is.

Seems like it was done intentionally. Who else would spray it all over their colleague's work station? What a ****.

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Could be the taco bell fan in the next cubicle overcompensating for their own odor with a heavy dose of perfume.

And your boss couldn't give you another workplace temporarily?

Lots of places just don't have the space. Everyone has a desk/office/cubicle and it may be packed as it is.

I worked at a call center. I was a little late due to weather. The only avalible desk when I got there the in the Spanish speaking only section. Since I don't speak Spanish, I was sent home.

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I dont understand why this comment is being thumbed down. He was jus asking a question! A valid one at that

18. No one knows why some things get thumbed down and some don't. It's one if the great mysteries if FML. Very few people can post whatever they like and get away with it every time.

It seems like most people just follow a band wagon effect. "Oh! It got thumbed down! I better thumb it down too!" I always find it odd that some things managed to get burried and not a single person actually says, "okay, this is why your comment sucked."

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Yeah I agree. The comment isn't getting thumbed down anymore making my previous comment look really dumb, but before when it first got posted, it was -3 and I was trying to be a nice guy and stick up for him! Again, I Agree with the bandwagon thing, whoever a popular commented posts something it seems as though they get thumbed UP to FML heaven and beyond instantly haha

Jeez who the hell are these coworkers? They're assholes.

Some coworkers are true assholes. Sorry OP but looks like you work with one.

"How many assholes do we got on this thing?!" *everyone raises hand* "I knew it! I'm surrounded by assholes!"

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43 - whoever has been thumbing down your comment obviously is not a fan of Mel Brooks. I haven't watched Space Balls in years.

I hope you find out who that jerk is. That's extremely rude.

That was more than rudeness, that was pure maliciousness, whoever the coworker was, they could tell that OP, had a bad reaction to perfume, and decided they wanted to see that reaction again. The little bastard needs kick in the teeth.

Well, I'll give this person the benefit of the doubt. What if the didn't know OP was allergic and thought that they were insulting the scent? Not likely, but you never know.

If OP could find out who did it, this could be the one time the I would agree with someone yelling "sue!"

Find out who it was and get them fired.

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Getting people fired or even suing is not always the right thing to do. A susspension or even just a payment getting docked like OP's is more than fair.

A suspension and a write up would probably happen. If it happens again from the same person, then they would most likely get fired.

Who said anything about suing? And it depends. If the person knew the perfume bugged her she either needs to beat some ass or get revenge in another way.

8 - allow me to rephrase: find out who it was and set them on fire.

23 and 26 basically say the same thing. One gets -3, the other, +3. Funny how some things play out.

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44- it's because 23 mentioned suing.

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That sucks OP u shouldnt have ur paychque docked for something u cant control amd for something that someone else did

This is IDENTICAL to 1's comment. Except this ones spelling and grammar is worse.

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Identical comments are likely to get buried and burn in FML HELL!

The grammar fail is strong in this one

Twitter and texting are both destroying the concepts of grammar and spelling.

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Had the same thing happen to me!! Expect I didn't leave, I found some work to do in a different area. It's terrible tho.

That's because you're probably a better worker than OP.

Reminds me of the assholes in school who think it's perfectly okay to spray their hairspray and/or perfume in the middle of class.

Perfume I can kinda understand but hairspray? We don't live in the 80s.

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This comment reminds me of a kid that sits behind me in my civics class that sprayed this disgusting "Mexican" cologne on me. I smelled worse than axe for the entire day..

Look up workman's comp. then talk to HR.

You should do the same then try your comment again. Workman's comp. would never cover a slight asthma attack. And either way it's a pre-existing condition and therefore op's own responsibility to take precautions against it. I know I sound like an asshole but I deal with claims like this all the time.

I agree with 63, workers comp is only good for two things : 1) Injured at work place 2) being mistreated/ discriminated And 63, I feel bad for you having to deal with that mess, I image people aren't too happy when you don't go through with their cases.