By Michael

Taking the Micheal

Today, my girlfriend of 5 years confessed to cheating on me during my recent business trip. Moreover, she doesn't want to cut off contact with the other guy, because she's afraid of hurting HIS feelings. FML
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By  talaswolf  |  20

Keep in mind she will probably cheat again. I suggest sitting and talking with her and let her know it hurt you. I also suggest taking a break from your relationship to figure out if you still want to be with her.

By  talaswolf  |  20

Keep in mind she will probably cheat again. I suggest sitting and talking with her and let her know it hurt you. I also suggest taking a break from your relationship to figure out if you still want to be with her.

By  davecross  |  11

While this is messed up at least she is being honest and telling you how she feel. What I am taking away fro your post is that she is no longer interested In you and want to be with this new guy. My advice to you is to break up with her.

  Austin Schmit  |  10

How is a ring going to stop a cheater? It's not like marriage is a sanctimonious commitment that people take seriously, society as a whole has proved that to be a farce. Maybe OP should open his mind to the many alternative lifestyles that are becoming increasingly more socially accepted. Monogamy is going out of style, the mammals of this planet figured that out ages ago with only ~5% of them practicing monogamy (and the ones that do so appear to do it as a resource defense mechanism).

I'm a fan of your comments btw ??

  RichardPencil  |  30

I don't think all cheaters are born that way. Some resort to cheating when their relationships are not meeting their needs. I just thought "girlfriend of 5 years" sounded odd. She's not at least his fiancee? Maybe his lack of commitment made her think of looking elsewhere.

  Suaria  |  37

1. Putting a ring on it won't stop people from cheating.
2. Some people are into polyamory or an open relationship. If all people are consenting, there's nothing wrong with being with multiple people. However in this case, OP assumed he was in a monogamous relationship and his girlfriend broke that contract.


I have a friend who's been with his girlfriend for 13 years. While they do plan on getting married, they aren't yet engaged. He plans on proposing after he graduated college and he can actually afford a ring. So length of time together has nothing to do with when they get engaged.

  RichardPencil  |  30

How old were they when they started dating? 9?

Since the OP is going on business trips, I'm guessing he can't be much younger than 25. Some people want commitment and feel insecure without it.

  RichardPencil  |  30

I’m curious why you chose this comment to pick on me for. I clearly read and understood the story, so your claim that my words are “random” is absurd.

You may disagree with my point of view, but my comment was clearly responsive to the story.

  joonsson  |  20

If a relationship isn't meeting your needs you leave. Cheating is such s horrible thing to do to do to someone. Honestly think we should let people who get cheated on take free revenge, no severe and permanent Damage but some assault ave destruction of property is fine by me.

By  EnvyMe33  |  26

It makes you think is this the first time she has cheated on you and once a cheater always a cheater. You always want what you can't have and that means challenge accepted. Also if it doesn't bother you then have an open relationship. So you can get some on the side too.

  GhostFox  |  33

You don't ever turn a relationship where one person cheated into an open/poly relationship. The entire point of that kind of relationship is that you can trust your partner(s) to be honest about who they are sleeping with, and practice safe sex. Those kind of relationships almost never have a "fuck whoever you want, whenever you want" basis- the person is supposed to get their partner's/partners' opinion on the person, and IF the other(s) don't have any objections, THEN they can have sex with that person.

Don't misrepresent polyamory and open relationships, they get enough shit smeared on them by media.

By  InfiniteSecret  |  20

Why are you still with them!!!!!
They have 0 respect for you.

Sure. You need to out hidden cams in your home to see what she really going on, when your gone. Cut off all cash flow to her. Close any linked account that you pay for. Once this is dobe. Do the same to her see how she likes it.

By  Dave_Davington  |  33

Why is her cutting off contact with the other guy even relevant? Far be it for me to tell you how to live your life, but it would be smart to end things with her as soon as you find out that she's willing to cheat on you. Relationships require trust, and if your partner has proven themselves untrustworthy, the entire thing is a lost cause.