By WhyDoINeedAName - Canada - Okotoks
  Today, as always, I'm dating one of the few girls who, without fail, always finishes first when we get intimate. She's also one of those girlfriends who doesn't want to continue once she's done. FML
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By  Riya2595  |  15

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  TheNewGuy03  |  28

^ This. Maybe she doesn't know that it's possible? I know it's definitely easier for women to have multiples. I'd love to be one of those special dudes who can just finish several times. :(

I'd let her know reeeeeal quick-like.


Just offering an alternative to dumping her. It takes a while to get in sync with someone, so experiment. I know once I reach my limit (almost always after 3+ "O"s) my hubby has to fend for himself if he hasn't finished by then. He doesn't mind though. Guess I'm lucky. And selfish. Meh. xD


115, 122, 130. Oral oral oral. If you take care of yourself down there then teach your man what a clit is and don't let him come up for like ten minutes minimum. And don't worry about us getting bored, shits a blast.

By  SWC_Penguin  |  17

That's...odd. I suspect she'd be fine to keep going after a minute, but just never thought to try. She's probably too sensitive right after, but that wears off!

Talk with her when you're not currently having sex about trying to take a second go at it after a 1 minute break.

  GwylaFelidae  |  7

I wish I could have more than one orgasm. And I wish I could orgasm during sex. I'm usually stuck having to masturbate in order to climax. My S.O. is glad to help, but sometimes even that doesn't finish me off.

  natsaysheyyy  |  16

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  Voij  |  16

That's not quite as strong a punishment for most women as it is for most men.
(And I know that there are exceptions, but generally speaking it's easier for a women to give up on sex for e.g. 2 months than it is for men.)


17 - Going to have to strongly disagree with you there. Every couple is different. Sometimes the woman has the low sex drive, sometimes it's the man. I'd probably go insane if my boyfriend withheld sex from me for more than a couple weeks.

  Bakarra  |  22

Idk what guys you've been dating but I start with extensive foreplay for her so she finishes first or around the same time. Stay together for long enough and you start to figure out the timing.