By saddude - 04/03/2009 07:03 - United States

Today, I had sex with my girlfriend. Being the stud that I am, after a short time I turned to her and said "You think you're ready for a round two?" She replied "No, but I do think I'm ready for the rest of round one." FML
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jackaaa 0

Hahaha. Clearly you are not a stud.

shadydogman 0

S-ex T-urned U-pside D-own


jackaaa 0

Hahaha. Clearly you are not a stud.

drewbreesdat 0


lmao roflmao roflcopter

Jojo08_fml 0

marty me

Nederlander95 14

That was a sarcastic statement...

shadydogman 0

S-ex T-urned U-pside D-own

amerrah 4

Cant spell stud without s-t-d. THAT was a zing.

that was a zing

if told her ur a stud then ur a std without her! good luck getting to round 2 buddy =P

lol how cocky of you

123sploosh 0

marry me.

awesomesauceninj 0

win ^^^^

robotiick 12

some1 didn't get a 5 dollar ft long lol

ahahahahahaha you definitely deserved that one

whattheeff 0

sorry but.. OWNED.

iammeanttolive 0

Aw. Maybe next time.

stud....more like dud....

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Tucatz 0

A bit of advice for all you would-be studs out there: either go down on her or use your fingers or a vibe on her before you penetrate her and try to give her at least one orgasm first. If nothing else, when you're pumping away try to hold back until you're sure that she's come at least once. If you feel yourself getting a little too close to the edge to hold back, think about the repairs that you need to do to your car or something equally non-sexy to throw you off for a few, then build back up to that point again. Follow these words and you won't be told something like this.

Wanna write a book about it? Damn, i think you took this a little too seriously. I agree with #21, just b/c she didn't cum doesn't mean it's the OP's fault. Maybe she faked her orgasm? Maybe she just layed there like a fish the whole time? Maybe next time don't assume so much.

unless of course your car turns you on...

silversti 0

it does

good idea blame the guy cause u know its never the girls fault =P

thehalfelf 2

Seems to me he is just trying to give advice.

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hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha you sound like a tool