By littlekellilee - Canada
Today, I was in class and felt something tugging on my hair. I thought it was caught on the chair, so I turned around a little to look. The guy behind me was holding my hair and smelling it. He gave me a creepy smile, winked, and continued. FML
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  b0ngs  |  7

Ugh stop debating which country is better than the other. Canada and America both have their problems, and in no way can you compare the two. Stop stereotyping America because not everyone is like that, here in canada we have people who are overweight too.

  Snafuusmc  |  12

Man no one knows? It's the episode when Peter punches that chip and gets sent to like girl camp and in the circle of trust or love and he tells the two chicks to sniff each other. C'mon people!

  THE_A_TEEN  |  27

I think my brain cells rounded up the other brain cells in my brain and killed them all while killing themselves off.

Me DUmmBess tHAn BrICks, My StoOpiD hoRSeY.