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By  noclevername  |  0

So... if he had found you dazzling, he would have paid twenty dollars to kiss you.
Since he didn't think you were, he wouldn't donate money to cancer.

That's a classy move right there.

But hey, at least you're doing something noble with your time, whereas he's apparently waiting for an incentive to decent things.

By  youreawhore  |  0

... what a jerk. He could have at least left the $20 >:(
But I feel bad for you, having something to deal with something like that. He was just being an ass face. Be glad you didn't have to kiss him.
And good for you for doing something that people will appreciate, unlike him.

By  orchidSage  |  0

Its understandable, some people have different morals.

A kissing booth is probably showing him your a girl with very little respect for herself, who doesnt care about who she kisses or gets herpes from.

Maybe he had a little more standards then you..