By take a fucking seat, gran - 14/12/2013 22:05 - United States - Fullerton

Today, my psychotic grandma set fire to our Christmas tree because she refuses to let us celebrate what she calls a twisted pagan holiday. FML
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To be perfectly honest, the Christmas tree is actually adopted from Germanic pagan traditions and there is no proof that Jesus was born on December 25th. She has a valid point.

What's a family holiday without unstable family members?


I guess one way to handle this situation is to say "No Grandma, you're thinking of Easter!" and continue on with the festivities.

Celebrate: Sam.T.Sir.HC. A day to celebrate Sir Sam T and his hockey club (or in other words, Christmas backwards).

#29, That was beyond dumb. The origin of Christmas was a pagan thing but now adopted by modern religions to celebrate having the people around you. Personally I would tell your grandma to shut up and enjoy her free shit and fatty foods like the rest of us.

Christmas is technically a Christian holiday created to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. However, several modern non-Christian families celebrate it as a holiday to exchange gifts and spend time with the family.

Yes, the birth of Christ is a Christian holiday, but the date of the holiday was changed to coincide with the Pagan holiday of Yule in a bid to get Pagans to convert to Christianity.

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It's always someone's grandma...

Why are you even arguing about this? Who cares?

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63- Jesus was not born in winter, this is a holiday that the Christians stole. But Christmas is awesome even without the tree, Christmas is about family not trees and gifts

63 wow thank you. I was so unsure of what he meant by "Christmas".

All time we were thinking the lights were setting Christmas trees randomly on fire, but it's really crazy grandmas that are.

63, really you need some real education in history! I am shocked people still believe that, that aren't over 80 years old! Grow up, there really are religions older than yours! The two biggest days of your "Christian" religion were taken from paganism to make it easier for them when they were forced into Christianity.

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I guess that's one way to light the tree.

The Christians put their own holiday on the same day as another religion's holiday and kept some of the traditions? My, what horrible people. Sounds like the kind of people who rape and murder a woman for having sex outside of marriage. Or for trying to get an education. Or for walking outside without a male family member. Oh wait, that's the Muslims. The Christians just try to make people better. They're sooooo horrible. When was the last time a Christian killed a non-Christian for the sole reason that they weren't a Christian?

89: Did I ever deny that there are religions older than mine? In fact Christianity stemmed from Judaism, which is far older. I also never denied that there was another holiday on December 25, rather, I explained what Christmas it. It even has Christ in the holiday, it's hard to argue that it isn't about Christ. Before attacking someone on internet over a comment in which you obviously didn't understand, you should probably reread it.

#106 christmas was set to dec 24/25 (depending on country) to take over the ancient roman festival saturnalia, which was celebrated from dec 17 to dec 23, in honor of the deity saturn, and the turn in solstice.. also on dec 25 they celebrated sol invictus, the birthday of unconquerable sun.. so really take your pick, but it is not christmas, because it "has christ in it", its just convenient theiving of ancient holidays.. happy ******* x-mas, right?

Sorry man, Yule is the 21st not the 25th

What's a family holiday without unstable family members?

Christmas is the one time of the year where you see your relatives and you realize that once a year is still to much

Can't wait until this coming Friday! Another year of my Mexican and Irish family exchanging gifts and fists around the Christmas tree. It's normal to stock up on first aid equipment when the family comes into town right?

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#2, dull ... and the reason they play "A Christmas Story" on an endless loop.

You don't need unstable relatives to have a fun Christmas. Just crazy ones. Safer that way too, don't need to stress about where you leave flammable liquids.

Make her a homemade Christmas cookie in the shape of satan

what exactly would the shape of satan look like?

#71 Miley Cyrus in a hooker style Michael Jordan jersey.

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39, everyone that isn't a Christian is a satan worshiper. My lack of evidence/logic does not make this any less true.

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Yes because I really was being literal in that comment. I'm now reading the news, constantly checking if there's been an incident where an elderly woman has been set alight

Who would want the internet??? It's riddled with viruses and other ETDs. (electronically transmitted diseases).

To be perfectly honest, the Christmas tree is actually adopted from Germanic pagan traditions and there is no proof that Jesus was born on December 25th. She has a valid point.

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I read Saturn as Sauron. I was amused for a moment...

That doesn't mean she should set fire to their tree and ruin the holiday spirit.

Lol, 33. But I thought Sauron had only one ring to rule them all...

So setting fire to the tree and endangering people's lives makes it okay?

I don't care if he was born on Mars on the last day of February during a leap year!!! BECAUSE HE WAS NEVER BORN AT ALL!!! D:<

#33 it might as well have said that. I read halfway through the first sentence before I came to my senses. That subsection of stupid is too much for me.

Well, 55, mind explaining what was wrong with what I said?

No one said it was ok, just that she had a point.

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23, Pardon my lack of research before commenting, but were Saturn's rings known about before the first telescope, which was invented years after Christianity took control?

I don't care what valid points she might have.. Anyone who burns down MY property, because THEY don't like that I celebrate MY traditions... I'd burn her down right there next to the tree!

True as that may be, it's no reason to BURN DOWN someone else's tree. I'm sure they were not trying to perform some "Evil Pagan rituals", but rather just celebrating Christmas in such a way that has become a tradition.

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so what? yule is a great holiday

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I can see this thread closing soon...

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Off to the nursing home she goes. She's a ******* psycho path.

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Gotta love those "oh grandma" moments