By obsceene - 18/10/2010 10:49 - United States

Today, it was wacky tacky day at my school. I did not participate, however, I did get voted the tackiest outfit in my school. FML
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FFML_314 11

OP, tube socks and tie dye went out of style in the 90s.

i think their trying to tell you something =O


shortyshort21 0


KingDingALing 9

Save me Super Tranny!

moneyisawesome 0

lol that's funny :D

haha that's what you call an easy win;)

i think their trying to tell you something =O

I think a lot of people will be telling you the difference between "their" and "they're." Or maybe just one person will.

FFML_314 11

I think Doc is trying to tell /you/ something.

Asstastic4 0

they're house. their cool. there good.

Asstastic, I hope your being sarcastic. Otherwise, their will be hell to pay. I should of been more specific in my original comment.

Tikwichka 5

Like the difference between 'should of' and 'should have'? Couldn't resist it :P

FFML_314 11

I really hope you guys grasped the sarcasm in his comment. Considering there were several obvious mistakes.

Tikwichka 5

My comment didn't show up. I basically said it was quite obvious, but I couldn't resist one correction...and by stating 'couldn't resist :P' I thought that was clear. Ach well!

Hmmm.., I guess it's time for a little retail therapy! =)

So...apparently I really SHOULD be more specific. My subtle irony is too ironically subtle.

pinkpillowz 0

OMGSH your pictures hilarious !!!!!!

trueblue42 4

hint hint

ur really pretty

I believe we all agree, you are gorgeous

sure is rapist in here! haha jk 30 is right

RedPillSucks 31

#23 - you have virtual x-ray vision where you can see body parts that are not in the profile picture?

FFML_314 11

No, I'm the only one with X-ray vision here. Nice nipples, RPS! ;]

those peachy/skin coloured pathes could be nipples, strange nipples though :P

RedPillSucks 31

Yes. I'm proud that they're really erect right now. :-P Be careful or they'll poke you in the eye.

OUCH! too late :,(

you are some sock minded people.

missrawrzy 0

win ^

33- wiin (: I love yur hair (:

YDI for not participating

Ahah I guess it just proves to show how wonderfully unique you are? 8P

FFML_314 11

OP, tube socks and tie dye went out of style in the 90s.

RedPillSucks 31

Damn it. Did someone forget to send me the memo?!!!

FFML_314 11

Yes, I'm sorry. I was handing out fliers, but you were busy in the toy department at Wal*Mart. What you were doing, nobody knows.

shortystar_fml 0

what's open mean

FFML_314 11

Google close. Open is the opposite of that.

They're coming to get you, Barbara...