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Today, my mother shared my phone number with my brother, despite my explicit wishes that she didn't. He immediately went and put it on Craigslist and several other websites. This is the fourth time I've had to change my number for that very same reason. FML
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dadof2 4

I guess its time to stop giving it to your mother and whip your brothers a@@!!

CJ0106 1

I would do the same thing back to him. May not be the most mature approach but he'll probably learn his lesson.


megapeyt 17

That sucks Good luck with dealing with that OP

lacrossebrah13 8

It seems you have put a lot of thought into this comment

dadof2 4

I guess its time to stop giving it to your mother and whip your brothers a@@!!

CaptainDoorknob 7

I say post his number on gay dating sites.

I think his mother just understand the situation, and the brother is just a dick.

Enlist his number on a sexual Predator site. That'll be about equal, right? Right? But no really, that is so disrespectful, of both him and your mother. I'm sorry this happened to you OP.

MagicGiraffe 12

The way that is worded number 2... Giggity!

Sorry I meant to say the mother just *doesn't understand the situation.

Restraining order...

I'd say your number is... 867-5309

^recognize the jingle, have no clue what the commercial is for

#2 sounds about right.

75 It's not a commercial, it's a song

IQWasJustLowered 0

Oh god 75, please tell me your kidding.

Slavgaard 16

From a 80's song


Shit. I just now remembered where I heard that. Now I feel like a dumbass.

But now I know to think/google before I comment

And now you know. And knowing is half the battle!


It is a pop song from the '80's by Tommy Two-tone (if I can recall correctly.)

^ Tommy Tutone

Ahh mustangs. Best year is 1965 though.

throwmeaway 1

Create a voip phone number, forward it to his phone number, give the voip number to your mom and just hope that she will give it to him.

CJ0106 1

I would do the same thing back to him. May not be the most mature approach but he'll probably learn his lesson.

Marcella1016 31

And make sure his number is listed under ads for casual sex with anyone who can make him "feel like a man," male or female. I'm sure he'll get plenty of calls lol Also, change your number again and don't give it to your mother. I'd be SO pissed if she did something I specifically asked her NOT to do!

Hey hey, people shouldn't be so harsh on him cause he's clearly mentally handicapped.

the guy is stupid but not mentally challenged. well maybe but OP didn't say

habibiiiiiii 2

Op could have given her the wrong number

KiwiExchange 16

^Well, 51, obviously her mother's not of trust anymore... But that also doesn't mean you have to lie to her and purposefully give her a wrong number, silly.

habibiiiiiii 2

Well if the mom keeps giving it to the brother then she shouldnt give it to her anymore

67-it took every ounce of effort not burst out laughing at the innuendo that can be assumed from your comment.

This might be a Little over board, but, maybe you need to put your moms number up on those website so she knows why your not impressed with her.

OP should do it with both the brother's and the mom's number and teach them both a lesson.

Oh, so that was you I talked to... Sorry. I thought you were advertising yourself..whoops!

hopsinlove17 26

You just broadcasted to everyone that you look for hookers on the Internet. Well done.

If its any conselation i though it was funny.

Who cares if they look for hookers. Do you know who they are? I bet no one knows who they are. So what's the big deal.

I'm pretty sure he was joking...

LiesAndMischief 4

I love how people are actually taking this comment seriously. It was stupid, yes, but most likely just a joke.

It was a joke, and I'm not a dude

It was a joke. We realize that. It just wasn't funny.

Domo why so mean?

4- Oh shit sorry I didn't know your a chick because your profile is private I'm so sorry

Stop giving your telephone number to your mother as well.

Don't give her your number next time if she's going to keep doing that.

SanchoClaus25 6

Tell him your new number is (281)330-8004 hit mike jones up on the low cuz mike jones about to blow

*calling a random number*

zombie_kiss 4

What's the number to?

Whoa, that's in my area code.

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lukep135 6

Man that's deep

Well, their name IS callous.

So much hating, not enough loving :)

Give him the number to a local strip club.

Better, the rick roll hotline.

Say your number is "867-5309"