By Anonymous - 24/10/2010 19:29 - United States

Today, I was at work, when I got bored and started spinning around in my chair for a little fun. As I was spinning, I went to grab my phone. I missed and sent my phone flying, hitting my coworker in the face. My boss witnessed the whole thing. FML
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No, I'm an idiot!

Aren't I always?

Eli, you're still alive?

good office fun

I'm a bad bad thread-jacker, and I like sitting in the naughty corner.

I'm starting to think that the moderaters are just moderating everyone who comments on FML oftenly.

good office fun

Really, modaraters? Really? That's not funnee... They swiched my comment. -_-

If you post a comment in reply to another, and yours has nothing whatsoever to do with it, then yes, you will be moderated, I'm afraid.

Hey, KingDingALing, lrn2spel lulz

Great...the moderaters did it again... I'm 100% sure that I spelled "fuhlunneey" correctly.

I second the above statement. And you spelt it wrong again, good god girl, what's wrong with you? I suspect incompetance more than foul play in this case.

quit trollin son.

I wish I had seen what DingaLing had said. Now I has the sad. I may just go sit in the naughty corner too.

I'm the moderaters that like to act like jerks to people on the internet -__-

kingdingaling or whatever your name is. Maybe it's because you always reply to the first comment. Even if your comment has nothing to do with it. Just a theory.

"I'm the moderaters that like to act like jerks to people on the internet -__-" What the fuck, that doesn't even make grammatical sense. Like the above guy said, if you bothered to read the commenting rules, maybe you wouldn't get the big fat moderator dick up your asshole, LOLOLOOOLOLOOOLLLOOOOOOLLLLLLL but no, seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you?

Ignorance, ohthebloodygore, and KaySL are without a doubt, the scariest people on this site. I mean that in the most respectful of ways. I will continue to live in my Abyss and watch the beautiful destruction unfold.

87 if that was to 84 that would have been funny as fuck

Ignorance is definitely one of the most affectionate people on FML.

KaySL tries hard to be funny but really isn't though.

Not scary. just bitchy as hell.

Besides, who actually takes the time to read the rules? You guys are saying that you read the rules? Or did you just download the app, payed no attention to the rules, and just used the app? I'm pretty sure that some of your comments got moderated before so that tells me that you probably didn't take the time to read the commenting rules either. I guarantee you that over half of the people who downloaded this app, didn't read the rules.

Yeah, but you have no defense when it comes to not learning your fucking lesson the first twenty times you've been moderated, eh, you fucking god damn freakish little bitch. So how about you shut your unnerving face before I cockslap the shit out of it, savvy?

Well...since we're cursing... Fuck you, I hate you. I don't care, you stupid whore. You suck...dick. There, I think I made my point. :)

I have no idea. :)

Looks like even the mods hate this bitch, heh.

I'm just not going to argue anymore. I had a feeling that I'm going to get moderated again. Oh well, I don't care. You win.

Wait...what are we drinking? :D I like soda! And candy! Pancakes:) I'm not the type of person who argues because I always lose the argument. :(

Banter, just banter. Vodka... bottoms up! Clip-loading pistol... Russian Roulette!

I'm still under 21. :( Oh well, no one has to know! :D Chug, chug, chug, chug, chug!

Ah, this is so sweet. Who says romance is dead?

but #8 you spelt everything right in your sentence...

Huh? You mean you're not digging the candles, incense, vodka, and rohypnol? Fuck this, I knew it was a mistake. God damn it, what a fucking tease.

Lmao, wait! Come back! I was joking! :p

like none of you have ever had fun spinning in a chair

@flyersfan365: Shut the fuck up, what are you even doing here anyway, you pervert. Peeping tom or what? What the hell do you want, man? Stop trying to cock/muffin-block me, bitch. @KingDingALing: Yeah, I was just... joking... hence the gun... *gets out the jagermeister and chloroform*

Hahahaha. Hmm...sounds like fun! What's next? :D

Officially: kidnapping and lynching random people. Unofficially: kidnapping and raping DocBastard.

I didn't read the rules.

Can we rape them and then lynch them? :D lol

You mean you prefer them alive? Eww! Alright, I guess we can be adventurous, but just this once.

Haha! Here, I bought you a whip for not raping me and lynching me! :p

All good things. I haven't gotten around to it yet, my schedule is crowded.

Fortuitous, you forgot someone on that list!

This thread was interesting...

ooh la la.... my very first moderated comment. I didn't think there was anything wrong with what I said. certainly not as bad as some of the other non-moderated comments. hmmmm... me thinks the moderators have a problem with delusions of grandeur. I wonder how long before this comment is moderated.

what did I say? geez... damn frenchies!

it sure is GAY in here...

What the fuck happened here?


lol yea it Iss I has a boner

LOL this isn't an FML, it's a FAIL!

what are you 10 ?

Hey! Spinning in chairs is always fun...

Next time, yell "PHONEDOUKEN" really loudly. You know, at your NEXT job.

Wow..fair to say someone sucks at life...

Lol, I bet he got a kick out of that.

everyone has those moments :')