By ThisisMedSchool - 01/11/2012 21:18 - United States - Johnson City

Today, while studying liver pathology and highlighting important lines in my textbook, I realized that I could count the number of words I hadn't highlighted on one hand, over the last six pages. FML
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Uugh I hate it when that happens!

Just go on and highlight the book at this point. It's all kind of important.


Uugh I hate it when that happens!

You're 16. How often do you study Liver Pathology?

I hope you have more highlighters

CrewBoy - 1 was generalising to all textbooks. Put your inner jackass back in its cage.

For ***** sake, you can't have actually thought I was serious.

Do you know what I hate? I hate it when I'm at school, minding my own business, when all of a sudden the smallest kid in the school runs up to me, sticks his finger in my ear, and screams "YOLO" at the top of his lungs. I hate that.

siickman 7

He cant be that small 46 if he can stick his finger in your ear.

46 is just a little bit taller. But not by much

Crew boy- doing the old "gee guys, I wasn't being serious or anything" trick I see

Why should being 16 preclude someone from studying advanced or technical topics? Even if 1's post wasn't a general statement, not all teenagers subscribe to the anti-intellectualism that has pervaded many Western societies. Some of them might want to spend free time reading up on things that interest them (which could include the liver), or get ahead and prepare for their futures if they aspire to have careers in medicine.

Sometimes this leads to a 15 year old believing they are an expert in psychology... A lot of us burned that kids body in a giant bonfire...

Just go on and highlight the book at this point. It's all kind of important.

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It seems like OP is just wasting highlighter to me.. When instead they could just decide to agree that the whole book is important and stop highlighting

StalkerChick 13

Or OP could just cross out the unimportant words with a red marker or something. That may work.

^That's actually pretty brilliant. Not gonna lie.

That sucks! Hate it when that happens, accidentally did it with the book I was reading for English homework.

X_Codes 11

@27 - No, it's not. Hilighting the textbook is actually one of the least effective ways to study. If that's how you study, then you really should learn a better study habit.

I transcribe everything I deem exceptionally important into a separate notebook. I once tried the highlighting method and ended up with a fluorescent book.

A strategy I learned in my high school short story class is to write notes/annotations on the margin of each passage. That way you process what you are reading and you can basically find a summary of the passage without re-reading like you would if you highlighted. Try that instead, Op.

Read it. Write it. Type it. Make a three year old understand it. Good, now you've got it! And OP, erasable highlighter.

50, Please explain how that is a bad way to study? What works for you may not work for other people and also the other way around.

72- you sound like a Dodge Dart commercial.

That's usually how I think too. If it wasn't important it wouldn't be in the damn book!

Highliting irks me. It vandalizes the books and is not too helpful. Most things in a text are important, and it good to summarize or just reread to get a good understanding and context while studying.

I have a teacher that always says highlighting everything is like highlighting nothing. Definitely not a good approach. OP will just end up seeing neon in his sleep

There's definitely nothing wrong with knowing every possible thing that could be on the test!

Highlighting definitely does not equal knowing.

The test isn't really a concern here, the fact that OP is in med school and probably trying to become a doctor is. You have to know a lot when people are directly putting their health and money in your hands. However, highlighting also loses it's point if you highlight everything. It's better to identify the main points and highlight those to hopefully remind you of the rest of it. If everything is special, then there's nothing special about it.

You aren't supposed to highlight that much...

At least you have a very informative book you can study.(:

Well as my librarian says "that's coloring not highlighting"

Why would your librarian tell you that? Did you borrow a book and highlight it? She must have been pissed

Highlight the words that are not important instead?

itsucksomg 6

i know the feeling! Same happens here. Thats when i realized, 'Hey, these seem important but it isn't really!' mainly you should highlight important words and use sticky notes.

fernclogger 5

Happens to me all the time... So I stopped using highlighters...

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Stick with it OP! It might be the toughest field but from what I've seen, it's very rewarding.

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You're in med school... Everything should be highlighted!! You need better study habits.

At least it shows that youve read everything

You don't have to read it to highlight it.

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Highlighting every single word can also shows that you do not know how to paraphrase or take what is important from a text.