By Anonymous - Canada
Today, I went our school's football game against their rival team. Before the games started, I got my school's logo painted on my face. After nearly 5 hours of watching the game, I went home to wash the paint off my face, only to find the logo had been sunburned onto my face. FML
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  bugmenotmofo  |  34

FENELON FALLS SECONDARY SCHOOL 66 Lindsay St., Fenelon Falls, Ont., Canada K0M 1N0 Phone: 705 887 2018 Fax: 705 887 9588

A simple google search of the logo tells us where you go to school.

Internet safety. Use it

  romaunts  |  0

She's an anonymous person that goes to FFSS. We now know what school that is. Now we can find her, I guess? Just because we know what school she goes to?

You're dumb. Don't abuse it.

  doggylover27  |  0

hahaha that was just what i wanted to say =] lol xD
haha wow you loser, you actually spent your time searching up the logo, copying it, pasting it onto FML, and then decided that it would be internet safety to give these retarded pervs a good way to find little high school girls? WOW, YOU SURE ARE SMART MISTER!

  JustSoLost  |  8

@ # 33
Wow. And your so cool for searching her school logo. Who does that ?
Speaking of internet safety, since you were to mention it...why post her school address when YOU were the one telling her not to in the first place.

Think again dude, YOU'RE not as smart as you think you are.

By  ceedog76  |  0

haha thats great. same thing happened to me freshmen year. were the bears so me and some guys painted the letters on our chests to spell it out and i ended up with a huge E burnt on my chest. it was there practicly the whole year. that sucks its on your face though