By littlekellilee - 08/03/2012 16:23 - Canada

Today, I was in class and felt something tugging on my hair. I thought it was caught on the chair, so I turned around a little to look. The guy behind me was holding my hair and smelling it. He gave me a creepy smile, winked, and continued. FML
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At least you know your hair smells good, right?

perdix 29

Tonight (or tomorrow morning), shampoo with pepper spray. Tomorrow will be the last day he'll pull that shit.


Just like your picture... Only in America

**** you, Canada is way better than you fat American assholes

Oh lord, let's not start the nationality bashing.

The_Troller 14

Screw you guys, I live in Narnia.

If this keeps up, World War 3 should start by tue end of 2012. Similar to the start ot World War 1.

b0ngs 7

Ugh stop debating which country is better than the other. Canada and America both have their problems, and in no way can you compare the two. Stop stereotyping America because not everyone is like that, here in canada we have people who are overweight too.

Canada... That one country that is just dying to be America...

First twice in a row, 1. Achievement unlocked.

At least you know your hair smells good, right?

innka 2

you should do the same to his just to creep him out :D

Damn straight 51 turn around grab a handful of his hair and say mmmmmm yours smells better!

Damn_Hippster 11

This is what happens when you use Head and Shoulders

Or you can grab a handful of his hair and rip it out...

This happened to me nearly everyday last semester..

osnapitzaris 0

this FML reminds me of the movie Charlie's Angels where the creepy guy who squeals a lot steals a lock of Dylan's red hair :P

The_Troller 14

51- I don't think he would mind very much.

Creeping with such passion... What a champ

thats some very nice hair you have there...

85- your default made your comment 1000 times better.

2- you've attempted to write an FML 54 times?

My iPod sends doubles sometimes, but yeah, around that number. I guess my life doesn't suck as bad as I think it does. :)

sounds like that guy from charlie's angels

olpally 32

I'm guessing you're the creeper with that winky face... *runs away quickly*

Snafuusmc 12

Man no one knows? It's the episode when Peter punches that chip and gets sent to like girl camp and in the circle of trust or love and he tells the two chicks to sniff each other. C'mon people!

It's not a good connection if you have to explain it.

Greendaycheese 12

That has nothing to do with that episode.

taylor714 7

u should have slowy taken ur hair and put it overbur sholder so he cudnt get it

I think my brain cells rounded up the other brain cells in my brain and killed them all while killing themselves off. Me DUmmBess tHAn BrICks, My StoOpiD hoRSeY.

You*, slowly*, your*, over your*, shoulder*, couldn't*.

desireev 17

That just gave me the heebie-jeebies!! That is pretty creepy! FYL, OP!

someindiandude 6

A hair raising incident indeed.

perdix 29

Tonight (or tomorrow morning), shampoo with pepper spray. Tomorrow will be the last day he'll pull that shit.

If you are rich and don't mind the numb scalp, cocaine shampoo?

bizarre_ftw 21

A numb scalp actually sounds like fun

perdix 29

So, if someone calls you a numbskull, that sounds like a party to you?