By rawdoglyfe69 - 17/04/2013 06:14 - United States - Helena

Today, I learned two things. First, my girlfriend loves sex. Second, I'm practically the only one she hasn't had sex with in the 2 months we've been dating. FML
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2 months? Santa can make it around to every house in one night. She's got some catching up to do.

feldco1 17

Good thing it's only been a couple months and not a couple years. Time to dump that bitch OP.


hey, downvoters: suck dese nuts like OP's girlfriend.

Complaining about a few downvotes? Who here hasn't been downvoted on here at least once? You learn to move on, there's close to 10 fmls in one day, try again later.

I sympathized with OP and expressed my qualms with downvoters; SURELY I must have issues. Get real.

I'll bring cookies, too. Who's bringing the drinks?

Sorry guys, I ain't got the time for an FML brawl right now. Better luck next time.

I actually didn't downvote you until you started complaining. Lol

Agreed with 31, the complaining kind of makes everyone want to down vote you. And I'll join you Noor!

Oooo it's been a while since a fight! :o *sits on grassy hill under a tree and watches*

Uhh, nope, you whined and insulted down voters. That basically says "I should be down voted even if it's a good comment!"

Apparently ms kremmel got destroyed so bad that the whole thread was obliterated...

ulquiorra102 10

Well I'd say that's understatement of the year.

2 months? Santa can make it around to every house in one night. She's got some catching up to do.

Be kind of thankful OP! Get out while you're still clean!!

Maybe it's a good thing that OP hasn't had sex with her yet, she spared OP all the possible nasty STDs that could be passed to OP. think positive

I wouldn't want to think positive when it comes down to STDs...

zilla52 12

to me it sounds like you're the friends zone

Nope to me it sounds like Op was dating a bitch. I never understand why people cheat when they can just call it quits.

feldco1 17

Good thing it's only been a couple months and not a couple years. Time to dump that bitch OP.

well, get yourself on the list ;) then dump her.

afallingstar 22

No...just dump don't know what she might have.

I wonder why she would avoid having sex with you, rawdoglyfe69. It seriously boggles my mind.

Stupid username aside, I don't understand why she would not have sex with her boyfriend when she's having sex with everyone else. I mean, I can understand not having sex with her boyfriend or anyone else, and, although I detest it, I can understand her having sex with her boyfriend and other people. But for her to cheat on her boyfriend and never have sex with him either just boggles my mind.

Epikouros 31

Maybe sex with her boyfriend seemed too serious for her, or cheating was more exciting. She's still an immature bitch, if they really had a relationship, but it's not difficult to explain.

But then why have a boyfriend at all? That's what I don't understand.

SilverInGray 25

66 - maybe the risk of being caught and doing something forbidden made it more exciting for her.

Well that makes sense, although it's extremely ****** up.

408trancejunkie 3

Well get the **** out of the dead end relationship

Same here bro...I'm about to go get tested now... wanna come with?

Man I really wanna say you just took a shot at me cuz theres no other way what you said could make sense, but then if I just assumed you were taking a shot at me I'd seem confrontational and we can't have that can we...

If I took a shot at anybody, then I'm a really bad shot. I think calling it a suicide comment bomb would be more appropriate. Why limit cold sores to you when there is enough for everyone!?

FML_14u2c 14

A virgin in the "other" hole, perhaps? (I doubt it...)

well, if she was she didnt tell me and she isnt anymore after last night :)

a cold sore is to an STD. it is a form of Herpes

SavingRyansPvts 4

I could throw out the old "Hit it and quit it", but it seems everyone else beat you to it...

ApollosMyth 22

I wouldn't want to contract anything. So hitting and quitting is out of the question in my opinion :P

that's why you rip and dip with protection.

simplysarcastics 26

Wow... Glad its only two months in. Can't turn a hoe into a housewife. Dump her.

That girl is not, and has never been, your girlfriend.

It seems like she really isn't, maybe OP was just confused and is actually in the friendzone? who knows, either way his life sucks.

I almost think that was a Star Trek reference. Are you, in fact, awesome?