By Anonymous - 18/10/2010 08:00 - Australia

Today, after much thought and serious consideration, I nervously admitted to my boyfriend that I'm bisexual. The first thing that he said in response was: "Want a threesome?" FML
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FYL, bisexual doesn't equal wanting threesomes or multiple partners. Dunno, I've been contacted by 'curious' couples (with no instigation on my part) who seem to think the man-and-woman combo must be like all my birthdays come at once. No.

#50 Exactly. Not every bisexual person wants a threesome. I'm bisexual and I'd be hurt if that was my boyfriend's immediate reaction after I told him. I'd consider being a threesome cheating, and so would he-- we both want each other to ourselves.


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beware: your BF is already trolling craigslist for potential hookups.

You're bi. How is that an FML?

agreed. Today, I told my bf I'm bisexual. he then responded by being supportive and trying to fill my sexual fantasies by asking if I wanted a threesome. FML

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why would you even be afraid to tell your boyfriend that you're bisexual?

Methinks OP made it an FML because OP's boyfriend wanted sexual relations with her - and someone else. In my experience, some people don't like threesomes because it means their partner will be having sex with someone else besides them. Just a thought (:

#50 Exactly. Not every bisexual person wants a threesome. I'm bisexual and I'd be hurt if that was my boyfriend's immediate reaction after I told him. I'd consider being a threesome cheating, and so would he-- we both want each other to ourselves.

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Its a double standard. If ops boyfriend told her he was bi she would prob get grossed or think twice. when op does it he wants to let her try. I think it's a nice gesture

#62 Where would you get the idea that most girls would get "grossed out" if their boyfriend were bi? I really don't think that's the case...

Bisexual =/= polygamic. Thought I just point that out. So the argument of "fulfilling sexual fantasies" is invalid, except if you meant 'fulfilling HIS sexual fantasies".

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Who WOULDN'T want a threesome? ;)

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me too? right now?!

more like, her boyfriend just wants an excuse to fuck another girl, idiot

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if this was a guy he would be called gay

141 no it's bi.

Threesome thats hot. just say yes and be happy that he's cool with it

let me explain this to you honey. Every guy wants a 3some except for guys who r gay but don't know it yet. Your bi that means every guy will want u unless ur ugly as fuck. everyone wants a bi gf so don't complain ur being a selfish hoe op

I can help with that

What did you expect?? My bf said "Just so you know, you can bring a girl hone any time." Same thing, just worded better.

It's good that you told him, however judging from your reaction, I can tell that u re not together long enough and your relation isn't strong enough to deal with threesome and consequences it might cause, but in future u might actually try some and everything will turn out great.

The fml is that all her bf cares about is a 3some

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whats so bad is that im not in his position -.- thats whats bad!!!

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your bi he's your bf experiment don't be cunt let him ha e fun too

the more the merrier, and your bf must be one happy guy :D

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so shut up and do it instead of being a whiny little b****

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your rude??

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Your boyfriend is supporting your sexuality. I don't think this is really an fml.

Seriously op... Did you want him to freak out and break up with you? Instead he accepted it and seems to support're lucky so stop whining...

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nice gun

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I voulenteer :D

I'm in. 5some people?

meeee six!! XD

yay 8some guys??

yay 8some guys??

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official orgy

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Lmfao Erika

This is pathetic.

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I agree with justsayfuck ....hmm pity :/

hahaalolz I'm in only because your in. ;)

hottie! send me ur msn ;)

ladiesman u kinda gotta say who ur directing ur comment at lol :P

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completely agree with you.

I agree Perdix! threesomes are time efficient!

I personally would never have another guy in a threesome.

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Well, 149, think about it. If your girlfriend was bisexual, she would want another woman in bed, not a man.

I agree with #7. This is close to the perfect, most supportive response he could give. Also considering that probably 90% of guys would give up a nut for a threesome I can't really think of what you expected him to least he said it instead of just silently thinking it. You have kind of implied a bit of a liberal sexuality so I can't really see what you're upset about. You're also a bit lucky that he wasn't too hurt or offended that you hid that kind of thing from him.

How does being bisexual = being sexually liberated? If sexual orientation isn't a choice, then bisexuality is a state of being, regardless of whether you engage in bisexual acts or even believe homosexuality is morally right. Admitting your state of being doesn't necessarily indicate your degree of sexual liberty. If it did, what would you assume about admittedly straight people? That they're all sexually repressed?     Aside from that, I have to disagree with the rest of your comment, too. While there's nothing inherently wrong with his question, it probably shouldn't have been the first thing out of his mouth. Sure, it *could* mean that he wants to make sure she's sexually fulfilled, but it could also be a purely selfish response. Even just a "Thanks for telling me; this doesn't change my opinion of you" would have been light years better, IMO.