By saddude - 04/03/2009 07:03 - United States

Today, I had sex with my girlfriend. Being the stud that I am, after a short time I turned to her and said "You think you're ready for a round two?" She replied "No, but I do think I'm ready for the rest of round one." FML
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Hahaha. Clearly you are not a stud.

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Cant spell stud without s-t-d. THAT was a zing.

if told her ur a stud then ur a std without her! good luck getting to round 2 buddy =P

ahahahahahaha you definitely deserved that one

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A bit of advice for all you would-be studs out there: either go down on her or use your fingers or a vibe on her before you penetrate her and try to give her at least one ****** first. If nothing else, when you're pumping away try to hold back until you're sure that she's come at least once. If you feel yourself getting a little too close to the edge to hold back, think about the repairs that you need to do to your car or something equally non-sexy to throw you off for a few, then build back up to that point again. Follow these words and you won't be told something like this.

Wanna write a book about it? Damn, i think you took this a little too seriously. I agree with #21, just b/c she didn't cum doesn't mean it's the OP's fault. Maybe she faked her ******? Maybe she just layed there like a fish the whole time? Maybe next time don't assume so much.

unless of course your car turns you on...

good idea blame the guy cause u know its never the girls fault =P

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Seems to me he is just trying to give advice.

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hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha you sound like a tool