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Today, at my school, the student council is trying to raise $5000 for Haiti. They are doing so by playing the song from High School Musical in the hallways and cafeteria everyday until they get the money. FML
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Sounds kind of fun to me. If you know a lot of people don't like the song, why not set up a stand selling earplugs and send those profits to Haiti as well?

Make it stop! D:


Make it stop! D:

wat they said ^^^^ !!!!!!!!!!!!!

It fucking sucks. I remember they did that at my HS. It's basically extortion Oh and for the record, fuck Haiti....let them figure it out on their own. We already have enough of our own problems to deal with. Like let's see.....war, worst recession in over half a century, unemployment. If a country can't figure it's own minor speed bump in the road by themselves then it doesn't deserve to be a country, NOT OUR PROBLEM! Personally I think more efforts should be put forth to AMERICANS in the war, not some inbreds in a country we'll never see. Apfttt

wow first off the ressecion was the doing of ppl, same with war. but haiti was struck with a earthquake. they couldn't of done anything to stop it were as u Americans could have. and now ur sayin fuck Haiti? then fuck u to bitch

everyone needs help sometimes, just ask GM

They did that at my school but people could pay to get a song of theyre choice. The highest bidder for the day chooses. we raised about $2000 in a week.

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thats abit harsh. Its a third world country. If it happened to you, you would want people to help you. Be a bit more conciderate. "Personally I think more efforts should be put forth to AMERICANS in the war, not some inbreds in a country we'll never see", Americans are fighting for no reason, yes I know they went there for a reason but that was years ago and just because they are not American doesnt make them inbreds, bit racist on your half.

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thats abit harsh. Its a third world country. If it happened to you, you would want people to help you. Be a bit more conciderate. "Personally I think more efforts should be put forth to AMERICANS in the war, not some inbreds in a country we'll never see", Americans are fighting for no reason, yes I know they went there for a reason but that was years ago and just because they are not American doesnt make them inbreds, bit racist on your half.

I guess it would suck for you if you were born a Haitian then, wouldn't it, since assholes like yourself believe our recession is a real problem compared to what's been happening to Haiti for years, the entire country's GDP per capita is around 1,300 US dollars. The US GDP even in the recession is over 40,000 US dollars. The government there may be inefficient, but the citizens can't help that.

smart as hell

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wow, im not completely against the whole haiti thing. but damn, its gone on wayyyyyyy to long. why should we help other countries, when none of them were there when we had natural disasters, that we had to clear up. for instance, hurricane katrina that hit new orleans? we were basically stuck on our own. grant you, im not from there. but still, america has been helping other countries out for way to long and im fine with that, its time to fix the problems in our own country first. oh, the whole high school musical thing, that sucks for you, and its not extortion, theres no threat in music. just think of it as a talent show. and theres no harm in that.

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lol...Haiti shouldn't get anything because for the first thing they had nothing to begin with, and secondly nobody has ever given a shit about them even though they are the poorest country I the world and overrun by gangs (my other message dissapeared)

125000 dead. Douche

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They only ask us for help when something like the earthquake in Haiti happens. Other than that, they'll keep hating us till they need more help

The stupidity in this FML amazes me. First off, just because you can't divert your attention to EVERYTHING doesn't mean you don't try. Oh, there are millions of people who get hit by cars worldwide, many of which probably don't get helped. So, when you get hit by a car, we'll all just not help you out. Sound good? Good. And secondly, America is a international powerhouse and everyone knows it. Probably the reason they're part of the G8. And let me put it this way, since you clearly hate Haiti so much, why are you bitching about not receiving help that you probably wouldn't want from them anyway?

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you're pathetic! that country has NOTHING! everything is gone including lives! maybe if you expierenced a disaster like that you're sick ignorance would cease to exist!

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exactly, tyey had nothing and nobody ever did anything about it. do u know where the money is going, the gangs.

you know the lives we're saving? that could have been you in an earthquake, but next time a natural disaster hits we'll make sure to just ignore it. we're the ones with the most resources to help. why should we let the extremely poor citizens of haiti all die because their government was corrupt? one of those kids could find the cure to cancer someday just because we gave them some fresh water and saved their life.

First of all, thatonehuyinca is a complete asshole!! You have no idea how lucky you are to live in the US, yes we're going through a rough spot right now and yet we are 100 times better off than Haiti (before the earthquake). So many people in the world would give anything to be given the opportunities that you don't even think about. And the fact that you consider the death of 200,000 people and even more injured a "minor speed bump" is disgusting...imagine someone you love being one of the victims, how would you feel if someone said something that cruel? You need to open your eyes and enter the real world! Second, brigittebabe09 you need to get your facts straight, countless foreign nations offered help to the victims of hurricane Katrina. We needed help and those countries were kind enough to give it. It must be such an inconvenience for you to have to hear about other peoples suffering. This is not going away anytime soon, this is a huge tragedy, and since you clearly are not a caring person I suggest you grow up and just deal with it! It's because of ignorant people like you that the rest of the world considers Americans to be selfish idiots. By the way, the HSM thing is really funny! I would probably give them all the money I have.

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@thatoneguyinca: Do you realize when Hurricane Katrina happened, the whole world stepped in to contribute donations, food, supplies and human aide to help the USA. Now when Haiti is in trouble, with a death toll DEADLIER than the thousands who died in New Orleans, far POORER than the area affected by Hurricane Katrina... You're going to tell them to "Let them figure it out on their own?" Also, the "war'' you speak of? When Katrina left over 150,000 "refugees" (American citizens) homeless and without food, shelter, hygenic conditions, Bush still spent more money towards the Iraq war. You're heartless, selfish, and stupid. Get off your high horse. America isn't as great as you think it is. Every country needs help when time calls for it.

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they smart torchering kids is the best way 2 get money

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okay sarah89, lets get something straight i made it clear that i wasnt completely against the whole haiti thing. now if you think im not a caring person just because i have a certain belief, than thats ridiculous. my belief is that we need to help our own country before we help the others, i know a lot of people that agree with my belief. and just because i believe that doesnt mean im ignorant, selfish, or uncaring. after all, this is america and we are entitled to free speech and we are able to voice our own opinions, however all that is going completely down hill. just get your facts straight before you go and judge someone. k? good. if we help our own country first, then i could careless if we help others. just we come first. plus, haiti is a very poor country and it is a tragic about what happened but, what makes you think we can help them? america had always been about helping people, before our own. its just time to realize that we have struggles in our own country that we need to fix.

brigittebabe09...The one thing that I got out of your last message was that you are the type of person who always puts yourself first, which by the ways is the definition of selfishness (just to let you know). Do you honestly believe that because a place is poor that we should all just give up on them and let them suffer and die. Have you ever heard of kindness or compassion? And yes, the constitution does ensure us our right to free speech, which entitles me to say that you are an idiot. It is going to take a VERY long time to fix all of our problems, if that's even possible. When we have corrupt and greedy people in the positions of power we will never be able to get to where we should be politically and economically. You should be proud that so many people are doing the right thing and giving aid to those in desperate need. And I doubt you know very much about our problems. I hope you have a good night sleep, with a roof over your head and a nice comfy bed...a lot of people don't have that and you would rather just ignore it and pretend it doesn't happen.

Thatoneguy you are definitely one to talk about "inbred people." There is no fucking way your parents were not brother and sister with the idiocy you are spewing. Go fuck yourself and when something bad happens don't ask anyone for help cause no one could possibly give a flying fuck about someone as insensitive and selfish as you. Do the world a favor and don't breed. Thanks.

i agree a lot my opinion obama suxxx

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Oh fucking boo hoo. We're in a recession, because those don't happen in America every 10 years. Newsflash, it's not the worst one this century, UNLESS YOU START AT THE YEAR 2000 FUCKNUTS. Haiti needs help, and I wish you lived there for being such a douche.

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sarah89, i love how it seems your trying to make me seem guilty and shit, and how did that message show that i only think of myself? because im pretty sure ive helped a lot of ppl that you would never know a thing about. and i pretty sure that i know what its like not to have anything. but, i dont have shit just given to me, gotta work for it. so dont say im fucking selfish and shit when you dont even know me and just because i dont wanna help out a country before ours. geez! but really, i dont care what you think, go suck a lolly pop. :)

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brigittebabe09...... ur hot

Hmm maybe because America has the money to seeing as they evolutionized tehnology and stuff before the others? leaving them poor and unable to give money away unlike Americans.

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STFU idiot if we didn't help other countries THEY wouldn't help us OR trade with us meaning USA= PHAIL think before you speak

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you know, not only did all those people die, but their entire government collapsed. literally. imagine if our white house, capital building, Washington monument, everything, collapsed and you had no money or anything. we're supposed to just sit back and watch, meanwhile licking the popcorn butter off of our fingers? you nationalistic bastard, thatoneguyinca. just get the he'll off this site because you obviously just came to piss everyone off

longest reply chain....... EVER!!!

hmm, seems as all you guys are doing is shouting at each other through the internet. do you think starting an argument over these poor people will help them in any way? no, the way i see is if you think something is worth arguing about, you should get off your arse and make a difference. having an argument isn't going to do anything, and you guys don't even know each other and you're never going to meet, so who cares what some one else thinks about it? just as long you're doing as much as you think they deserve

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ruinit- haha, thank you :)

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sarah89...just stfu, stop wasting ur time on here, sell your computer/iPhone and donate the money to Haiti, I bet u won't cuz u like to make yourself seem "helpful" and "generous". be honest you would never donate large amounts of money cuz u are selfish, u think a couple bucks will help, well it wont

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noobgang7..... ahahahaha thanks, sarah89 does need to stfu

noobgang7...I am not saying that we all need to give everything we have, just be a little compassionate. If we all gave even just a little, it could really change someones life. So why don't you do the world a favor and stop being such an ass! Oh and hmmmm... you STFU!!!!!

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nice reply, like I said u waste ur time on here. go start a fucking volunteer club or something and stop replying. or is it you don't care just as much as [email protected]

@ 116 and all the others that say shit about haiti - GO FUCK YOURSELVES! only real inbreds would actually say such a dumb thing!! try living there right now, see how happy you're gonna be. aaassssshhhhooollleees @ OP, this is not an FML unless you were actually involved with the student council

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wow. asshole.

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I agree with you! Fuck Haiti, goddamn the small "country". The place should still be one massive slave plantion, cheers to the earthquake for killing so many blacks. And any whites killed shouldn't have been there because Haiti killed/expelled all whites from the country when they became independant and now they have been smited for rebelling agaisnt they're superiors.

Wow that sucks

@#116 you realize that the epicenter was in the middle of Haiti, right? And it was a 7.1? People like you are the people that make me cut myself because there are too many peoy like you on this earth! And, I'm only 12, so FEEL BAD YOU HORRIBLE, STUPID JERK!!!!

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I agree with you why the fuck would I give them my hard earned money that I earn in my Job to some fuckers on an island

noobgang7 5

exactly, fuck this earthquake is making them money tbh, they already had nothing and now they are gonna have some nice new houses rather than shacks

but u must remember that Haiti is American territory so America should help more

jcortez u r racist and lame. go say that in a black community instead of saying it online....let's see what will happen to u

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That was awesome! I'm glad you said that! You: 1 Douche bag: 0

noobgang7 5

pendatic, his profile may say 23 because i'm pretty sure you can't sign up at 12, it's called a lie

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I'm american n I think the guy ur talking to is just xtra ignorant but not all Americans are like that

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thatoneguyinca, you disgust me.

that suckssss

And they will still try to blame the inevitable school shooting on violent video game...

That's priceless.

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I'm gonna start a fundraiser to bomb your school, gotta put the students out of their misery

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perhaps your name should be "homicide solution" instead.

So? It's a pain for your ears but at least it's for a good cause. :O

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That's extortion. Tell them to bug off.

I disagree. It is violent and it inflicts pain, even though I sympathize with the cause.

That's a good way of getting people to donate enough money. Incentive. Kudos to them. And that's a bit of an MLIA...

Not if they hate High School Musical ;) And anyone with a sense of Awesome knows that HSM isn't. It simply isn't.

Yea, my school did this with a different song. No matter whether you like it or not, after hearing it 6 or 7 times a day for at least 3 or 4 days, even HSM fans will learn to hate it.

Yeah, an MLIA, more like it. I've watched HSM3 and I had to sit through it at Music Camp and I actually very nearly ran out of the room. Uh. My friends were all laughing at how uncomfortable it was. But I guess I found my reaction amusing too, and it'd be pretty funny anyway wouldn't it?

Kids are going to sue. Not saying I agree with it, but no where does it say you have to listen to horrible music while at school. It's torture in a sense.

Nowhere does it say that you DON'T have to listen to endless music. Anyway, I think this is such an amazing idea. Love if my school did this.

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were all in this together!!!!! I would want to see that I am coming to your school to watch people look stupid for no money because no one is going to pay for something they own that was done by semi professinal actors or don't wanna see

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Nobudy likz da gramer poleece.

Sounds kind of fun to me. If you know a lot of people don't like the song, why not set up a stand selling earplugs and send those profits to Haiti as well?

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That is awesome, I would feel so much better buying a pair of ear plugs then holding out because I wouldn't want to conform or give in, it's the best of both worlds. Awesome suggestion =P

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^ conforming to nonconformity...?

bballplaya100569 1

Exactly, doing a good thing for the wrong reason, but knowing it's a good thing nonetheless, conforming to nonconformity, I like that =)