By NoThanksGrandma - 20/11/2011 07:37

Today, I walk into my grandma's house after having a fabulous lunch with a few friends. The first thing I hear is "Be a dear and help me change my colostomy bag." I lost that fabulous lunch. FML
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nanaprincess 7

quit whining. she obviously needed your help. grow up.

She was probably embarrassed to ask you for help too, I'm sure she wasn't excited about it either.


nanaprincess 7

quit whining. she obviously needed your help. grow up.

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I was having breakfast while I read this one.... FML too

Always have to be nice to your grandma. She'll always love you no matter what. And half the time their nicer then mom :P

What a shitty job that must've been. I bet your lunch tasted shit the 2nd time. I could go on with these shitty puns forever.

Nobody wants to help with that for their grandma and I doubt you would want to so dont be a hypocrite. I know she needed the help but its still disgusting.

Alexisthebestest 16

Sure it's not ideal, but it's OP's grandma. She should be more than willing to help her out. Instead she's bitching about how she lost her "fabulous lunch" on FML.

blackheart24 10

Welll I agree that op shouldn't be making that big of a deal, but you can't blame op for being mad about throwing up. It's not like throwing up is fun... It totally sucks.

Well you would react the same way just saying.

Alexisthebestest 16

No, I wouldn't. OP is being over dramatic.

blackheart24 10

So you'd be overjoyed to help your grandma with that? I'm not saying that I wouldn't, but I don't think I'd be too psyched. It's more of an obligation than actually being happy to do it. Unless you like that shit ;) Tehe

haha best way to get her back take a huge dump then ask her to wipe ur ass

nanaprincess 7

no def not. I'd suck it up. because if my gramma has to use one, I'd know something is wrong and I need to cherish every moment I had with her. so your wrong. :]

I agree. My great grandpa had a C-bag. When it's someone you love, help them and be polite and discrete. When it's someone you don't know, you should help them like you do love them.

She was probably embarrassed to ask you for help too, I'm sure she wasn't excited about it either.

Old people are never embarrassed. When I'm old I'm going to walk around naked everywhere. Who will be the evil person to get onto a poor confused old guy?

I don't know why you would come to that conclusion or question but you must be a very disturbed person...

Sorry it double posted and I don't think you can delete a comment. Soo ummm yea.... (walks away slowly)

Your logic is wrong 3. She will be eating puke. Eating shit would be "2 girls 1 cup"

ikickgingers 15

23 - I damn you for bringing that up... Just threw up in my mouth, thanks..

Torva_fml 16

23- hmm, I just got turned on... Sorry kicky. No, kidding... That's ******* gross...

leadman1989 15

Grandma's aren't all sunshine and rainbow cakes you know. They are just people and some people are horrible people.

34) That is an awful thing to say! No matter what, your grandma will love you. You don't stop loving one of your kids randomly. Maybe they do not bake you cookies every day, but they still love you!

45, have you ever read "Flowers in the Attic"?

When I was younger, my grandma beat me and my siblings with belts and wooden spoons. We have scars on our backs. She also enjoyed telling us just how much our parents didn't love us (that's why we lived with her). Eventually CPS came in and got us out. Point of the story: not all Grammys are all cookies and hugs.

63 I'm sorry that happened to you but I would say its safe to infer that ops grandma was cookies and hugs from what he quoted her saying. She just sounded like she needed some help

leadman1989 15

45. Grow up. That was the NICEST way I could think to put it. But it's the truth. My grandma's were wonderful and I love them but I have no illusion that some aren't.

She's your grandmother? Don't bitch cause people don't live forever take care of her and love her while you can

I agree op should appreciate the fact that her grandmother is still around unlike many of our grandparents

Alexisthebestest 16

I lost my grandpa to cancer when I was 14, he had helped raise me since I was born. I thought he was going to be there for me to get my license, go to prom, graduate high school, see my get married & have kids etc. People don't live forever, but I tried to believe they do. It hurts hearing my friends bitch and complain about their grandparents when I would do anything to have my grandpa back. I only have my Grandma now. I love helping her out 'cause she's all I've got. Be thankful, OP.

I agree. I never got to see my grandma. She died from lung cancer a month before I was born. Apparently she was great. I would have loved to see her :( Be lucky you have a grandmother, OP.

Too many people are selfish now days and only care about themselves

#46 I know your message was meaningful and all but your name describes me perfectly

BrittanyPernell6 0

So after you throw up your precious lunch get on with it and help your grandmother out while you still can. She won't be around forever sadly so help out when she needs you to and enjoy your time with her.

leadman1989 15

Maybe op threw up WHILE helping jackass. They never said they didn't.

No doubt grandma was smiling when she used to change OP's shit and piss filled diapers, wipe your ass, and powder it. And she never lost her lunch.

leadman1989 15

40. You CAN'T stop yourself from throwing up it's a natural reaction! What was op supposed to do? Who said her grandma was there for her when she was young? If she was who says she didn't HATE changing diapers? This is a disgusting situation and if she absolutely can't do it her self she needs a nurse or to be in a home. But saying anything but awww with a slacked jaw will get me thumbs down after all silence the dissenters.

SookyTurner 4

Did anyone else google what a colostomy bag was?

BrittanyPernell6 0
xxxkittykatxxx 0

What? I did xD Wasn't the best job in the world, but it had to be done.

No, everybody else knows the definition. You doucebag.

briannaahhhh 0

No, because I have something similar, mine is an ileostomy bag. It's really not a big deal to change it.

SookyTurner 4

Thankyou to the people who didnt know, im therefore not the only 'douchebag' for not knowing

You're not a douchebag for not knowing, it's not something you normally will learn about

xxxkittykatxxx 0

Suck it up--I helped my dad with his for two years.

3RR0R404 0

Remember karma, if you say no now, your grandchildren will say no to you as well. Appreciate the family you have. Some of us would love to help out our grandma. Too bad she died of cancer. Point being, cherish your life, and the life of those you love. The last time you talk to them could be the last time.

I'm guessing she was totally pumped about it, as well? stop being such a total turd and respect her while she's with you.