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Today, my girlfriend started bawling, saying that our relationship wouldn't work. Why? Because if Justin and Selena can't do it, no one can. FML
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I don't know why I know this but didn't they get back together? But then again, if she breaks up with you because of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez then maybe you shouldn't get back together with her....

OMG Justin and Selena got back together? My life is exactly the same as it was 5 minutes ago.


Good Gawd! Your relationship won't work because she is a beer short of a six-pack. (I heard they got back together.)

OMG Justin and Selena got back together? My life is exactly the same as it was 5 minutes ago.

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People really need to stop hating on Justin Bieber. I'm not a belieber and i don't listen to his music but i did see his documentary and he is actually extremely talented. When he first showed up he got too big too fast and people got tired of hearing his name so they all jumped on the hate justin bandwagon when he just did what his manager told him to. I'm not saying i like him a bunch but it's not fair to judge and be so mean if you don't actually have a good reason. That goes for anyone. Not just Justin Bieber.

52- I see your point but that's not why people don't like him. Did you ever think that there are people out there who just hate pop music? It is completely plausible and I am one of those people. Also record companies make suggestions. Yes, it would be good to listen to most of them but you still have choices. For example if Sick Puppies listened to their record company instead of their gut feeling they would've never had their single Odd One. I see you point but there's background information that you're missing.

^ because you have your ignorant head down your ass.

No, I don't think that's it 57.. I have a very wide interest in music.. I like everything from lamb of god, to eminem.. to Beethoven , Vivaldi , and Bach .. Justin biebers music, shouldn't b considered music.. The reason why we hate on Justin soo badly is because he made a lot of money very quickly, and for something he really doesn't deserve it for.. Like u said 52, he just did what his managers told him to do like a little scapegoat instead of thinking for himself like a true artist.. He may b able to sing, but he still uses auto tune and synthesized melodies and beats for his song instead of instrumentals, his music is just too fake to listen to.. Plus most of his songs have very poor lyrical content

And I wouldn't b surprised to find out if he bought most of his songs from songwriters ( not saying he actually does.. But I wouldn't be surprised If he did )

65- Just because he doesn't use "real instruments" doesn't make his music any worse than anyone else's. I'm no fan of Bieber (don't like his voice and typical song lyrics) but plenty of my favourite songs use a lot of synthesized music.

He wore overalls to meet the prime minister of Canada. OVERALLS. I don't care what excuses he thought up, that's just plain disrespectful.

52- when a kid who hasn't hit puberty yet is singing about being in love is when I stop listening. For me, half of the music is what the song is saying and he has no substance, but just bullshit lyrics he knows nothing about. he is so fake it is sickening, and he isnt the only one I hate for this, far from it. But I only hate him as a musician, I have never met him so I don't know him and couldn't possibly hate him as a person. The music industry isnt about what kind of person you are though, its about (get this) THE MUSIC! I admit, his voice is far from the worst I heard and it is a hell of a lot better than my voice, but he was given that, and yes he did work to make it better/upkeep blah blah blah, but I am in engineering school and need to work hard everyday to try and better my mind so I can learn about math and science skills that will make the world a better place. He isn't that special and a lot of people who have accomplished a lot more have gone through more difficulty and hardship in their lives to get where they went in life. Talent is held up on a far too tall of a pedestal. Talent means nothing when it is not used in the right way. Look at Hitler, he had one of the most brilliant minds for speeches and getting people to follow him. A talent, and one that was wasted for the cause of leading a nation to arguably the most horrific acts ever commited. I don't care that he has a good singing voice when all of his lyrics are empty, and hallow

yes alan, I am saying mj in the jackson 5 was shit. I actually do not like quite a lot of Michael Jackson's music, and the only one I actually do like is black and white, because it has a very deep and powerful meaning behind it while actually being pleasant to listen to. Like I said, half of the music to me is what it is saying. There are exceptions such as when a song is obviously not meant to be trying to say anything, but just made to make people laugh, like the Lonely Island's songs. they are comedy and not looked at in the same light. And sorry that my post depresses you, I do not look at the world with rainbows and butterflies, but I see it in a very black and white, analytical way. I am not trying to be depressing, just give my perspective of the world.

I like metal, and memphis may fire and A Day to Remember are my favorite bands. If you look up lyrics to songs by them, you will see how real their lyrics are, at least to me. Not all pop sucks though, I quite enjoy foreworks by katey parry, but don't care for her more meaningless music. And when I call mj in the jackson 5 shit, I mean in the lyrical, what it means way. If I based my opinion entirely on how it sounds, I would like it a lot.

Ahhh Internet arguing. You might win it but you are still an idiot. Haha. Lets all agree some people like JB, and some people don't. See, wasn't that simple???

How have people not yet realized that not everyone has to like the same music, and that people have different opinions? Sad.

99-this isnt an arguement of if jb is good or not. Honestly, I didnt really even think it was an arguement, but me stating my view of the world, and alan saying how he sees it. I understand how he sees it as all angry and shouty and how people don't like this. the whole anti corporate thing is more of a stereotype of this kind of music when it isnt, and memphis may fire just has one song that is telling off an old record label that completely screwed them over and didnt care about them, and isnt against all corporate as some people may interprete it as. I have had a lot of dark times in my life and I relate to this kind of music. if you hate it, I understand, no offense taken at all. its a specific taste and if you don't relate to my music, thats fine, you havnt lived my life, and I havnt lived yours, and I am not judging people off of how they relate to my music.

I'm still laughing at "foreworks by katey parry"

if you are all about the message like you say then what are your veiws on songs like homies by icp, the ill mind of hopsin 5, and yes the all hated gangnam style (based on the online translations on gangnam style)

He didnt do much better for Obama so hes just a plain douchebag

113-hate ICP for a list that can keep going on, but mostly because they are violent delinquents, homies is one mediocre song though. And I said HALF is meaning. I still have to like the sound. Gangnam style is only a laugh for me, I couldn't care less what its about, it's there with the lonely island. And I don't know the other song and honestly don't care.

He said rape happens for a reason, he never spoke out about the whole cut for beiber, there is a list of what he's done that nobody should ever do. I don't care if he's talented I hate him for his arrogant stunts he's pulled

She is right. I looked up to that relationship.

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You must have low expectations.

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Please, please never ever reproduce. Ever.

They are never ever ever getting back together.

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Never never never never never never never. Never. Never. Ever. Don't tell me what to do.

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How does it feel to get -45 likes ???

Ok not saying i agree with the original comment, but its bullshit to rub it in that he/she got thumbed down.

I hope people try to show you 64! I did my part in going you a first hand experience at being -45.

I don't think some of you caught on to my sarcasm. Either way, my comment wasn't very funny or witty so I apologize.

it can be hard to figure out if someone is being facitious or serious as it was in this situation

I don't know why I know this but didn't they get back together? But then again, if she breaks up with you because of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez then maybe you shouldn't get back together with her....

Nobody really cares whether they got back together or not. I certainly don't.

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Obviously some people do or we wouldn't have heard about it... :P

Its just hard to imagine someone giving a damn about something so ridiculous.

we just do #4, some people like to know about celebrity crap that doesnt help or influence our lives in any way, it just entertains us. she is obviously one of those people, a crazy fan- 12 year old

Was she all like "Baby baby ooh noo!"?

Ok if you compelled three people to comment telling you not to ever say anything like that again, then odds are you should take our advice.

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No, people just love following a trend to get thumbs up. And all they'll add is something pointless and unoriginal like"No, just no." and "Please never reproduce.", so saying that it's people voicing their opinion does not even apply here.

Yeah, this sounds about right OP. She has mixed up priorities I believe.

She has a maturity level of slug, You better off without her then.

Slugs are more mature than OP's girlfriend in my opinion

At least slugs have more important things to worry about, rather then which pop stars are currently screwing.

If she's THAT into celebrity drama, then good riddance.

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Good, now that the calculations are finished, I need you to proceed to phase two of the experiment. The chimpanzees have all been neutered and should be arriving at the designated drop off point at the time we discussed. Try to keep the chimps contained within the observation tubes as the mess made from their exploding crania caused us to loose several of our janitorial staff. As always keep your cyanide pill handy, the CIA is getting wise.

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Yes, yes it was. Your very observant young one

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Poor loose janitorial staff. :(

Put the crack pipe away! You're delusional...

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10 - That is literally word for word copied from a picture on Memebase. Fail.

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celine21_fml 0

I know dip shit but I was trying to be funny. Sorry none of u fucktards have humor. Now go back to your cave

Get the hint, she's telling you that she's a lesbian, she wants to be with Justin or Selena, not you.

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That's because Selena Gomez is more manly than Justin Bieber ever could be.....

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Well, that's not exactly hard to do...